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Dr. Andrew J Kaczynski, MD is a doctor primarily located in Sacramento, CA. Their specialties include Surgery, Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Andrew J Kaczynski, MD - Reviews



I went in to Advanced Concepts In Plastic Surgery about a year ago now, and I went from barely an A cup, to a C cup, and got silicone implants. I definitely feel like I made the right choice in choosing this place to get my boobs augmented. . The staff is absolutely great. They're super nice, helpful, and caring. And they seem very genuine. And I chose Dr. Kaczynski because he has the most reviews of any doctor in Sacramento, the majority of which are really positive, and the procedures are still reasonably priced. Dr. Kaczynski is extremely experienced, and you can definitely tell he knows what he's talking about when you meet with him., He's also very respectful and nice. I was pretty nervous about the anesthesia part of the procedure, cause I had never done that before, but the staff is really great at making you feel calmer before the surgery. My procedure went super smoothly, I think it only took an hour and a half. My recovery was super quick also, I had minimal discomfort, and after 3 days, basically no pain at all. After a week I already felt like my normal self. I couldn't have asked for it to go better! I have minimal scarring, which are pretty much almost gone at this point. And my boobs look and feel pretty dang natural! The only negative thing I have to say is they did not talk to me about where the incision was going to be made before the procedure. I assumed it would be done underneath the boob because that's most common, but they actually went through the nipple. Thankfully, I am happy they went that way because that's actually what I wanted, but other people might have been upset and not wanted that. All in all, I would get a procedure done here again in a heartbeat. Would definitely recommend!



Had browlift and upper and lower eyelid surgery. My brow dropped with a month and my eyes do not look better as a matter of fact they look sleepy and sunk in so I look older. I wasted $7800. I would not recommend having any facial surgery with Dr. K.