Who we are?

Reputational Models are the future of outpatient medicine and we are at the fore-front of helping you make sense of all the data. We are Treatmentstreet !

About us

We have developed a fully functional and highly intuitive reputational model structure that helps patients find the medical service professionals for their medical surgery needs. The model analyses reputational metrics and combines them to rate, grade and suggests medical professionals to their clients. We use multiple reputational models to track different reputational elements for each service and product category. Our models are dynamic, updating weighted elements against current trends and feedback to ensure relevant and accurate reputation tracking for consumer comparison. The platform utilizes AI and Machine Learning technologies that allows for easy self-reputation management and it targets health consumers by disrupting the way they search for their next doctor.

Our Model

In healthcare, 77% of health consumers choose a doctor using online reviews. Our search engine ranks by reputation medical service providers and connects them to their customers based on set metrics which includes location, experience, reviews, and a unique collation we call “the Repuscore.” Our Repuscore’s algorithm gives users who are searching for a physician the doctor’s real reputation. The model analyses all the reviews the doctor may have earned over the web and generates a score using artificial intelligence. Our model can detect documented infractions including malpractices that can impact the doctor's score. While this is laudable, the Repuscore is only one of the metrics of measurement. This is to ensure we give a holistic view that is beneficial to your decision making process.

Our Value

We help patients make the best decision as it affects their health. For the doctors that offer services, our model allows them to self-manage their reputation, building trust and patronage.

Our team

Why do we do what we do?

Dr. Jochem


Dr Jochem is senior medical professional and doctor of repute. He found that patients, who are at the core of their care, are an underutilized source of quality feedback and reputational recommendation. And so, he sets out to develop a solution to help doctors and patient connect in a simple way.

Gustavo Amorim


Gustavo. Full stack digital marketing specialist with over 14 years of experience, he holds an MSc in Digital Marketing. Gustavo brings his wealth of experience and expertise as a digital entrepreneur, AI specialist and full stack developer to bear on realizing this project.

Alexandre Vieira

Fullstack Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer, coding since the age of 8. Seasoned developer of MVP solutions. Previous head of technology for machine learning and deep learning.