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Dr. Alexander Au, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Au has more experience with Breast Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with Virtua Memorial Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Au to book an appointment.

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Dr. Alexander Au, MD - Reviews

Feb 10, 2019



2 Melissa Czarnecki in Philadelphia, PA – Oct 24, 2017


He saved my life due to trauma I had two years ago I needed surgery multiple surgery. He is very kind and passionate about his pet's and the work he has done. After seeing 10 plastic surgeon's he was the only one who would touch me. He made me wanna start loving myself again. There's not enough...Read More

3 Alicia in Mount Holly, NJ – Aug 15, 2017


Dr. Au did a tram-flap surgery 9/30/16. It's been less than 1 year and my results are truly amazing. He is a fantastic Dr. His staff is courteous and professional. I was diagnosed with DCIS. (Breast Cancer) He was able to create my new breasts with my belly fat and very small implants behind the...Read More

8 Kathy in Danbury, CT – Jun 25, 2016


in 2012 Dr. Au did a bilateral reconstruction after a double mastectomy utilizing tissue from my stomach. When ever I contact a new MD who sees his work they always comment on how I must have had an amazing plastic surgeon. And I did. It looks like he moved on from Yale and I wish him the best. ...Read More

7 Madison, CT – Jun 18, 2016


The best plastic reconstructive surgeon around. Highly skilled while being incredibly kind and compassionate. The best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met. I was impressed with Dr. Au and his fantastic staff at Yale from the very first consult. I would highly recommend.