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Dr. Amir R Nasir, MD is a doctor primarily located in Westport, CT. They have 17 years of experience. Their specialties include Plastic Surgery. They speak English.

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Dr. Amir R Nasir, MD - Reviews



Dr. Nasir is an exceptional clinician. He is smart, ethical and extremely skilled. He has my full trust. His whole team is a pleasure to work with.



The office staff was great! I bought in wish pics that were 400 to 500 cc's I STATED CLEARLY I want big breast nothing under 400 cc's, he put in 370, when I ask why he claims my skin was to tight and he tried bigger sizes but they didn't look right to him. Remind you it's not about him.&nbsp;I'm almost 90 days and they are not what I expected and not what I asked for, I keep calling him and letting him know I'm not happy with the size. He wants me to go back &amp; fourth to visit the office so he can see them, I don't have time to keep going to Westport every other day it takes me 30 mins and I do work 40 hours.&nbsp;First&nbsp;off I have pain under my right breast that reaches my back constant pain, he examine my breast &amp; pain and said it was my gallbladder. So now I'm worried, I rush over to the hospital (another bill I had to&nbsp;pay for) ultrasound comes back FALSE!&nbsp;I had it faxed to him calls him and he says for me to come in again.This started out good he convince me he knew what I wanted and did not deliver I'm not saying he's not good at some of the stuff he does, but Breast augmentation he did not deliver 6,500 I'm out of and very depressed and unsatisfied! So now I have to go to the hospital and get x-ray of my breast to see why I'm still in another bill). HE DID NOT DELIVER!



Great doctor!