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Dr. Badar Jan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Allentown, PA. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Coordinated Health - Allentown and Lehigh Valley Hospital - 17th Street. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Jan to book an appointment.

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Dr. Badar Jan, MD - Reviews

Doris Grau – Jul 15, 2020


Great surgeon. I was left with lots of extra skin under my armpits after a mastectomy. Dr. Jan smoothed Amat the mounds of extra skin. He’s kind and understanding. A fabulous plastic surgeon.

1 James P Mulligan – Feb 09, 2020


besides being a great doctor, he is an even better person. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

1 Haley – Sep 03, 2019


I highly recommend dr Jan. From my very first appointment to my recent one today he has been beyond incredible. Words can’t describe how happy I am with my results. He made sure to do whatever he could to make me look as perfect as he could. I couldn’t be anymore happy with my results. I felt super comfortable around him and am so happy with the way he took care of me! If I could give more then 5 stars he would get it! Thank you so much dr. Jan for making me feel beautiful!!

1 Aug 28, 2019


Dr. Jan is absolutely wonderful. He did my breast reduction this summer. I feel like I’m now in the body I was supposed to have. He was gentle, informative, and patient. I would recommend him any day!

1 Aug 27, 2019


Dr Jan is truly the Doctors Doctor! I had a wonderful experience with him and his staff. He operated on both my upper eye lids and I was back to work as a physician within 10 days. No only is my vision better, but I look 10 years younger! I couldn't be happier with the results

1 Karen Victoria – Jul 24, 2019


I had a great experience with Dr. Jan. I felt comfortable and confident in him and the office as well. I am now a few weeks post-op and I feel amazing and more confident than ever! I highly recommend. I was taken care of and listened. Whatever questions I had were answered. I felt very good with my whole experience. So pleased!

1 Sherry Snyder in Nazareth , PA – Jun 27, 2019


Dr. Jan and his staff are amazing. He did my breast reduction and from start to finish he was the most attentive and caring doctor I have ever had. And his work is FABULOUS I no longer have extreme back pain from my breasts or rashes under them and they are gorgeous better then when I was in my 20s. Thank you Dr. Jan and staff.

J. Zolotsky in PA – Feb 26, 2019


Dr. Bandar Jan is both an amazing artist and physician. The first time I stepped into his office, he was polite and sincere, and made me completely at ease. He answered all of my questions (I had many) and made sure I understood all of the information. Dr. Jan exemplifies the epitome of what every doctor/surgeon should be: kind, considerate, understanding, reassuring and knowledgeable. In addition, my surgical outcome could not have been any better. Highly recommended!!!!!

Joshua Arndt in Kutztown, PA – Feb 21, 2019


I broke a large number of bones in my face, Including my an almost completely destroyed eye socket. 1 month, 5 metal plates, one large mesh, and 3 different surgical scars later, and nobody can even tell I had surgery. Dr. Jan even did much of the surgery from inside my mouth, to avoid external scar damage. I never once worried about the surgery, because as a person he made sure I was comfortable and understood everything that would be happening. 10/10 would destroy my face again.

Paul Dwornik – Jul 21, 2018


Dr. Jan removed skin cancer spot from my forehead back in February. And within 3 months it was undetectable. I appreciate that he’s good as his job. And took his time to explain exactly how it would play out. And he also removed a benign lump from my head without leaving me with a bald spot.

Annette Dietrich in Perkasie, PA – Jul 02, 2018


Dr. Jan helped me so much. I had a dog that bit me and almost severed my tendine and nerve in my finger. He did surgery on my hand and I have full movement. Thank you so much.

Jun 29, 2018


Dr. Jan assisted in my daughter's facial laceration repair. He was terrific and answered all my questions. I'm thankful he was able to help her.

2 Deb in Macungie, PA – Jun 11, 2018


I cannot thank Dr. Jan enough for what he has done for me. I had breast reduction surgery in March, 2018. From the time the anesthesia wore off and I was aware of things, I could tell my pain and discomfort were gone. No more headaches, no neck pain, no shortness of breath. I should have had the procedure done long before this. Dr. Jan is a caring and gentle person and does excellent work. I do highly recommend him!

3 Joe DeFranco in Nazareth PA – Apr 24, 2018


I personally have to give 5 stars across the board. After having a major mohs skin cancer surgery on 2 areas on the same side of my face,I had to have the areas closed by a plastic surgeon. Dr Jan is very kind and very considerate. He is a very skilled surgeon, and I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for the job he did closing these wounds. Very concerned on how I felt throughout all of this. I would absolutely recommend Dr Jan to everyone I know.

1 Nicole in Coopersburg, PA – Jan 31, 2018


Dr. Jan is a wonderful person and doctor. He is kind, trustworthy and talented. I had breast reduction surgery. Everything from start to finish went well. I recommend Dr. Jan!

