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Dr. Alexander R Vento, MD

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Dr. Alexander R Vento, MD is a doctor primarily located in Folsom, CA, with other offices in Sacramento, CA and Sacramento, CA. They have 40 years of experience. Their specialties include Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Alexander R Vento, MD - Reviews



Very rushed and gruff. He seemed to have formed an opinion before even talking to me and discussing options.



A very friendly open person. I was treated by Dr. Vento for a breast reduction. Unfortunately, I don't think it was his best work. One of my breast is lacking areola and I feel like the closure on my incision sites were not secure. Due to the physical outcome of my surgery I would not recommend him to my friends for a breast reduction, but as a professional surgeon I would definitely recommend him for a consult or other procedure.



I had a HORRIBLE appointment with another "surgeon" at Kaiser the week before I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Vento. Bottom line, Dr. VENTO was caring and responsive. I didn't end-up receiving treatment from him; but, only because he used a clear medical reason for as to why I shouldn't have the specific surgery for medical reasons. Smart and trustworthy man.