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Dr. Andrew Miller, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 26 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Baylor College of Medicine medical school in 1994. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Miller to book an appointment.

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Dr. Andrew Miller, MD - Reviews

Heather Terry – Jul 29, 2020


Was referred here by a family friend. The results are FANTASTIC! I wanted to look better/younger, he was able to do injections and they look great. I’ve received a lot of feedback from people who know me, everyone thinks I look great. This was my first time coming here, but won’t be my last.

Nicola Edmunds – Jul 26, 2020


My review is based on a consultation only. I had my appointment set for 1pm, I was seen fairly quick and didn’t have to wait long. This was my first time here, there wasn’t a lot of paperwork. Everyone was wearing masks due to covid, which was great to see. Took the time to explain everything to me and what I should expect. Considering returning in August.

Donna Walsh – Jul 26, 2020


Staff is great, never have to wait long I never have any problems when it comes to billing. I’ve been to Associates in Plastic Surgery a few times, I’m sure I’ll be there again. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Joanne North – Jul 23, 2020


Very caring physician. I had my eyelids done by him and I just love how everything turned out. He was very supportive throughout the entire process. Called me at home twice to see how everything was going. Listened to all my concerns before and after the procedure. I look much better since my experience here. A+

Diana Murray – Jul 21, 2020


Came here for a consultation only. Although I haven’t had anything one here by Dr. Miller, I didn’t feel like I was being pushed or rushed into any procedure. Seemed nice and caring. I’m considering having the procedure here next month.

Elizabeth Walker – Jul 20, 2020


I had rhinoplasty done by Dr. Andrew Mliller and I’m glad I did. I always had a self confidence issue based on dorsal type bump I had on my nose. Always made me feel insecure. Dr. Millers bedside manner is great. Called me at home a few times to see how I was doing. Would highly recommend this practice.

Mary Taylor – Jul 16, 2020


I originally found him on groupon. He’s a very caring doctor. Whenever I get my fillers, I often get them done here. He’s a very caring doctor and has a light touch. I always get complimented based on his work. Would recommend him.

John C. – May 16, 2020


Very caring. Saw him last minute for injections. Never felt like I was being rushed. Didn't have to wait long

1 Mark Henkle – Apr 15, 2020


I came here for a general consultation. Took the time to explain things. I plan on returning for the procedure. Doctor was safe, wearing a mask which I appreciated with everything going around in the world today. Great doctor.

Cameron Gill – Feb 20, 2020


Dr. Miller is an amazing plastic surgeon. He takes the time to discuss things and is very indepth with his answers. If you want a doctor that’s skilled, he’d be the one to go with.

1 Dylan Watson – Feb 18, 2020


I think Dr. Miller did a wonderful job in giving me the nose of my dreams! My nose has always been something that bothered me. I’ve always been embarrassed over my appearance and I suffered a bit from a deviated septum. I never really had the money to get this done, but I was able to save up quite a bit and the doctor was able to schedule payments for the remainder. I was following his work on real self and I think he’s been doing a great job, so that was one of the main reasons as to why I used this practice. I’m in love with the work, it was pain free and worth it in the end. I’m happy with how things turned out.

Brandon Gill – Feb 17, 2020


Highly recommend. Dr. Miller is a very knowledgeable and professional surgeon. I had a lot of concerns and the doctor was able to address all of them. The admin staff was great, especially Jenni. The doctor was able to help in giving me a refreshing new appearance. Now I feel as good as I look. I can’t say thank you enough!

Luke Bower – Feb 14, 2020


The front desk (Melissa, Shenice) were both great! Very nice ladies. I had an appointment today with Dr. Miller for ear reshaping. Although I haven’t had any procedures done yet, I’m considering this procedure through Dr. Miller next month. Will update depending on how things turn out.

Leonard Randall – Feb 13, 2020


I’ve seen both Dr. Haramis and Dr. Miller and can’t say enough good things about them. I recently came here just to get fillers, and I was out within the hour. My wait time was very minimal and I appreciate that.

Brandon Peters – Feb 05, 2020


Dr. Miller has great bedside manner. I recently had rhinoplasty done through Dr. Miller and I’ve only received positive remarks since the procedure. The doctor has taken the time to explain things to me, to call me at home and make sure I was recovering well. I think he’s a very compassionate and caring doctor and I wouldn’t hesitate in using him again.

