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Dr. Anhtuyet Lee, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in El Paso, TX. She is affiliated with medical facilities such as Del Sol Medical Center and Foundation Surgical Hospital Of El Paso. She is accepting new patients and has not yet indicated that she accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Lee to book an appointment.

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Dr. Anhtuyet Lee, MD - Reviews

M Lain – Jun 15, 2020


I'm very happy with my result. I have yo admit I should off listen to her advice but I still loved my results.

Pablo Machado – Mar 07, 2020


I'm surprised by the great customers service that I received with each visit. Her staff are amazing and provide easy steps to follow!

DS – Jan 13, 2020


Fellas, I am a male and Dr. Lee treated me for gynecomastia about 2 years ago and 2 years later, I couldn't be happier with the results. She is a true professional and she has definitely mastered her craft. My only regret was not seeing her sooner!!

Natalia Gonzalez – Jan 09, 2020


Great aesthetician!!

1 Lucia Elena – Jan 03, 2020


As of today, I will have had multiple procedures done with Dr. Lee........what was supposed to to be just one thing ended up being more because not only was the price right, but she has done excellent work executing each one! Coincidentally enough, it was her very high reviews in the EP area that...Read More

Joanne – Dec 14, 2019


Dr. Lee and her staff are GREAT. She made me feel very comfortable with my procedure. And I LOVE my results.

NewBoobsAndBelly – Nov 09, 2019


Dr. Lee is very professional in her work, caring and nice as a person. Office is well run and accessible. I am happy with the procedures I have had done and would consult with her first if I ever wanted anything else done.

sandra l. alvidrez – Sep 16, 2019


Very professional and realistic view of Dr. Lee. Very happy with attentive and courteous staff. My calls and questions after and before the surgery were answer the same day. Satisfied with the final results

1 Amy G. – Aug 29, 2019


Had a consult. not much time spent with me. She walked in, saw me on chair said what can I do for you i explained and said to me it would be a surgical procedure then said Carla would speak to me. Carla was great, spent time actually listening to me Think more bed side manner would be nice.

2 Aug 23, 2019


Great visit. Staff very professional and courteous. I had an eyelid surgery on August 8, 2019. The surgery itself lasted a hour in length, and Dr. Lee explained everything she was doing at the time of the surgery, step by step. I was kept in a room after the procedure and had the privacy of not...Read More

1 Nancy A. Nino – Aug 05, 2019


Dr. Lee is one of the best and most humble doctors I have ever met. She is so kind and stands behind her work! Her staff is excellent and make sure your wait time is minimal. I was recomended by a friend and it was so smooth and easy to discuss the procedure with Dr. Lee. I researched a couple of...Read More

Jul 04, 2019


Dr. Lee and her staff gave me the support and reassurance that I needed. Having never had a surgical procedure throughout my lifetime I was apprehensive. They have walked me through every step of the way. I am now one month post and can't wait to see the final result

Olga in El Paso, TX – Jun 06, 2019


I visited Dr.Lee for two reasons. I wanted a consolation for breast reconstruction and facial fillers. I haven't yet decided to have the reconstruction. I also saw Monica her Aesthetician for a consolation on my facial fillers. Monica recommended micro needling before getting fillers to improve...Read More

Luz in El Paso, TX – Jun 06, 2019


Friendly Staff. Happy to had meet Dr. Lee she was very kind and always attentive with her patience.

Socorro, TX – Jun 04, 2019


Dr Lee and her staff were so kind and helpful. Definitely recommend her! Luciana G.

May 23, 2019


Dr. Anh lee and staff are wonderful and caring. They listen to your needs...Its a pleasure going to my appointments.

1 Apr 11, 2019


Dr Lee in the best surgeon in El Paso. She listens to your concerns and gives you options. She has been very patient with me. I know I can get very difficult sometimes but she is very understanding and I’m so thankful I found her and very happy with my breast reconstruction. NancyT.

Apr 02, 2019


Dr Lee is the best Dr in El Paso her staff is great overall the best experience ever ! Definitely recommend her .

