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Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. She is affiliated with medical facilities such as NewYork-Presbyterian/Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Avaliani to book an appointment.

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Dr. Anna Avaliani, MD - Reviews

Danielle Ortega – May 27, 2020


This was my first time getting work done and I was a bit nervous, but Dr. Avaliani made me feel really calm and secure about my choices and her recommendations. She did great work and was super efficient. I will definitely be coming back in the future to get more work done with her. :)

Tatyana Majic – Apr 20, 2020


I read some very good reviews for Dr.Avaliani and boy am I happy I did. PICOSURE is not a procedure you want to leave to a trainee. Dr.Avaliani knows how to administer the right amount of laser without damaging your skin (very important) I have had a bad experience in the past with another place and i will not be gambling with my skin ever again! Thank you Dr. Avaliani for your honesty and knowledge. Lets not mention the masks/gowns/gloves and even FOOT booties that everyone wears while sanitizing EVERYTHING regularly in the patient rooms/main desk and bathrooms to keep the office 110% clean from the Covid19! You the the bomb! Thank you! Thank you! Thank youuuuuu!!????????????

1 1 Amele el – Oct 01, 2019


From the first appointment to the second follow up , it’s a whole new experience. I wasn’t really happy with the result of my nose and I strongly believe that any skilled doctor would’ve done the job only once to get the result I needed since I’ve been watching different videos about this matter . I was literally asked what did I do to my nose? Instead of admitting that the filler wasn’t done proportionally .she was able to see where the issue is but she didn’t know if she had to dissolve it or add more ! Then she clearly stated that she accepts any type of criticism . However she won’t offer to fix what she done. At the end one lady came to me to let me know that I had to pay $1000 for the second time which is the exact same money for the procedure that should’ve been a success! I asked to speak to the Dr twice , she left the office and came back to tell me that she’s can’t since she’s working in some procedure and it will take her a long time.

1 Tina B – May 16, 2018


Dr. Avaliani was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Listened to what was bothering me about my appearance and told me the reality and what she could do to make adjustments. Gave me recommendations and now I need to schedule appointment to put plan into action. Good bye spots and broken capillaries.

Margie B. in Brooklyn, NY – Feb 11, 2017


Just finished my second SculpSure treatment on my love handles,can't wait to see the result !!! Very pleased with he result after the first one. Amazing office, great doctor and very pleasant atmosphere.

Garita P in Englishtown, NJ – Feb 08, 2017


Fantastic Dr. with magic hands. No pain or scaring.

Mark in New York, NY – Feb 02, 2017


The customer service was great. I enjoyed the friendly and informative consultations and I really liked the doctor. She had a clear vision of what I wanted and helped me get there. Great place for a nervous first-timer like me.

Alana Miller in Manhattan, NY – Feb 02, 2017


Dr Avaliani is great!! She was super nice! Actually her entire staff was so amazing!! I have been to alot of different Doctor's in city and she is the best. She knew exactly where to put the Juvederm and Botox on me for the best results. I will be going back to her very soon !

Joseph in A – Feb 02, 2017


The procedure was done before I knew it! I was very comfortable as Dr. Avaliani had fully explained the entire procedure to me during my free consultation. Her support staff made it a very enjoyable as they were fun, friendly and helpful with Dr. Avaliani checking up on me from time to time to make sure I was doing okay. Overall great experience!

Elena Muniz in New York, NY – Dec 06, 2016


Been going to Dr. Anna Avaliani for 3+ years for my Botox and juvederm in my lips. She never disappoints, always taking her time and  assessing the area she is working on. Recently I stepped it up and got voluma in my cheeks , just enough to enhance my natural appearance and also add that extra volume I was missing. It looks amazing!!!! So happy with my voluma looks great in pictures and in person

Roza S in New York, NY – Nov 30, 2016


Dr. Anna is the best - she has done both botox, and Juvederm for me and the results were even better than I could have wished for!!!!  She is an artist - very skilled, professional and makes you feel very comfortable :)

Melissa A in Manhattan, NY – Nov 30, 2016


I felt very cared for and understood at today's appointment. Dr. Avaliani goes above and beyond for her patients

1 ?Simona in New York, NY – Sep 25, 2016


My lips were done with juvederm and I DID NOT HAVE ANY BRUISING and VERY MINIMAL SWELLING! This is very important to me because I am a model, actress, and dancer and constantly working.  All my friends loved my lips because she does not over do them unlike other models and actresses I have seen who have those fish lips and cannot move their upper lip at all when they talk, it looks frozen and fake, but with Dr. Avaliani it moves and feels natural but still gives that beautiful fullness look .