Lily Peters – Jan 14, 2020


Minimal wait times, experienced doctor. Highly recommend him.

Nicola Fisher – Jan 10, 2020


I was in a serious car accident which left me with a broken nose. I went to a few other plastic surgeons but felt more confident going with him. I wanted everything to look as natural as possible and he did an amazing job. It’s been four months since I had this work done and it looks amazing. I am beyond happy! I can’t say enough good thing about Dr. Miller, Eileen or any of the others who work there. Would recommend him to anyone who might need rhinoplasty.

Felicity Simpson – Jan 08, 2020


If you need a doctor that will make you feel comfortable, safe, confident – Dr. Miller’s your guy! I’ve been to him three times now and I’m happy with absolutely everything he’s done.

Melanie Burgess – Jan 08, 2020


I saw Dr. Miller in November of 2019 for rhinoplasty. I wanted to wait until I gave him a review, and I’m very happy with how things have turned out. Shenice was always able to answer some basic questions, and the doctor always went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. I had an insecurity that’s bothered me most of my life, and that problems no longer a problem because of his talented work.

Alexis M. – Jan 03, 2020


I saw Dr. Miller last minute from an online offer I saw promoting an area of interest for me. He was indepth when it came to answering my questions. I haven't had any work done just yet, but I'm contemplating it. Eileen was very nice as well. Thank you both.

Sandra Archer – Jan 02, 2020


Post op for rhinoplasty. Great surgeon with good bedside manner. My post op appointments have gone well. Thank you Dr. Miller.

Abby Martinez – Dec 27, 2019


I saw Dr. Miller for resylane. I was in and out of the office very fast. The coordinatory Eileen was very helpful. This was the first time having this down, so naturally I ha a lot of questions. Would recommend this practice.

Nicholas Femina – Dec 20, 2019


I saw Dr. Miller for a hair transplant consultation. I've been shopping around with a few different doctors in the area. A friend of mine had the procedure done through him and I like how it turned out. He seems like a great guy, I'm sure I'll be going this route.

Evan Burgess – Oct 21, 2019


Great experience from start to finish. Trustworth, honest, reliable doctor is all I have to say about this man. Been coming on and off for a decade. If he feels some work isn’t necessary, he’ll tell you. He’s not in it for no reason or to just take peoples money. Reliable and professional surgeon.

Blake Rampling – Oct 20, 2019


Been a patient of Dr. Miller for many years. Had several rpocedures done by him and would highly recommend him. He’s very talented and has a unique technique that makes him stand out from other doctors in the area. Always pleased with his natural looking results.

William Langdon – Oct 19, 2019


Dr. Miller did my daughters rhinoplasty and everything went smoothly. The staff was great, and Dr. Miller took the time to explain things. The results were fantastic and we’re all happy.

Chloe Reid – Oct 15, 2019


Dr. Miller is an excellent plastic surgeon! I’ve had him do two different things so far; a rhinoplasty and to correct some scars from a horrible accident. Both of these procedures went very well and gave me an entirely new look. His staff was very friendly and took the time to explain everything and make me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller to anyone wanting to have plastic surgeon done.

Deirdre Tucker – Oct 11, 2019


I get my bo tox done here every few months. Price per unit is reasonable. He has an artists touch and does a good job with placement. Never have any problems when I get my injections done here by Dr. Miller.

Una Anderson – Oct 09, 2019


I had a facelift done by Dr. Miller 2 years back, this review is long overdue. He did a great job. Didn’t have any problems post op and his bedside manner was great. Was often called at home to see how I was doing. Plan on coming back here again.

Bernadette Mackenzie – Oct 04, 2019


Happy with my necklift procedure Dr. Miller was able to help me with. I was feeling a bit insecure and quite frankly worried about having the procedure. He did a great job at easing my nerves. My neck looks much smoother and jowls/jawlines are gone. If you’re considering having this type of work done, just go with it and come here.

3 1 Aug 06, 2018


Dr Miller performed a lower face and neck lift for me 2 years ago. The pain around and behind my ears remind me every day of my mistake.... I’ve had residual neck discoloration I have to conceal with makeup... After months he just said that everyone heals differently and I was dismissed....

