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Dr. Audrey E Farahmand, MD is a doctor primarily located in Fort Myers, FL, with other offices in Fort Myers, FL and Fort Myers, FL. Their specialties include Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Audrey E Farahmand, MD - Reviews



Poor customer service when trying to ask questions and to schedule an appointment. I went somewhere else for my surgery.



I found Dr Farahmand by doing some research and could not be happier. I went to 2 other top surgeons in Naples for a consult, one of which has worked on me before and I am so glad I chose Dr. Farahmand. First of all, she is extremely professional, soft spoken, honest, realistic and conservative. I had a mommy makeover in 2010 which turned into a nightmare by a top doc in Naples. I got a terrible surgical site infection in my right breast which caused me to lose the implant multiple times and I suffered like a dog for 2 years on IV antibiotics, pills, etc. I know I caught the infection in his OR. Anyway, after the last surgery in 2012 my right breast never looked right and over the years it started to look deformed. I met with Dr. Farahmand 2x and showed her pics of what I wanted to look like. She was completely honest with me and told me I would not be able to look like that because of my skin, tissue stretching etc... She reduced the skin on my left breast to make the size even with my right, moved my nipple on my right higher to match my left, took out a tremendous amount of scar tissue, reconstructed both breast pockets and put in new implants. They look beautiful and I’m only 5 days post procedure. She also did lipo on my back, waist, hips, thighs, knees. My body looks fantastic and I’m still very swollen. I also had her put the fat back into my face which made those terrible mouth lines disappear. She is amazing, an artist and truly cares about her patients. The first thing I noticed which stood out in my mind was the OR on the day of surgery. Everything was so spotless. She had her nurses cover me from my neck down to my ankles in this cold orange solution which is to prevent infection and sterilize the skin. The other surgeon never did that to me and he worked on my breast 4x!! At that point I knew I was in the right hands. So far so good, no pain, no complications and I love the way I look. She was also a lot less expensive than the doctors in Naples. I cannot say enough great things about the doctor and her team. I will definitely use her in the future because I love her work. Highly recommend!!!



I had my BA done 5 days ago, and I'm already back to work! Dr. Farahmand was amazing from my initial consultation, all the way through minutes before surgery. I didn't want very big implants. I've been flat as a board my entire life, and I really just wanted something. I was very specific regarding what I wanted, a modest size, and as natural as possible. She walked me through what type and size of implant would be best, what placement would be best, as well as incision area. She made me feel like I was driving the vehicle, but she was helping steer the entire way. Never made me feel like I should have gone bigger like other surgeons did. She even walked me through the emotional side of it, and counseled and advised me on how to explain my decision to my children. The surgery was a piece of cake, and I can honestly say 5 days post op that the pain has been minimal. And my new breasts are EXACTLY what I asked for, and are gorgeous. She is simply the best! She is a little more pricey, but you get what you pay for! Thank you Dr. Farahmand, I can't sing you enough praises! Jackie and Debbie are a wonderful addition to her staff, as well. Always knowledgeable, and cheerful!