Mar 27, 2019


Dr. Was kind and caring. Staff was welcoming and office has a homey atmosphere!!

Mar 25, 2019


The office was very clean in each of the rooms, out together well. The Dr is right to the issue sees the issue and is quick to the point. The Process was Quick and easy and books Right away for Follow ups as well as how to Go home and take care of Everything.

2 Karen Smith in El Paso, TX – Sep 25, 2017


Dr Lee did my Mommy makeover/ 30th reunion 'improvements" and I am delighted! Her work is beautiful and very natural. The scars have healed beautifully. Everyone in the hospital loves her and speaks really well of her. The scheduling and office are easy to work with. I would strongly recommend her...Read More

Olga in El Paso – Apr 08, 2017


Highly recommend Dr. Lee. Very caring, easy to talk to, gives you great professional advice. A true professional.

2 Maggie Velazquez in El Paso, TX – Mar 29, 2017


I am so excited to have met Dr. Lee, she is amazing! She does excellent work and makes you feel beautiful!!!

1 El Paso, TX – Mar 17, 2017


I couldn't be happier with my results! Dr. Lee is a magician! Thanks to her I have a flat tummy again. My procedure was painless, clean, and without complications.I was back at work in no time. Dr. Lee and her staff made me feel welcome at all times. If you are thinking about abdominoplasty, I...Read More

Rosa Lozano in El Paso, TX – Feb 23, 2017


Since day one Dr.Lee and her staff always made me feel comfortable and welcomed. I loved that i was always provided with a Spanish translator and my questions and doubts always had an answer to them. Dr.Lee as a Surgeon is very professional, and i am beyond satisfied with her performance as my...Read More

L.A. in El Paso – Aug 24, 2016


I loved Dr. Lee! She is a knowledgeable surgeon and she is easy to talk to, she answered all my questions and was always available if I needed anything.

Val.OB in El Paso, TX – Aug 24, 2016


Dr. Lee is very professional and passionate about her work. She explained everything to me in detail, not once did I feel unsure about undergoing my surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Lee to anyone that is looking to enhance their looks!

G. Salcido in El Paso, TX – Aug 23, 2016


Dr. Lee replaced my implants after I had them for 23 years due to a double mastectomy. I had been procrastinating because I was too afraid to end up with the wrong Dr. After seeing Dr Lee, she gave me the confidence to schedule the surgery and I'm happy to say that it's been 10 weeks and I...Read More

Lydia almanza in El Paso tx – Aug 20, 2016


She's great answers all my questions so that I can understand

Munoz.V in El Paso, TX – Aug 18, 2016


I had a Breast Augmentation done by Dr. Lee and I love my results!! I had seen other plastic surgeons before making my final decision. I can say that the other Doctors made feel like just another number and rushed me through my consult. Dr Lee made me feel comfortable since I met her, she answered...Read More

Andrea S. in Las Cruces, NM – Aug 12, 2016


Hands down, Dr. Lee is an expert in her field & gives nothing but her best to her patients. When I first came to Dr. Lee, I had extensive damage & deformity to my breast as a result of unsuccessful breast reconstruction. My hope for having a "normal" appearance was diminished, but after speaking...Read More

SteveH in Las Cruces, NM – Aug 12, 2016


Dr. Lee has not only done cosmetic surgery for myself but she has also literally saved my wife's life with her ability to do reconstructive surgery from a double mastectomy that another doctor performed and botched. My wife has her smile back and finally feels good about herself after Dr. Lee was...Read More

Pjwds in San Antonio, TX – Aug 11, 2016


Dr Lee and office staff were very friendly and efficient. Very satisfied with the procedures. Will be going back again

1 3 :( in El Paso, Tx – Aug 07, 2016


Viewed commercial on tv & seemed like she might be caring & understanding so went to see her with hopes that she could laser remove scaring from last yrs implant surgery but instead she did not focus or really care about my concern instead her facial expressions and attitude were one of profound...Read More