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Dr. Arash Momeni, MD is a doctor primarily located in Stanford, CA. Their specialties include Plastic Surgery. They speak English.

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Dr. Arash Momeni, MD - Reviews



Dr. Momeni has an excellent bedside manner, and he listens to the patient's concerns. He thoroughly explained my options and his recommendation, which I accepted. He performed my reduction after breast cancer tumors were removed, and then the bilateral TRAMM flap immediately after the skin sparing double mastectomy performed by Dr. Mardi Karin (also an excellent surgeon) at Stanford. I am so happy that I did not have to endure expanders and fills etc. I have soft warm breasts made from my own tissue that I don't have to worry about leakage and other such complications. I had no complications from the surgery. He is very conscientious. I have already recommended him to others.



Dr. Momeni is by far the best plastic surgeon I have ever met with. His bedside manner is amazing, spending quality time answering all your questions without making you feel rushed. He is very particular and detail oriented in delivering the best results. Can't say enough wonderful things about him!