1 Jackson, NJ – Jan 07, 2017


Had a face/ neck/ brow lift along with lower blasphemy laser and fat injection from Dr Andrew Miller. Wanted to get the work over in one shot. After one week I was a bit nervous but now two weeks after I look normal again, except a lot younger. I feel I made the right decision as far as multiple procedures but also made the right decision as far as doctors

CAROL K. in Edison, NJ – Nov 19, 2016


Had a mini facelift with dermabrasion before my sons wedding .Loved the results. Wedding pictures show me as well rested and non stressed even tho neither was true. Surgery was more than 5 years ago and people say I still look the same. Very pleased with his work,

4 4 Lisa Cohen in Highland Park, NJ – Oct 07, 2016


In the procedure that I had, a laser was used to tighten the skin and to get rid of the dark circles under my eyes. Also, Dr. Miller harvested some of my own fat and used it to fill out the under-eye area, my cheeks, and the smile lines around my mouth that had gotten deeper with age. Recovery time was easy and I was very pleased with the results. Best part--I no longer looked tired all the time. I received lots of compliments and having this procedure really boosted my self-confidence.

3 Kelly in Alexandria, VA – Jun 14, 2016


The experience with Dr.Miller and all the staff was exceptional. An atmosphere of caring & compassion is what I experienced. Dr.Miller's attention to detail resulted in my utmost satisfaction with my cosmetic procedure. I am a Registered Nurse and Dr. Miller was highly recommended to me by my colleagues. The blepharoplasty he performed honestly took years off my appearence. He enhanced my looks with Botox injections. I live in Washington D.C. now & will be traveling back for additional surgery.

1 Denise N. in Old Bridge, NJ – Jun 09, 2016


I had a brow lift, upper and lower eye blepharoplasty and fat removal (for future use) done by Dr. Miller and I am extremely happy with the results. I look natural, not stiff as if I had work done on my face, which is exactly what I wanted. His staff was professional and very friendly and everyone, including Dr. Miller, answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. Dr. Miller also called me personally the day after my surgery, which was a nice touch, which I appreciated. I will defi

3 1 Edison, NJ – May 08, 2016


My overall cosmetic procedure with Dr. Miller has not given me the desired outcome. He justifies the work he does and doesn't listen to the patients concerns. Your lucky if he remembers what procedure he did on you when you go for your follow up appointments. The outpatient surgery center is not state of the art. In fact, it is pretty filthy. I wished I had chosen a different plastic surgeon.

1 Sabina D. in North Bergen, NJ – May 06, 2016


Great Rhinoplasty! Right after my first appointment with Dr. Miller I decided that he would be the one to do my surgery because he was very knowledgeable and precise about what he is going to do with my nose and what are the possible outcomes. He was very honest and very confident. Everyone at the facility was very nice and helpful. My surgery went great, the recovery was painless and easy. I love the result! Changed my life! I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror now. Highly recommend!!

Stacey C in Englishtown, NJ – Apr 14, 2016


I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out in February 2016. He is a wonderful Dr. I was extremely nervous about getting these procedures done, especially being and adult. Dr. Miller reassured me and explained everything clearly to me. Also, I had to call him late afternoon on a Sunday regarding a refill and a question and he got back to me within 10 Minutes. I highly recommend Dr. Miller.

3 Kenilworth, NJ – Apr 05, 2016


I went to this doctor for an ENT issue. I got the impression he had no interest in my being there. Perhaps he should stick with plastic surgery and not ENT issues.

B – Feb 25, 2016


Dr. Andrew Miller is an excellent Plastic Surgeon. He performed rhinoplasty and chin augmentation for me with excellent results and a very natural look. He was very professional and explained both procedures to me, as well as answered all my questions and concerns regarding the surgery. His staff were very friendly and extremely helpful, and they made me feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr. Miller to anyone wanting to have plastic surgery.

1 Blake in Boca Raton, FL – Jan 19, 2016


Dr. Miller seemed far more knowledgeable than the other three plastic surgeons I interviewed. The cost was reasonable.

4 Lindareis in Nj – Jan 14, 2016


At 59 years old,I stared to notice the skin around my neck were sagging.I knew that was time to do something about. Two weeks later after my lower how and face lift The results were visible amazing,never got a bruise or dark spot. Thanks to Dr.Miller & Staff for theirs caring and truer dedicated. I have been totally satisfied with the results. Thank you Dr.Miller for the wonderful and excellent work. I look forward for some consultation on th future. Jan/13/16 Lindareis