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Dr. Anthony Brissett, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Houston, TX and has over 24 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Brissett has more experience with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, and Cranio-facial than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Wayne State University School Of Medicine medical school in 1996. He is affiliated with Houston Methodist Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Brissett to book an appointment.

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Dr. Anthony Brissett, MD - Reviews

Lacey – Jan 24, 2020


I have been a patient of Dr. Anthony Brissett’s since 2015. Simply put, he is the only person I will now trust with my face. I’ve had both surgical procedures and minor cosmetic rejuvenation. I loved the changes, healed quickly, and no one was the wiser. My best friend probably stated it best: “I wouldn’t have known except you told me. You look like you-only better.” When I’ve had fillers done, I barely bruise if at all. Since starting with Dr. Brissett, I’ve referred friends, students, my husband, and my mother-in-law to him. Dr. Brissett was recommended to me by a well renowned surgeon initially, so I fully expected him to be a wonderfully skilled physician. However, I never expected him to be so warm and caring; hands down he has the best bedside manner I’ve ever seen in a medical professional. Likewise, his staff is amazing: Roxanna, Andrea, Regina, and Rachel are so friendly and accommodating; Annie (his esthetician) does fabulous work as well! Do yourself a favor - book an appt!

Jan 10, 2020


I am a patient of Dr. Brissett. I had a lower face lift and neck lift on December 17, 2019. Dr. Brissett, Regina, Andrea, Roxanne, Rachel, Annie and his entire staff have been amazing. Dr. Brissett is truly an artist in his work. When I met with Dr. Brissett, he listened to me and understood what I was concerned about. All of my expectations have been met and I am so grateful to him for fixing my problem which I was so self conscious about. I am so thankful to have found Dr. Brissett as he has all of the finest qualities you will find in a person and in someone who will be working on your face. I will forever be grateful to him.

1 D. Scott – Dec 24, 2019


Dr. Brissett took over my case in 2006 when I moved to Houston. In the 13+ years we have been together, he has remained a constant advocate for my continued care - which is residual paralysis/nerve damage & spasms due to 2 Bell's Palsy events in my early 30s. In that time, he and his team have always been consistent (and exceptional) in their delivery and care. Dr. Brissett was familiar with all facets of my issue/case and took the time to contact my previous surgeon. He is also one of the kindest people I have ever met who has a genuine heart in his care. From my first phone call (after an internet search for someone who understood my specific issue) to Andrea (Dr. B's Sr. Patient Care Coordinator) - who quickly got my on his schedule - I knew I was in great hands. She was knowledgeable about my issue and her welcoming tone let me know I had come to the right place - fast forward to 2019 and she is still with Dr. Brissett. Love his staff - especially Regina and Annie! (always there)

1 Dec 21, 2019


Dr Brissett does my general cosmetic maintenance and recently did a lower facelift. I have had friends look bruised and sore for weeks. I only had one very slight bruise on my neck because of his impeccable methods. The results are natural and I couldn’t be more pleased. A friend said “you look like you but rested and brighter.” The experience was made that much better by his staff - Regina and her kind and thorough assistance. Annie and her massages to help with swelling. Andrea always being a phone call away, making sure that you understand what is to take place and, generally, just being the cog that keeps things humming. A phenomenal doctor and a phenomenal staff behind him.

1 Nov 19, 2019


I can't say enough about Dr. Brissett and his team. I think he is brilliant!!! I've been to him twice for fillers and the difference is nothing short of miraculous! Seriously if you want to turn back the hands of time go see Dr. Brissett you'll be ecstatic you did!! His team is fantastic; a reflection of him. I can't wait to return!!

Madeline Bunch – Oct 14, 2019


Prompt and efficient. I never feel rushed when I come in for an appointment. The office staff is warm and professional....Dr. Brissett is awesome.

1 Elizabeth Burger – Oct 13, 2019


I have been a patient of Dr. Brissett's for numerous years. Dr. Brissett is not only a great plastic surgeon but he also has a wonderful personality and cares about his patients. I have had a couple of facial surgeries performed by Dr. B and have undergone rejuvenation procedures. My husband has had eyelid/forehead surgery and is very pleased with the results. You couldn't ask for better. His staff is great. It's a pleasure going there.

2 Jul 20, 2019


Mediocre experience overall. Not the most professional place, except for the woman at the front, Roxanna. The billing department woman is totally incompetent.

1 Jackie in Houston , TX – Dec 06, 2018


Dr. Brisket is an excellent doctor and lovely person however he stays so busy that I wouldn’t recommend him if there was any sort of follow up since he stays quite busy. Several times I’ve had to forgo my follow up time since I was unable to make an appointment for 2 months out and then it becomes too late and we have to start over again. He is a very good plastic surgeon; I’ve seen his work, and would recommend him for that type of procedure but not for services that require maintenance visit

1 Rodrigo Perales in Spring, TX – Nov 23, 2017


He is a great professional doctor, he don’t need any stupid tests to diagnose a deviated sectum I went to a different doctor and they put a camera all the way almost to my throat charge me 300.00 for the procedure just to tell me, my nose have a problem. Doctor Brisset with a simple like needle nose check my nose and schedule me for cirgury. He is very good on what he does he is confident and his staff is great. I been a patient of him since he was at Baylor college of medicine.

7 Houston, TX – Dec 07, 2016


Dr. Brissett is simply one of the most caring and talented Reconstrucive-ENT physicians in the Texas Medical Center. He is a consummate ptofessional, as is his awesome office staff. I highly recommend Dr. Anthony Brissett.

6 1 Houston, TX – Oct 24, 2016


Dr. Brissett is a kind, wonderfully competent doctor. He explained everything fully and I felt very comfortable that my son was in the best hands possible. My son got an excellent result from a very bad scalp injury. Today, the scars are not visible.