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Dr. Arthur R Rosenstock, MD is a doctor primarily located in Stamford, CT, with another office in Stamford, CT. Their specialties include Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Arthur R Rosenstock, MD - Reviews



Dr. Rosenstock is as much an artist as a surgeon...just the combination anyone would want in a plastic surgeon. I can't express my gratitude enough to the thoughtful and caring way he handled all my concerns and took care of me before, during and after surgery.



I went to Dr. arthur rosenstock in Stamford ct. He is a board certified plastic surgeon. A friend had recommended him. I had facial fillers Botox and lips done. I want to say my results were outstanding. he is a caring, kind physician and he is an expert in his field. I look amazing and I'm a very happy girl. Melissa long island NY



My experience with Dr. Arthur Rosenstock was different than others I have had with the Park Avenue doctors I have consulted in the past. The way he approached my case was not only reassuring, but he made me feel secure and confident that I had made the correct decision to take this personally affirming step. He is thoughtful, meticulous (took so much time during my procedure that I had minimal discoloration), approachable and very human. I didn’t feel rushed ever, he answered all my questions and made himself available to me, day and night after my surgery. I honestly feel that his love for fly fishing (the zen part of his personality) and painting (appreciation of the human form) benefitted me in my quest for change (but not too much). The environment and people he surrounds himself with was also really important to me, especially Charlene, (who is registered nurse and also runs the office) who couldn’t have been more helpful also explaining everything, keeping me on track about how I had to prepare and offering some hugs. I'm too private to show the before and after photos and I'm not a review writer, but this experience was better than I could have ever imagined and I just wanted to share it.