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Dr. Alan Kisner, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Huntington, NY. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kisner to book an appointment.

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Dr. Alan Kisner, MD - Reviews

Nov 19, 2019


Dr. Kisner did my upper and lower lids Dec 2018. I turned 60 today and I look great thanks to his good work.

Sep 16, 2019


Dr. Alan Kisner is a lovely, calm and considerate doctor. He explains the procedure that you are interested in having him perform well ahead of the surgery date or appointment .

3 NY, NY – Feb 20, 2019


Dr Kisner is one of a kind. He is a master of his craft and he genuinely cares for his patients. The results speak for themselves.

4 Sandra R. in Cold Spring Harbor, NY – Feb 05, 2019


The most wonderful man and expert plastic surgeon. I love that he was recommended by another physician and personal friend. His reputation is outstanding and my surgery was as seamless as it could go. My facelift looks so natural and not pulled like you see often. I look younger and feel...Read More

3 Cate in East Northport, NY – Jan 30, 2019


I've known Dr. Kisner through friends and relatives that have used him over the years. His reputation as a surgeon is in my opinion outstanding. My first procedure was a tummy tuck. 3 years later I did my face, eyes and nose (same time). My results were phenomenal! My tummy looks like it did...Read More

2 8 Sep 25, 2018


I had breast augmentation from Dr. Alan Kisner and I am extremely unhappy with the results. I have gone back to him a number of times and explained my frustration and he told me they look fine and he won’t do anything to fix them. I even went for a second opinion and the reputable doctor told me...Read More

1 5 KP in Nesconset, NY – Apr 27, 2018


I was looking forward to meeting Dr. Kisner for a consultation. When the appointment was made, the receptionist was very kind and noted on my file that I was coming on my lunch break. When I arrived for my 12:30 appointment, I was told that the doctor was running 15 minutes late. I was called into...Read More

1 1 L.S. in Great Neck, NY – Nov 29, 2017


Honestly the easiest feedback that I ever had to write. Dr. Kisner is beyond skilled to say the least. He is warm, compassionate and honest. This man is a dying breed. The staff is lovely, wonderful and extremely supportive as is he through your surgery. I had a facelift at 57 and look so...Read More

Deer Park, NY – Aug 04, 2016


Prior to my rhinoplasty procedure, I was a bit nervous as most patients are before surgery. To reassure myself I read Dr. Kisners reviews as many of you are likely doing now. My nose had a slight bump and I was expecting my nose to look better after the surgery, yet my results were 100x better than...Read More

Gayle in Hauppauge, NY – Apr 02, 2016


Dr. Kisner is an excellent plastic surgeon and as importantly a wonderful person. He has taken a real care in satisfying my expectations. What really impresses me is his conservative approach and honesty. No need to fair, Dr. Kisner's efforts will exceed your expectations. His touch is soft,...Read More

1 Alan S. in Hauppauge, NY – Apr 02, 2016


My wife is a long time patient of the doctor and has had quite a bit of cosmetic work performed by Dr. Kisner and his staff. The quality of the work varies between best medical practices and sheer artistry. I AM VERY PLEASED with his knowledge, bedside manner, experience, and of course,...Read More

2 Huntington, NY – Apr 01, 2016


I started out going to the office for injectables and Dr Kisner was excellant. I was so pleased with my results I ended up having a facelift! I am so pleased, I look so natural. I was nervous at first but the professionalism of the doctor guided me and made you feel at ease before any of my...Read More

1 Huntington, NY – Apr 01, 2016


From the first introduction to becoming a seasoned patient of Dr. Kisners my experience has been nothing but a sheer pleasure. From Dr. Kisner himself to his entire staff. The office handles all patients with the greatest professionalism and warmth and comforting support.

2 Lisa – Dec 19, 2015


Best Plastic Surgeon. Talent unsurpassed and the most wonderful man. A+ Amazing experience. Couldn't be more thrilled with my new facelift.

4 1 East Northport, NY – Dec 18, 2015


everything terrific - except for the wait time - which is way way way toooooo long - in fact terrible.