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329 18th Ave N , Nashville, TN

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Dr. Alton Ingram, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Nashville, TN. He is accepting new patients and has not yet indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Ingram to book an appointment.

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Dr. Alton Ingram, MD - Reviews

Michele – Feb 22, 2020


Dr. Ingram not only does wonderful work, he is patient and explains thoroughly the procedure and ensures that all questions are answered. I would recommend Dr. Ingram to anyone interested in plastic surgery. I was 100 percent satisfied with the process and results.

2 May 03, 2019


Dr. Ingram is amazing!! There are not words BIG enough. There is not a HUG strong enough. There is not a SMILE wide enough. All I can offer is a huge thank you. Thank you for everything. Your staff is also the best around. Highly recommend going to Marvel Cosmetics for any and all your...Read More

2 1 Kimberly Shannon in MANCHESTER, TN – Feb 13, 2019


Dr Ingram is wonderful! I am so pleased with my results. They are above my expectations! His staff is also very nice, they have made this whole experience a great experience. Thank You so much Dr Ingram, thank you staff! I had my upper eyelids done and abdominalplasty. Kimberly Shannon

4 Jan 21, 2019


Dr. Ingram has this way of making you feel like you’re his only patient. He is so patient and kind and listens to what you want. I met with a doctor before him and walked away very uncomfortable, but once I met with Dr. Ingram I felt at ease with my surgery I wanted to have. His staff is amazing,...Read More

4 Dec 08, 2018


I saw Dr. Ingram last month for a complicated breast surgery problem after two other doctors had told me they couldn't help me. He spent almost an hour discussing my problems and goals for surgery and then we came up with a plan together to fix everything in two operations. As it turned out, he was...Read More

3 Krystal in TN – Nov 21, 2018


I saw Dr. Ingram for breast augmentation in August. He was amazing! I’d seen a few plastic surgeons before deciding on Dr. Ingram and none of them made me feel as comfortable as he did. He was very knowledgeable, made sure I was informed on everything, and was very easy to talk to. Im extremely...Read More

2 Susie in Nashville, TN – Oct 30, 2018


A friend of mine referred me to see Dr. Ingram after having a BBL from him this summer. I had been told that I did not have enough fat for this and would need implants. Dr. Ingram and his assistant got enough fat out so that I could have 900 cc per side, and I love how I look and feel!! I really...Read More

2 Clarksville, TN – Oct 17, 2018


Dr. Ingram and his staff were amazing. I went in for a breast augmentation after having three kids and the results are even better than I had imagined. From my first appointment to all of my post op he answered my questions with ease and never made me felt rushed. My recovery was also quick and I...Read More

2 Alex in Nashville, TN – Aug 27, 2018


I saw Dr. Ingram back in January for a breast augmentation. I had seen three doctors before, but nobody seemed to really wanna know what I really wanted from my surgery. Dr. Ingram and his assistant spoke to me a long time to see just what I wanted and whether or not they could do it for me. After...Read More

1 Mary in Brentwood, TN – Aug 06, 2018


I have seen Dr. Ingram for three procedures (tworeconstructive and one cosmetic) over the years. He always has been an extremely caring and knowledgeable doctor, as well as a superb surgeon. His staff are so helpful - I feel like a member of the family. I recommend him to everyone!!

4 Diana in Nashville, – May 31, 2018


I went in to see Dr. Ingram for a consult. While examining me, he noticed a spot on my chest about which he seemed very concerned and recommended a biopsy asap. It turned out to be a melanoma. When he told me the results, he had already consulted with 4 melanoma specialists and found a melanoma...Read More