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Dr. Aaron Capuano, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Chilton Medical Center and Englewood Hospital And Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Capuano to book an appointment.

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Dr. Aaron Capuano, MD - Reviews

Olivia Callaghan – Jul 14, 2020


I recently had a procedure done by Dr. Capuano, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He was extremely attentive and understanding and did a great job at relaying all information to me. He was very patient, and thorough - he made sure to really listen and understand what I was looking for. The office staff is professional, thoughtful, helpful and friendly. They always followed up with me to make sure I was doing alright and were always willing to work with my schedule. Overall, this was a wonderful experience, and the entire team is amazing. I would highly recommend them.

Jul 08, 2020


I was extremely pleased with my experience at the Northern Center For Plastic Surgery. I was treated with professionalism and care. Dr. C and all the other team members made me feel that I was in safe hands and and under the best care. They are so genuine, compassionate and warm. I appreciated their follow-up visits and willingness to answer all of my questions. An enormous thank you to all of them.

Laura Wood – Mar 08, 2020


I was referred to Dr. Capuano after months of complications from a surgery in which my scar was not healing properly, and I was at risk of a serious infection. Dr. Capuano’s knowledge and patience was such a comfort during an extremely stressful time. I am incredibly grateful for his kindness and support. My scar has not only healed beautifully but even after a second surgery it is barely noticeable.

Fanney – Jan 23, 2020


I have been to Dr. Capuano's office several times, for a consultation, minor surgery and facials. The staff is amazing, very professional and helpful. Dr. Capuano is very kind, patient and listens to all your concerns and explains every minor detail to you. Before my surgery he walked me through every minor detail and I had a lot of questions and he gave me very detailed answers, which I really appreciated. He is definitely not trying to sell you anything, only gives you advice on solutions that are best for you. I have also tried some of the products they sell and they are amazing. I would highly recommend them.

Jun 07, 2019


Wonderful all around. Well run office, prompt, caring. Great bedside manner.

Mar 24, 2019


Perfect results! Dr. Capuano is and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He takes the time to ensure complete comfort and successful results. The office is beautiful and welcoming with a kind, friendly staff. Wonderful experience overall!!

Mar 12, 2019


After an accident with cutting tool, my husband needed surgery on his hand. We met Dr.Capuano in the ER at Valley Hospital. When we went to his office for a follow up, we saw how beautifully clean and professional his office, staff and colleagues were. I continued on for treatment and was so happy with the treatment and results. You won't find a more professional, knowledgeable and caring team anywhere. Thankyou NJ Center for Plastic Surgery!

1 Alexandra in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ – Feb 22, 2019


There is so much to say about dr. Capuano and his fantastic staff. I walked into the office and automatically felt like I was Michelle Obama. The office was beautiful, the staff was welcoming and I felt at home within the first 5 minutes. When I finally met with Kim and Dr. Capuano, I felt automatically I was in a good place. He was so informative and thorough. They treat you like royalty and my surgery went fabolous! I healed quickly and my boobs Look FABULOUS! Thank You Dr. Capuano

2 West New York – Feb 05, 2019


Phenomenal care from my initial visit through surgery, and, after-care. Extremely professional and helpful staff. Doctor listened, and, addressed all of my concerns. Went in for a breast augmentation, and, came out beyond happy. I got exactly what I was looking for with a natural "teardrop" look. Can't say enough great things about my overall experience. I consulted with many surgeons, and, am very happy with my decision. Highly recommend to anyone on the fence.

Zulay Mattia in Fort Lee, NJ – Feb 01, 2019


Dr. Capuano and his entire staff are amazing! After my breast cancer diagnosis, I decided to go to him for my reconstruction. He has the best bed-side manner of any doctor I have EVER known! He is also super talented, I am beyond thrilled with the results. Him and his staff are kind, welcoming, warm and best of all they truly listen and CARE about your needs! Truly compassionate, I HIGHLY recommend him!

Lionel Seeram in Bronx, NY – Jan 16, 2019


Very caring doctor and staff who listens and explains everything thoroughly. Dr. Capuano is the 5th dermatologist I’ve met with in the past year, after talking with him I knew he was the one.

Josephine Paladino in Paramus, NJ – Nov 30, 2018


Dr. Capuano is an amazing doctor! He is extremely knowledgeable about his work. He is kind and caring and takes time to explain everything to you and makes you feel extremely comfortable!!!!!! He listens to your needs and suggests what should be done!!!!!

Natty O. – Aug 31, 2018


I went to Dr. Capuano and his staff are amazing. Dr. Capuano takes time with his patients to full explain in detail all various methods of addressing a problem and he also explains HOW it all works. His receptionist, nurses/assistants and aesthetician are extremely friendly and they know how to do their job. I wanted very natural results and that's exactly what I got.

H Shin in Edgewater, NJ – Aug 22, 2018


Dr. Capuano and the staff are so amazing. I feel so blessed every time I visit—they are so patient and knowledgeable about any question I have for them. I feel truly grateful to have been connected to them, and would highly recommend them to anyone who is considering using ZO products or any other service.

Eileen in NY – Jul 26, 2018


Whatever Dr. C says I know I can trust him. He is not trying to have me get things done because he is eager to operate on me. If I ask him something about my body or face, I am sure it is honest. He told me it wasn’t a good time for me to have a mommy makeover since I want more children. I get a lot of other things done by him. I even had a c-section closed by him. I really like his staff too, they are very professional in a welcoming way so i don’t mind dropping my drawers in their presence.

Jacqueline in Jersey City, NJ – Jun 15, 2018


Dr. Capuano is a consummate professional as well as compassionate and empathetic physician. During each visit, Dr. Capuano addresses all of my questions and offers various recommendations to meet my needs. He knows that I enjoy learning about the process and is careful to explain to me what and why he is doing what he is doing. I highly recommend anyone looking for a skilled physician to visit his office. You'll be met with a welcoming team and in a beautiful environment, which is a plus!

1 Sara Hall in Pine Beach – Mar 24, 2018


I highly recommend Dr. Capuano if you are considering any plastic surgery, elective or due to injury. In addition, he also offers less invasive services, such as photo facials and botox. He is very professional and truly caters to the individual needs of his patients. You will never feel rushed or pushed into a decision. His attention to detail and his surgical precision are unmatched by others in his field. The office staff is very helpful, extremely friendly and professional as well.

1 Jessica in New York – Feb 01, 2018


Dr.Capuano and his entire staff, including his lovely wife, are phenomenal, professional and the best. They will be there with you every step and provide the best and most realistic results!!! I would never go to anyone else. You will be happy!!!!

1 S.C. in Franklin Lakes, nj – Apr 01, 2017


My little 3 yo girl fell while gardening and cut her face with a trowel--we sent her to valley er and requested Dr Capuano. He was amazing with her--and she's done very well. We were very lucky to have Dr Capuano...he did a fantastic job! I should know--i'm a surgeon also! Highly recommend!

1 Debbie B. in Westchester County, NY – Dec 28, 2016


Dr. Capuano was professional and has excellent bed-side manners. We met him in the ER after my 9 year old suffered a laceration to her face. He thoroughly and explicitly explained my daughter's injury and the procedure he would follow to close the laceration. My daughter felt very comfortable with him and was calm and relaxed during the entire procedure. We are very grateful to him and his talent as a plastic surgeon.