1 Camela Cichocki – Jan 09, 2018


A plastic surgeon needs knowledge, skill, expertise.and experience. Dr. Jan has all this plus he has the artistic aesthetic that sets him apart. I am grateful that he has helped me overcome the trauma I experienced after being injured in a multiple vehicle accident 2 years ago. I trusted him to perform 3 surgeries including an open rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and reconstruction surgery to my lip. I am thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Dr Badar Jan. He is a wonderful caring surgeon.

2 Beth Heffernan in Bethlehem, PA – Sep 19, 2017


Dr. Jan is wonderful and I would absolutely recommend him. He is patient and kind and his number one priority has always been making sure I am happy, comfortable and safe through an otherwise very scary few months.

3 Tina in Easton, PA – Jul 27, 2017


I came to Dr Jan because I was BRACA positive and doing a preventive mastectomy. I had almost died from a previous surgery and was terrified. After my 1st visit I felt like a weight was lifted. Although he wasn't any part of the original surgery he had gone through my records COMPLETELY and was so sympathetic I was shocked. I told him how scared I was and he totally understood. He did a wonderful job. My only regret is he can't do all the surgeries I may need. I would recommend him to anyone

2 1 Doris A Jandrisevitz in Northampton Pa – Jul 10, 2017


I am a patient of Dr. Jan's since Nov. 2016.. Have had my third surgery with Dr.Jan now after having a mastectomy in Nov. He is such a wonderful ,caring,and gifted surgeon. He explains everything, answers every question and is very concerned about his patients feelings and he has an awesome bedside manner.. I am very pleased with the work he has done on me. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing plastic surgery. Thank You Dr. Jan

3 Sterling Heights, MI – Jun 26, 2017


Dr. Jan is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend him. From my first consultation to my post operation appointment, he was attentive and extremely professional. Choosing Dr. Jan was the best decision I could have made.

1 Chris D. in Kempton, PA – Apr 21, 2017


nitially consulted Dr. Jan after having melanoma surgery on my breast bone and developing a keloid. My keloid was large and very painful. My wife and I sat down with the doctor to discuss options. He was very patient, informative and all our questions. We both felt confident this was the right treatment; removal of the keloid and reshaping the incision. His technique was nothing short of miraculous. My scar is now in a form of a “z”, thin and almost invisible! Sincere thanks to Dr. Jan and staff

4 Heather Kreiger in Bethlehem, PA – Sep 21, 2016


My SIL recommended Dr. Jan and couldn't have recommended someone better. I met with him earlier this year to correct an embarrassing issue as a result of significant weight loss. He is empathetic, detailed and focused on your happiness. I also highly recommend Dr. Jan for your cosmetic surgery needs.

2 NurseCaseManager in Moscow, PA – Aug 05, 2016


I am a nurse case manager. Dr. Jan performed facial reconstructive surgery on a patient of mine, and did a phenomenal job. No complications, no scarring-- the patient was pleased, and Dr. Jan's bedside manner is top notch. Would recommend him to my own family. Excellent provider.

3 Roxanne Barnyak in Allentown, PA – Jun 22, 2016


I am a patient of Dr. Jan...I am two weeks post surgery of a bilateral mastectomy and immediate skin sparing trams flap reconstruction which Dr Jan has beautifully done. What a gifted Surgeon and such a Bedside manner of care and concern.

3 Laurie in Coplay PA – May 12, 2016


I recently had a breast reduction with Dr. Jan and loved him. He was wonderful and made me feel so comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone interested in having this done. He did a great job and went above and beyond in making sure I look good after the surgery. Great doctor. Scary to have this procedure and he made me feel so comfortable.

1 Kas817 in Effort, PA – Apr 13, 2016


I had a round keloid on my chest that I thought I would need surgery to remove. Dr. Jan was able to significantly reduce the size of the keloid with steroid injections, avoiding surgery. It looks so much better! He and his staff were very helpful and polite.

Mar 22, 2016


Great to talk to. Hard to get a hold of his staff. Sent email to Nancy but no response. Still waiting. Rather talk to email but apparently they do not

3 Lisa in Bethlehem, PA – Mar 17, 2016


Dr. Jan is a wonderful and caring doctor! I chose Dr. Jan for my breast reduction. His work was excellent! I would recommend him to anyone. He was informative, encouraging and very gentle throughout my experience. He was always there for me, anytime. Throughout the several weeks of recovery, he made sure I was always comfortable and happy. I now have no discomfort and extremely happy! I am able to wear smaller tops and have so much more confidence! Thank you Dr. Jan!!!

2 1 Laurie in Dallas, PA – Jan 17, 2016


Dr. Jan did an abdominoplasty and braichioplasty for me after a significant weight loss. I felt good after our consultation because Dr. Jan explained his methods and the results I could expect, thoroughly and realistically. Now I'm confident that I chose the best physician because my results actually exceeded my expectations!

2 Jason F in Kutztown, PA – Jan 05, 2016


Had to have surgery on my face from a work accident. Scheduled the surgery shortly after incident. Felt confident and comfortable with Dr. Jan who takes pride in his work and giving each patient all the necessary information to help the healing process.