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Dr. Adam K Boettcher, MD is a doctor primarily located in Page, AZ, with other offices in Flagstaff, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ. They have 8 years of experience. Their specialties include Surgery, Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Adam K Boettcher, MD - Reviews



My wife was looking to have a breast augmentation. We did a lot of research and found Dr. Boettcher. We scheduled an appointment and spoke with Dr. B. He was very easy to understand and spoke in detail about the procedure. We went to his office and spoke with him a second time and then had a fitting with one of his assistants. The entire time, every person we spoke with was extremely pleasant and helpful. Surgery was then scheduled and payment was made. Price was about average. The price included everything, no hidden costs or charges for anything else. Surgery day arrived and we met with a wonderful staff that assisted us along the way. We had a primary nurse, Ana, who was so awesome. She made my wife feel very comfortable. We met with the anesthesiologist, and then Dr. B. He assured me everything would be fine, and it was. A while later he came out and said the surgery was finished, and everything went as great as he could have hoped. Ana the nurse in charge of my wife’s after surgery care was fantastic. She came out and got me as soon as my wife started to wake up. She had encouraged my wife to breathe deep and gave her a volumetric spirometer and showed her how to use it and how she should be breathing deep to keep things stretched and loose, as well as properly oxygenating herself. She was absolutely awesome and extremely helpful. Now a couple things to note here. He was extremely gentle when creating the cavity for the implant. He takes some extra time to do this, however the lack of collateral damage to the surrounding tissue was great. There was very minimal bruising and she was feeling very good within 48 hours. Another thing that is noteworthy, is that Dr. B gave us his personal cell number. He was very clear, that no matter the issue, if there are any concerns or complications, call him immediately, no matter the time. Nowadays that is unheard of. We had follow up appointments at one week and four weeks. No additional costs and he was very helpful and answered all our additional questions and kept my wife’s mind at ease during the healing process. We have a final appointment with him in the next few weeks. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. B and the staff at the surgery center. I would highly recommend Dr. B without question. What a fantastic experience. I wish I was better at writing reviews, because I just cannot convey in words what a great person Dr. B is and how this was something that my wife was really worried about and how it turned into a fantastic event. Thank you Dr. B!



Great doctor! Spent time with me and made me feel extremely comfortable!