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Dr. Armand Simone, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. He is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Simone to book an appointment.

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Dr. Armand Simone, MD - Reviews

Apr 30, 2019


Dr. Simone is an amazing cosmetic surgeon - a true artist! I have gotten a minor plastic surgery and lip injections at his office and his work is always beautiful and very natural looking!! No need to fear looking "over done" or too "plastic" when you work with him. He is also incredibly nice, he even called me father's day weekend to ensure that I was recovering well post-op.

1 Jan 09, 2019


Dr.Simone did liposuction on my 18 year old daughter, under her chin. I was worried about risks and results but felt completely at ease after a consultation with Dr. Simone. He was patient, kind, soft spoken and understanding. I appreciated his confidence and obvious extensive knowledge. He was nurturing to my daughter. Her surgery experience was flawless. The healing was perfect. The results are amazing, unnoticeable to people because so natural but life changing to my daughter.

MLH in NEW YORK, NY – Jan 09, 2019


Five stars are not enough to describe the patience, knowledge and competence of Dr. Simone. Dr. Simone did an outstanding neck and lower facelift on me. Dr. Simone kept me overnight in his on premises operating theater. There I was attended by his private duty nurse. She monitors your medication and applies cold compresses hourly to avoid your looking like a trainwreck of bruises when you leave the next morning, 24 hours after surgery. Dr. Simone checks you before you leave. Recommend

LB in New York, NY – Sep 19, 2017


Dr. Simone is an expert and skillful surgeon who did surgery on my upper and lower eyelids. After the surgery, he followed up with several telephone calls and demonstrated a caring, attentive manner. He is an artist and extremely talented! I highly recommend Dr. Simone!!

Danielle W. in New York, NY – Jul 23, 2017


I've only had excellent experiences with Dr Simone. He is a skilled surgeon and excellent at out patient procedures. He is honest and truthworthy and I would recommend him to anyone.

Westport, CT – Jul 22, 2017


Dr. Simone is not only the best, but he has the extraordinary eye for knowing what and how much is best for your face. I have been going to him for over 15 years. Have sent my daughter and every visit usually once a year has fantastic results. You can trust him! He's smart, kind knowledgeable and really understands all the different fillers..

CK in New York, NY – May 09, 2017


I have had issues with breathing all my life and have been slightly unsatisfied with my nose. Dr. Simone took time to explain the issues I have been having as well as assured me that he can provide a very natural look close to what my nose has been. I cannot say how satisfied I am with the results. He was able to modify my nose in a way that was completely natural looking AND more importantly I can breathe again! I cannot say how highly I recommend Dr. Simone, he is beyond an expert!

Apr 05, 2017


Dr. Simone has done several rounds of injectables to my mouth/jaw area and lips - it has been like an instant face lift ! He has a great aesthetic sense and definitely knows where to best apply the fillers without overdoing anything. Dr. Simone’s treatment always looks natural and appropriately contoured - never artificial. He begins with a local anesthetic and is always concerned for my comfort. After many years, I continue to recommend Dr. Simone. His nurse and office manager are wonderful!

Apr 05, 2017


Dr. Simone did a total face lift on me, including a brow lift, with fabulous results. During the consultation, he suggested several options, describing the pros and cons of each. Dr. Simone is easy to speak with and has the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth/empathy. His follow-up was excellent, with phone calls at home. I still look great with very natural-looking results - I felt like I got my face and myself back. His office is beautiful and Anne, his office manager is great!

Doylestown – Apr 05, 2017


Dr. Simone did my eyes – both upper and lower – in the same procedure. I am self-employed and have reached the point in life where I depend on younger clients to hire me for free-lance work. I was concerned I was looking tired, regardless of how much sleep I got! The result was spectacular and so natural looking, no one noticed I had a procedure. Dr. Simone is a talented surgeon, and I would go to him for another procedure in a heartbeat! His office staff is great – very professional and caring.

Frances Stoffo in New York, NY – Mar 31, 2017


Dr. Simone is a truly caring/wonderful doctor and person. He was one of two doctors that literally saved my life. I went in for a breast reduction. Absolutely wonderful results. Unfortunately the biopsy came back with cancer in both breasts. It was determined via breast specialist, that Dr. Simone in the procedure had removed all the cancerous tissue. Still needed radiation and still on meds but, I can happily say that I have been cancer free for over 5 years. I highly recommend Dr. Simone.

Brooklyn, NY – Mar 23, 2017


Dr. Simone is a warm and caring physician and an excellent surgeon.

Alan Klebanoff in New York, NY – Mar 22, 2017


Not only are his technical and aesthetic skills great...his compassion for the patient is top notch. His follow up and caring is superior!

Sara Gay Klebanoff in New York, NY – Feb 25, 2017


Dr. Simone has helped with cosmetic as well as health issues.I am the postergirl for his tender hands. A couple of years ago I had decided to have cosmetic surgery to enhance my aging face. Three months after I was in a car accident.The hospital in my region told me it would naturally resolve on its own and my face would be fine. I sent my pictures down to Dr, Simone, who told me he wanted to see me immediately. I then had reconstructive surgery on my face, I continue to model ..............etc

LY in Philadelphia, PA – Feb 24, 2017


I had a facial procedure with Dr. Simone and am thrilled with my results and overall care. I especially appreciated Dr. Simone's level of communication before and after the procedure. I was unsure of what to expect as this was my first ever elective surgery. Dr. Simone carefully talked me through each step and I will absolutely go back to him for my next procedure.

AP in Morris County, NJ – Feb 01, 2017


Dr. Simone is a very experienced plastic surgeon. He provides thoughtful and creative ways to work with your unique set of circumstances. I had multiple surgeries and was very happy with the results. He was also very honest and upfront about exactly what the improvements would be for my unique situation. Dr. Simone is someone you can trust and who cares about the patient experience. His bedside manor is charming and he is a pleasure to work with.

R. G. Morgan in Syosset, NY – Feb 01, 2017


Trust, kindness, care, and great results are the descriptors I use when recommending Dr. Simone to friends. I trust him completely; I appreciate his kindness and the close attention he pays to my concerns. His care extends not only to any procedures he performs, but also to questions and aftercare. His knowledge and the tenacity with which he updates himself on new techniques and medical innovations has made him not only a great practitioner but a doctor who teaches doctors. Friends thank me.

G.C. in New York, NY – Dec 23, 2016


Dr. Simone is one of the best doctors in NYC. He's not only a brilliant physician, but he listens to you and takes the time to talk to you and make sure you understand exactly what is going on. He is very thorough, he genuinely cares and has wonderful bedside manner, which is rare today. He'll even go the extra mile to squeeze you in when you need to be seen. His office of nurses and assistants are very professional and top notch. I highly recommend Dr. Simone without reservation.

Linda in New york – Dec 14, 2016


I have been a patient for many years. Dr. Simone is extremely professional, as well as friendly. He treats patients with care and attentiveness. I would highly recommend him.

Adele Schwartz in Bronx, NY – Oct 06, 2016


In addition to his technical skill, Dr. Simone has an aesthetic sense that is exceptional. My time with the doctor always feels personalized to my needs; I am never rushed and I always feel safe and cared for. Dr. Simone explains everything thoroughly so I always understand my options. I have recommended him to many friends and family members over the years; none has been disappointed. I can recommend him without reservations.