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Dr. Andrew Kornstein, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. He is affiliated with Mount Sinai Morningside. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kornstein to book an appointment.

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Dr. Andrew Kornstein, MD - Reviews

1 Jun 10, 2019


I came to Dr. Kornstein for a fat transfer in my cheek area and eyes. He promised that the results would be amazing and they would last a long long time. The fat transfer failed....the fat disappeared in my face and eye within a few months and left deep hollows that I had never had before. He told me that indeed the fat transfer had failed and that I was the only patient in his professional experience to whom that happened. He offered NO RESOLVE or HELP in this matter except to suggest that I might want to try it again in a few years. Why would I want to repeat an expensive, invasive procedure that failed????

6 Apr 28, 2018


So many years after having a botched horrific breast surgery with Dr. Kornstein, I am still undergoing treatment to repair what he did to me. He never took accountability and the pictures of my breasts would terrify anyone! Nine hours on his operating table! Think long and hard before you sign up for surgery with him.

1 HC – Dec 25, 2017


Dr. Kornstein and his staff are great. The experience they provide brings peace of mind, and comfort. My procedure was painless, and I am very happy with my results. I plan on having Dr. Kornstein be my go to for my cosmetic surgery needs.

7 wilton,ct – Oct 05, 2017


Dr kornstein doesn't take responsibility for his mistskes.....his failure. he deflects, makes excuses and charges high fees to attempt a correction....which in my experience was another failure.

1 B in PB – Aug 10, 2017


Seven surgeries in...Dr. Kornstein's “eye” for what would be most beautiful to each person’s face and body is keen. But that is not enough: he is a “master craftsman,” meaning, he knows exactly what he’s doing in the Operating Room to execute to the end result. But further, he keeps up on the latest techniques and best-in-class technology (lasers, machines, and such) to enhance his work. No ego, just doing his best which, it turns out he IS the best! I have been happy with every procedure.

4 1 New York, NY – Jul 23, 2017


He does what he wants with no regard for you. I went for a breast reduction Woke up with the same size! He liked them....who is he to decide what is best. In addition his office screwed up the insurance and I had to pay. He does NOT listen. I had a previous reduction and was concerned about the scars under the breasts. He said don't worry. Of course they were huge and had to be redone..under LOCAL. Not a nice thing at all. Pays to listen to your patients.

1 1 Becca in Washington DC – Jan 21, 2017


Dr. Kornstein listens. He gains an understanding of what you want to achieve and then does his best using many difference methods to get the best results possible. He has been a partner in working to get my pre-pregnancy body back. His staff is great. It's like catching up with friends when you visit the office. The team are all very professional and responsive to phone calls and emails. Great experience.

4 New York, NY – Dec 19, 2016


He had his own ideas of what he thought I should look like. That was NOT why I came to him....it should have been MY choice since. If he was going to do what he wanted and not what me the patient wanted he should have said that pre op! I had insurance approval prior to surgery but they screwed up my insurance so I got no coverage at all...and paid for surgery I did not want or like! Nor were they very understanding or kind when this happened....

Wendy in New York, NY – Dec 05, 2016


I have had some extensive plastic surgery with Dr. Kornstein. I look my younger than my peers, my skin looks great and above all else, the results are incredibly natural. No one can believe that I have had plastic surgery. I keep going back for botox and ulthera to boost the results of the surgeries and I am so happy I found him.

50+ Male in New York, NY – Nov 18, 2016


Fat grafting to forehead and temples took 10+ years off my look. My face 3 weeks post op looks as it did when I was 38 years old. My eyes open up, my face has a V-shape, its really amazing. I was very skeptical, in no uncertain terms if you are in your 50's and Dr. Kornstein thinks fat grafting would be beneficial, do it!! Had Profound to lower face and neck. Neck is already tightening 3-6 month for results. Ulthera to upper chest (man boobs) lifting has started 6-9 months for results A++

2 Mary R in Elmhurst, NY – Dec 23, 2015


I now have the confidence of when I was in my 30s and I'm in my 60s - I feel like I'm in a dream with the amazing artful hand of Dr. Kornstein's work! Enjoyed getting to know his staff who are wonderfully supportive in the process. :)