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Dr. Ann K Passmore, MD is a doctor primarily located in Fort Smith, AR, with another office in Fort Smith, AR. Their specialties include Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Ann K Passmore, MD - Reviews



I highly recommend Dr. Passmore. She is professional, explains the procedure, and answers any questions or concerns. What impressed me is during the consultation Dr. Passmore said, "The purpose of this consult is to explain the procedure and also for you to interview me as well." All of her staff are friendly. That indicates they enjoy working for her. Dr. Passmore is not only professional - but has expertise in her skill. She does a wonderful job. She also connects well with both her patient and the family. Dr. Passmore also has a sweet personality and is easy to talk to. I am 100% satisfied and that is not an overstatement by no means. Paula Johnson



Do not go to this doctor for Botox. She incorrectly injected my Botox causing my face to swell for days. All of my Botox she did drained out leaving absolutely no result &amp; she refused to give me a refund. When I called to report the problems I was having, the staff seemed like they could care less. I was never even asked to come back in. I would never refer anyone to this doctor!