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Dr. Alexander Digenis, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Louisville, KY. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Baptist Health Louisville and Jewish Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Digenis to book an appointment.

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Dr. Alexander Digenis, MD - Reviews

Christi West – Jun 22, 2020


Absolutely wonderful experience with Dr. D, Robin &the whole staff. I am 44 and had big babies when I was in my 20s(10 & 9.3 lbs) leaving me with a large baby pooch. I thought I could workout harder and fix it myself. Fast forward 15 yrs and still no better. I finally found out I had diastases...Read More

Sherry K. – Jun 09, 2020


Just had my upper eye lids in the office performed by Dr. Digenis. I LOVE my results. It's only been a week since my procedure and after my sutures came out, I feel and look younger and refreshed. He's truly a miracle worker. I love his entire office-Robin, his nurse, is warm and affectionate;...Read More

Cyndie L. – May 12, 2020


I initially had a consultation with Dr. Digenis before the pandemic hit. I was nervous to reschedule but after seeing the extraordinary lengths his office took to keep me safe, I knew I found the right office to continue on with my plastic surgery needs. Not to mention that everyone was friendly...Read More

1 Kathy Scherer – Feb 18, 2020


Exceptional, personable, moral soul...Alex is a giant of a man as well as a doctor. His staff is trained to fit his high standards of medicine and people skills. You are part of the family when you visit his office! The inclusion of aestheticians and services rounds out the complete...Read More

1 Saffia – Feb 18, 2020


Phenomenal Teams of professionals at Digenis Plastic Surgery Institute! I absolutely adore Emily, Robin and Corie because they treat me like family. Dr. Digenis is kind and conscientious and quite an artist in his realm. I love my breast augmentation. It looks natural and fits my shape and size...Read More

1 Feb 15, 2020


They were so good at explaining the whole process of everything and making me feel comfortable. Robin is so gentle and makes sure that I know what is going on before anything is done. Staff is very welcoming as well. I trust everyone at Digenis.

1 Angela – Feb 06, 2020


Brilliant surgeon; compassionate, calculating, concerned. He takes into account everything his patient needs and is focused on optimal care as well as his patients result.

Jan 20, 2020


It doesn’t get any better than Dr. D. He doesn’t need a large office with a fancy Spa. He truly is a “Top Doc”. He has the most personable bedside manner combined with the highest professional skills. He will take the extra step if he feels that is the best outcome for you. His staff are like...Read More

Tisha – Jan 03, 2020


Dr. Digenis is AMAZING! He did my reconstruction after a prophylactic total double mastectomy and I look like a breast augmentation because of his work!!! He is kind, compassionate, and truly cares about you as a person and not as another patient. He is very detailed and skilled in his work! I...Read More

Janet F. – Dec 28, 2019


If you are looking for a physical who cares about you as a person AND is artistic and technically superior to any local surgeon, you need to schedule an appointment with Dr Digenis. He is booked for months and months at a time because he’s so great but he’s worth the wait!

Dec 22, 2019


The office staff is so kind and helpful. I love that valet parking is available! Makes being downtown so easy. I have had several procedures with 100% success rates. Dr. Digenis loves helping people, and it shows in his work. I trust him and his recommendations for me. Robin and Katie are caring...Read More

Stephanie – Dec 21, 2019


THE BEST! I had a breast augmentation last Oct and when from a AA to a C! Dr. Digenis is so nice and made me feel so comfortable. He also really took the time to listen to me in the consult as to what I wanted. He showed me a portfolio and what good and bad augmentations look like. He also really...Read More

Chrissie – Dec 12, 2019


I have had injections with Robin and had such a great experience and results, I have recommended to all my friends! And when it comes time for surgery, Dr. Digenis will be my number one choice!

1 J.C. – Nov 16, 2019


Excellent surgeon with amazing kindness and care! I just had a in office facelift and he made it go smooth like a spa day. I was awake and actually smiling!! His techniques made recovery so simple and so fast! Very little discomfort!! I only wish he could do my hip replacement too! I trust him...Read More

Long term DEVOTED pateint – Nov 15, 2019


So this is my 4th or 5th go-around with Dr. Digenis. First saw him back in 2006 and have had procedures from complicated to minor. All the outcomes have been stellar and have stood the test of time! Recently had work from another doc corrected and a lift. The "girls" look like they are in their...Read More

Nov 08, 2019


Excellant! Dr. Digenis is the whole package! Expert, intelligent, informative, honest, professional and very kind. Dr. Digenis and his staff, Robin, Emily, Cory, the Norton RN,'s and Aides were the people who took care of me in doing an outstanding patient care job. Thank you so very much, all of...Read More

Dianna L. – Nov 07, 2019


So I did my research and read everything I could on plastic surgeons here in Kentucky and every search, review, commentary I found talked about this fantastic surgeon with a fantastic staff. I booked my consult (he was really booked up but I got in sooner than expected) and was greeted by the...Read More

Sally H. – Oct 15, 2019


This was the 3rd plastic surgeon I visited and after my consultation with Dr. Digenis, I booked surgery (breast augmentation). He was the only plastic surgeon who got to know me, what I desired in results, and how best to achieve those results. Not to mention his adorable staff, who treated me with...Read More

Jeannie – Jul 12, 2019


Best physician and staff I've ever encountered

Margaret Horlander in LOUISVILLE, KY – Jun 05, 2019


I have been a client for skin care services with Katie Zink, Clinical Aesthetician for several years and can honestly say my skin is the best it's ever been. She's thorough, honest and truly keeps your best interest in mind. Katie's sole focus is caring for your skin, not selling you the most...Read More

1 M Armstrong in KY – Jul 10, 2018


The first time I decided to have plastic surgery I spent months researching local surgeons--their reviews and qualifications. I finally settled on Dr. Alexander G Digenis and once I stepped into his office I knew my decision was the right one for me. Immediately upon entering I felt comfortable and...Read More

New York, NY – May 09, 2018


Dr. Digenis and his staff made me feel like family. My hair replacement procedure was amazingly effective.

