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Dr. Amardip Bhuller, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

4234 Riverwalk Pkwy Ste 170 , Riverside, CA.

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Dr. Amardip Bhuller, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Riverside, CA. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Riverside Community Hospital and CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan Mercy. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Bhuller to book an appointment.

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Dr. Amardip Bhuller, MD - Reviews

2 1 Jan 29, 2018


WORST experience I've ever had. From the first appointment on, him & his staff were absolutely terrible. Twice I had to correct the staff of what sx, they didn't have it correct on sx location, it wasn't correct as to if i was to be awake or not. He was incredibly rude. He demanded to have a circular chair for my surgery. He tried to keep my stitches in for a month, my general doctor chose to take them out after 3 WEEKS. Not to mention the scar I have. BEWARE!! I would never recommend him!!!!!!!

2 1 Prefer Not in Omaha NE – Jan 29, 2018


I had a terrible experience with this doctor, until him I was fortunate to never have a bad physician. His wait was always a HUGE waste of my time. He would leave patients waiting and i would literally have to take a half day of work for this man to see me for 5 minutes. He was never prepared, never listened, and always seemed rushed. I wish I would have gone with my gut instinct because my scar tissue is so HORRIBLE i will most likely have to have a correction. BEWARE!!!!

2 1 Lisa A. Kessler in Omaha, NE – Oct 28, 2017


Dr. Bhuller is a Phenomenal doctor in the area of Breast Reconstruction, He was not only able to correct my deformity, due to a lumpectomy, but utilized surgical techniques to make my breast appear more natural. I was most impressed by his professionalism in both his approach to the surgery, as well as his ability to give me realistic outcome expectations. He also had me use compression wraps to minimize rippling at the site he removed fat. If you want excellent results, go to him FIRST!

4 1 Tami in Bellevue, NE – Jul 28, 2017


My decisions to have a bi-lateral mastectomy & reconstruction had to be made quickly. Dr Bhuller & his head nurse, Sheila Sturgeon, held my hand, listened to me, comforted & guided me to make the best decisions I could have made. The process hasn't been easy at times & my journey isn't over yet but I'm unbelievably happy w/my current results & completely confident of what is still to come. Dr Bhuller has HUGE talent, great bedside manner & explains things well. I'm thankful he's my surgeon.

1 1 Jody in Council Bluffs, IA – May 18, 2017


Dr. Bhuller is an excellent surgeon. He did my breast reduction and made sure I understood everything I would encounter. He is very personable and really treats patients like they are special.

1 Angela in Omaha, NE – Apr 30, 2017


Very respectful working around my mom schedule to make sure I can be there for my children and yet be safe.

4 Paula Thompson in Omaha, NE – Jul 02, 2016


Dr Bhuller is just simply amazing. He did the most beautiful work and was so kind. He planned and performed my breast reduction and took so much time to make sure it was perfect. He is like a sculptor and surgeon all in one person. The before and after care has been wonderful as well. I just can't say enough about this man. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone.