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Dr. Arvin Taneja, MD is a doctor primarily located in Pasadena, CA, with another office in Pasadena, CA. They have 31 years of experience. Their specialties include Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Arvin Taneja, MD - Reviews



Best Results ever !! Staff is very freindly give the best customer service as well as Dr Taneja makes you secure and comfortable , always happy to see you and very honest . The best 💯💯



For three years i have been suffering from pain and discomfort because of Dr Arvin Taneja and Dr Jude Santiago and thanks to a brilliant Dr Don Kikkawa of the Shiley Eye Institute that put me back together, after Dr ArvinTaneja Blepharoplasty surgery he damaged my eye, and now he has offered me $20 thousand dollars to compensate Me for my life , pain and suffering, and to keep silent, he was very abusive to me verbally and via Email, as of today i am still in pain and discomfort, my doctor said my eye will never be the same again, and there for i continue to be in pain each day, at all cost avoid these two doctors Dr Arvin Taneja and Dr Jude Santiago. I HAD TO Have Two Major surgery to Reconstruct my eyes, this is the most unprofessional Doctor.



I had done a tummy tuck and breast augmentation and it went so bad and I am so mad about it that the only thing that I can say is "Don't let this man ruin your life"