Penny V. in Louisville, KY – May 09, 2018


I highly recommend Dr. Digenis (or as everyone in town affectionately calls him"Dr. D") because he is an incredible surgeon, person, and friend. I moved to Louisville and had done some research on top surgeons and his name and the countless great reviews kept popping up. I made my consultation...Read More

1 Stephanie Phelps in Sellersburg – Mar 31, 2018


The staff is truly amazing! My experiences have been nothing but wonderful. Would recommend Dr. D and his staff in a heartbeat!

2 Sharon G. – Mar 14, 2018


I had a mommy make over-basically a breast aug and a mini-tummy tuck....it has changed my world. After giving so much of my body and mind to my kids, it was time to repair my tired body. Dr. Digenis was fantastic...he helped me understand what the surgery entailed and together with his nurse, Beth,...Read More

1 Denise in Louisville, KY – May 18, 2017


Dr. Digenis and staff are wonderful. He was thorough, compassionate, and dedicated to making sure I was completely comfortable with my procedure. I couldn't be more satisfied with the care I received from him. I highly recommend Dr. Digenis!

1 Louisville, KY – Apr 21, 2017


The entire team here is professional, knowledgable and extremely courteous. They truly listen to you before recommending anything... High marks!

3 Judith in Louisville, KY – Apr 12, 2017


This is one of the premier plastic surgeons in our area and we're are fortunate to have him in Louisville! I love my new face (I initially started with injections of Botox) but after turning 60 this year, I decided to have a mini facelift and upper eye lid lift. I look absolutely natural and...Read More

Southern Indiana – Apr 10, 2017


As a health professional myself, I was very impressed with the time Dr. Digenis spent with me. My consultation with him left me feeling at ease with my procedure. I am more than pleased with his work and definitely recommend him. His office staff is stellar as well! All in all, an amazingly gifted...Read More

1 1 Louisville, KY – Jan 12, 2017


I called to booked a consultation w/Dr Digenis for breast augmentation & a tummy tuck. After the consultation with Dr. Digenis and Beth, I now realize why this plastic surgeon is so booked! HE IS THE BEST! He is warm, caring, funny, and so very knowledgeable. I was completely confident that he is...Read More

1 Bridget M. in Louisville, KY – Sep 09, 2016


I recently saw Dr. Digenis for some injectables. All of my friends have had it done and I wanted to get in on the action. Although, I was very nervous at first I am in love with my results! Dr. Digenis explained how the fillers and Botox work before we got started and made me feel very relaxed and...Read More

1 Martha K. in Louisville, KY – Sep 09, 2016


I found Dr. Digenis both on the web and through online reviews.....I'm here to tell you not only is he the best plastic surgeon in town, he's the most charming man I've ever met. My girlfriend and I booked back to back breast augmentations and liposuction surgeries. We are ready for our tour of...Read More

1 Alexis in Louisville, KY – Aug 04, 2016


I got a mommy makeover of sorts...I initially went in to address my sagging breasts and dimply tummy tuck. Together with Beth and Dr. Digenis (Dr. DeGORGEOUS, as I like to call him now), helped me come up with a plan for addressing both my concerns in a reasonable, natural, safe way. I just had a...Read More

3 Bridget M. in Louisville, KY – Aug 02, 2016


I recently consulted with Dr. Digenis about a potential breast augmentation/lift surgery. Once at the office I was amazed by how warm and friendly everyone was. The office was very clean, and the staff made me feel so comfortable. During my consult and exam Dr. Digenis explained everything in...Read More

1 Paula Hedeen in Baileys Harbor, WI – Jul 27, 2016


Dr. Digenis is an incredible Plastic Surgeon as well as a delightful, caring Physician in every aspect. He explains the procedure in depth and calms your fears if any. He has a bedside manner that is very unique as his personality shines through no matter the conversation. He is a perfectionist...Read More

2 New York, NY – Mar 17, 2016


He is my favorite doctor of all time. I trust him and respect him...

1 Ashley in Louisville, KY – Mar 09, 2016


I had a breast augmentation procedure done and Dr. Digenis made me look natural and really hit the mark on what I wanted to achieve. I love, love, love my results! I'm thrilled I took the time to get a consult with him and select him as my surgeon. His team is incredible from start to finish. I'm...Read More

1 Rebecca M in Louisville, KY – Feb 13, 2016


The eyes are the windows to the Soul.. Mine looked half open. Gravity, genetics, and the Ohio Valley only added to my less than optimum self. Dr. Digenis, Beth, and the entire team are courteous, professional, educated, and the best at providing incredible outcomes. Hey! I finally recognize that...Read More

1 Louisville, KY – Feb 05, 2016


I had one of the most thorough consultations ever with Dr. Digenis. I was first greeted by an exceptional group of people-his staff-who are polite, professional and personable. I felt instantly at ease. Even though I have wanted breast augmentation for years now, I still was apprehensive about my...Read More

3 MWinKY in Louisville, KY – Jan 09, 2016


Dr Digenis is a gifted and uniquely skilled plastic surgeon. Brilliant, experienced and well trained surgeon PLUS he is a talented artist (therefore has the eye to see/recommend what to do). What perhaps differentiates him from others is the result he achieves is the best, better you--meaning the...Read More

1 Louisville, KY – Jan 07, 2016


Excellent office and team who make me feel special!