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Dr. Anthony Deboni, MD

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5898 Bridge St , East Syracuse, NY

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Dr. Anthony Deboni, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in East Syracuse, NY and has over 30 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Deboni has more experience with Breast Surgery and Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Suny Upstate Medical University (Syracuse) medical school in 1990. He is affiliated with medical facilities Crouse Hospital and Upstate University Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has not yet indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Deboni to book an appointment.

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Dr. Anthony Deboni, MD - Reviews

Michelle – Sep 04, 2019


I have had multiple procedures done by Dr. Deboni. Friendly, personable, professional. I am always happy with my results. I highly recommend him.

1 2 May 01, 2019


From the very being of meeting the staff, Mrs. DeBoni, and finally Dr. DeBoni, I was treated more like a family member than just another patient. Dr. DeBoni is a superior surgeon with many patients but since I met him for the first time until my final appointment, I felt I had not only his entire...Read More

2 Shelley in Syracuse , NY – Jan 03, 2019


Within the past year I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 42. This was a frightening time for me. After extensive research I chose Dr. Deboni as my plastic surgeon for my reconstruction process. He is such a knowledgeable, skilled, and caring doctor. Dr Deboni, his office staff, and...Read More

1 L Jordan in Syracuse – Jun 18, 2018


I can’t say enough about the care & compassion I received over the course of a year from Dr. Deboni and his staff. I’m in my mid-50s, lost 150# after bariatric sleeve surgery & needed help getting all areas tightened up. I had (4) surgeries, one was a double procedure. I had no-one waiting for me,...Read More

Carol Cibik in NY – Jun 06, 2018


Dr. Deboni is an exemplary plastic surgeon. I recently fell off a ladder and had an abrasion on my forehead that required stitches. Three weeks later, it is healing beautifully and is becoming less visible each day.

3 newbelly in Manlius, NY – Mar 09, 2018


I am so pleased with the results of my abdominoplasty with liposuction procedure performed by Dr. Deboni. The outcome of the surgery is well beyond my expectations ! I am a 57 year old woman who works out and eats well but couldn't get rid of the "baby fat pooch". I had lots of stretch marks...Read More

2 Kelley U in Rome NY – Feb 07, 2018


CNY Cosmetic and Reconstructive LLC, is the very best in our area. I’ve had everything from surgery, Botox, fillers, to laser at this facility. I can not say enough positive about the doctors, nurses, estheticians and staff in this office. I always feel welcomed, taken care of, and well informed...Read More

1 Donna Parker in PENNELLVILLE – Oct 20, 2017


Dr Deboni is a excellent surgeon. Dr Deboni puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable. I am very happy with his work. I had a breast augmentation, breast lift. I had a arm lift and a full body lift. I would highly recommend Dr Deboni and his staff.

2 2 Mar 22, 2016


Had a necklift with chin implant back in September. Was something I wanted to do my whole life. It was way more extensive than they make it out to be. Have had numbness in my chin and lips so I decided to get implant removed in January. Extremely painful! Still have numbness in same areas. Didn't...Read More

4 I in Manlius, ny – Feb 02, 2016


I had an amazing experience with dr deboni for my abdominoplasty. He changed my life. Thank you.

5 1 Lily in Alexandria Bay, NY – Jan 04, 2016


I have the breast cancer gene mutation (BRCA). Opted for a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstruction. Dr. Deboni is kind and caring. He even came to check on me in the hospital on the weekend. His entire staff is caring. If you need reconstruction for breast cancer, see him. The wait will be worth...Read More