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Dr. Ario Barzin, MD

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Dr. Ario Barzin, MD is a doctor primarily located in Fremont, CA. They have 14 years of experience. Their specialties include Plastic Surgery. They speak English.

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Dr. Ario Barzin, MD - Reviews



My girlfriend took me to a welcoming event this office was having as our "girls night out", ha! I only met with Dr. Barzin briefly that day and really liked his approach and scheduled a consult and just had surgery! I thought I had to be a Palo alto patient (I have Kaiser) and was told I dont need to be because I wanted a cosmetic surgery. Dr. Barzin understood exactly what I wanted and even though I'm pretty swollen still my nose is skinnier and the tip is smaller! I'm so happy my girl made me see him. We drove all the way from San Jose and he is worth the drive. I'm so glad she made me go. I have been wanting this done for years! He and his staff are so nice! Thank you so much Dr. Barzin! I don't avoid the camera now!



Dr. Barzin took care of my aunts breast reconstruction. Although it was a long journey for her, all I heard about was how great Dr. Barzin and his assistant Amy was. Her results are impressive and when I found out he did breast augmentation also, I took the plunge. I had to wait a few weeks for my consultation appointment, but that's because he really is THAT good. We'll worth the wait! Dr. Barzin listened to what size I wanted. I wanted to look good, but believable. He chose a size that looks great on me. Im 5 months out and everyone thinks I lost weight because I am now proportionate! I've told only my closest girlfriends and they can't believe how great (but full) I look. I feel lucky I had my aunt as a referral to him. He's like the bay areas best secret! I definitely recommend meeting him for a consult. You can thank me later!