1 Nicole Regan in Manhattan, NY – Sep 18, 2016


This is a great place and Dr Avaliani is amazing! I got Botox and lip augmentation done and I did not bruise she makes you feel at ease that i didn't even feel the injections.

6 4 New York, NY – Sep 12, 2016


I have received services from Dr. Avaliana and did not get what I paid for. I have spent far less with greater results.

1 Suzanne in Manhattan, NY – Aug 21, 2016


I recently had a Juvederm Voluma treatment with Dr. Avaliani. I got 2 syringes of Voluma in my cheeks I could not believe the transformation. It looks Great! It literally lifted and filled to give my face a more youthful and fuller look. My friends and family love it because it looks so natural. I am so happy with the results.. Dr. Avaliani is truly an Artist.

1 Nancy in Great Neck, NY – Aug 09, 2016


If I could give 6 stars I would. I'm a very busy single mom of three with my own business. I've been coming to Dr Anna for my fillers and Botox. It's my treat to myself. The whole office is so kind and professional. Doctor is knowlegeable, honest and makes you look your best but natural!! I always leave the office feeling refreshed and the results are spot-on. I couldn't be happier with her

Barbara Steinberg in Manhattan, NY – Aug 09, 2016


I had been reading a lot about Ultherapy for lifting and tightening. I called the office to schedule a consult and the front office girls were so helpful and informative. I was scheduled with dr. Avaliani and she was FABULOUS! She listened to my concerns and expectations. I returned weeks later and had the procedure done. Dr. Avaliani kept me comfortable through the process and the time flew by. I can tell you that I LOVE my results, and I would absolutely do the treatment again.

1 Sonia in Manhattan, NY – Jul 31, 2016


Had an apt with Doctor today for the first time at her beautiful office. Came in for under eye filler, lip filler and Botox. Before charging me thousands of dollars, (which she could have) she sat and talked with me about other less dramatic, more natural and cost effective options. She thoroughly cleaned my face in a way she described as "surgically prepped" which no injector has ever done on me in the 5 years I've been having work done.She was excellent .Thank you Doctor

Alina in New York, NY – Jul 27, 2016


She's simply the BEST. In a city where everyone and their mother gives Botox out like its candy on Halloween, Dr. A actually takes the time to study your face. Having been to so many of the "celebrity dermatologists" where you are left waiting for hours and then they barely spend any time with you, she is a breath of fresh air. And the end result is crazy good, she literally takes years of your face. Amazing bed side manner, beautiful inside and out. So excited to have found this doctor+++++

Olivia in Great Neck, NY – Jul 12, 2016


I had Ultherapy Facelift done by Dr. Avaliani and I am absolutely thrilled with the results. She is very experienced and knowledgeable and her expertise shows in the very natural looking results. She is a very caring doctor who puts you at ease right away -- She took the time to explain the procedure, answer all my questions and follow up after the procedure. ?She also answered my many questions before and after the procedure taking the time to return all my phone calls. ?she is a very talented

1 1 Jennifer in New York, NY – Jun 20, 2016


Best Doctor . Really happy with results. He hands are magical

Lisa Gurevich in New York, NY – Jun 04, 2016


Dr.Anna is incredible! She makes getting Botox fun and does not oversell you anything. I love my results and so happy that after many years of trying different doctors, I found a true expert that I love, trust and will follow anywhere. I followed Dr.Anna from another office where she provided her services and her brand new office is incredibly welcoming and beautiful. Really a must see. Dr. Anna is a true expert in her field. She gave me the most detailed and most informative consultation

Nicole Klein in Manhattan, NY – May 24, 2016


She saved my life after a ?botched lip job?. She is amazing. I was back to normal the next day. Could not be happier.

M in Manhattan, NY – May 24, 2016


It?s hard to trust your face to someone, but as soon as I met Dr.Anna, I immediately felt comfortable and knew I was in the right hands. She was very kind, very informative and not pushy at all. She even discouraged me from doing extra procedures.

Tracy in New York, NY – Apr 25, 2016


Dr Avaliani is extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy, and really takes the required time to understand her patients. Her recommendations are on point, realistic and she's really honest about setting expectations not only about what she as a professional believes is the right approach but is also honest about procedural outcomes. She treats you as if you are a work of art and takes the required time to make sure that the procedure she is doing for you will achieve your desired result!

3 L.K. in New York, NY – Mar 23, 2016


I finally found a doctor that I love. Dr. Avaliani took her time during my consultation and answered all of my questions. I came in because I hated lines on my forehead and wanted to get a rid of lines on my lips. I was looking for natural results and did not want to look fake. Dr.A perfected that look for me!. I look natural and refreshed and get a lot of compliments but no one even knows what I have done. I also love the special vein machine she has, as I had absolutely ZERO bruising.