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Dr. Benjamin Cousins, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Miami Beach, FL and has over 15 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from University Of Tennessee Health Sciences Center medical school in 2005. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Aventura Hospital & Medical Center and Baptist Children's Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Cousins to book an appointment.

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Dr. Benjamin Cousins, MD - Reviews

Davidk – Feb 03, 2020


Great bedside manner. Takes time to explain things thoroughly and his work is excellent!

1 AlexisShemale in Miami Beach, FL – Nov 23, 2018


26 yrs ago I made a mistake I never realized would risk my life. As a transgender woman in the 90’s there was no equal rights & life was very difficult in Indianapolis. I now live in South Florida & life is different. But the silicone injections I had done back then were trying to kill me. Dr Cousins was amazing & Jeanny is a godsend. They took experimental treatment to not carve out my thighs but to use lipo & sonogram to remove the poison. It’s not done yet but no one is better. Trust him I do

shelley f in FL – Jul 17, 2018


He is very pleasant, takes time to answer all questions and with one injection cured my trigger thumb! Hear he is a great plastic surgeon too.

Jun 13, 2018


Dr. Cousins is the utmost professional, providing unprecedented care and attentiveness to his patients. He is thorough, detail-oriented, personable, and diligent. My experiences with Dr. Cousins and his staff have been very pleasant and I’m pleased with his results. I highly recommend him!

Alice E in TN – Jun 12, 2018


He gave excellent information about my procedure and follow up care. Very happy with the results and plan to come back again. Will definitely refer him to my family and friends.

2 Strangé Lopes – May 25, 2018


Dr. Cousins and his entire team are extremely kind and informative. He didn't just let me come in and tell him what I wanted, took my money and send me under the knife. He took all my requests and reservations into consideration but also spoken with me intensively and advised me of what would be best for my structure and overall end result and appearance. I would definitely recommend him, I love my new boobs!

Feb 07, 2018


As a teacher and sailor, my hands are critical. When I fell and broke my wrist and arm, Dr. Cousins put me back together. It was a nasty compound fracture, but after two surgeries, I was well on my way to healing. After only two months, I was out of physical therapy, and back at work. Dr. Cousins is a dedicated surgeon, with a great bedside manner.

1 Miami, FL – Nov 03, 2017


Dr. Cousins was thorough, kind and understanding to my situation. He guided me through the process of the surgery and reassured me various times everything will be just fine. Being my first surgery of any type, I was nervous and uneasy, however, Dr. Cousins put my fears at ease!

2 Marco in Miami, FL – Jul 26, 2017


Dr. Cousins performed surgery on my hand 6 months ago. He did a very good job explaining thing to me, answering my questions and most importantly with the actual surgery. He even said to me he would treat my hand as if it was his own. I believe he did just that. Thankfully my hand today is as good as one could expect given my injury. I credit Dr. Cousins in large part for the excellent results. I would highly recommend Dr. Cousins to anyone with hand issues or requiring hand surgery.

1 Adrienne in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. – Jul 18, 2017


Dr. Benjamin Cousins repaired my trigger finger, PAINLESSLY! I would highly recommend this provider for being, skilled, professional and kind. Without hesitation I certainly will return if any specialty surgery is required. Thank goodness another plastic surgeon referred me. Many blessings of health and happiness to Dr. Benjamin Cousins III

1 Patti Hernandez in Miami Beach, FL – Jul 17, 2017


Dr. Cousins and his team made my broken wrist surgery a less painful and stressful situation than what I could imagine. Dr. Cousins explained everything so well and in detail before surgery and did a great job inserting plates and screws. The scars healed nicely and I am very glad he put me back together with his great bedside manner and smile. The jokes help too. Mercedes is great too, his assistant. Appointments were always on time and I did not have to wait. I felt confident - Great doctor!

2 Mel in Miami, FL – Dec 01, 2016


Excellent!!!! Dr. really goes above and beyond.

2 Ron L in Miami, FL – Sep 02, 2016


Complex hand and wrist surgery on a compound fracture was perfectly executed. My right hand works like a charm again. Doctor Cousins is personable and takes his time to fully explain treatment options and potential outcomes. His staff were always friendly and attentive and appointment times were always punctually honored. We met by "accident", as Dr. Cousins was on call when I was brought to the ER. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have had him as my surgeon.

2 Martin Ramirez in Miami Florida – Jul 14, 2016


Yo martin ramirez estoy muy agradecido de el trato que tuve de el doctor Benjamin J. Cousins desde la operacion asta dos visitas que e tenido con el,se lo recomiendo por su amabilidad y por ser un buen doctor.

4 Alba B in Miami, FL – May 06, 2016


Dr. Cousins III was great. He listened to my concerns and explained in detail the best course of action. He was caring, professional, confident and skilled. I highly recommend him.

1 7 Melanie in Miami, FL – Apr 23, 2016



3 Apr 18, 2016


Dr Cousins was very informative upfront about what needed to be done. The surgery went very well, and I can use my hand again! His staff is always curitious and welcoming. Couldn't ask for better people.

4 1 chungy38 in Miami Beach, FL – Apr 08, 2016


If I could give Dr. Cousins 10 stars I would. His professionalism, excellent bedside manner, thorough in explaining my medical condition, and ensuring that I was well attended to, sets him apart from the revolving door feeling one gets when going to the doctor. I was very satisfied with the plastic surgery he performed and would recommend his services. I was also impressed with the professionalism I was treated with by the office staff. I highly recommend Mosa Medspa and Dr. Cousins.

2 8 Susan in Miami – Mar 10, 2016


I won't be going back .

4 1 Julie Bermudez in Davie Florida – Feb 10, 2016


He is amazing. I am so happy that he was the one that provided the surgery that I needed on my hand. He takes the time to explain everything to you. If I ever need hand surgery again I would only utilize him.

6 1 Robert Rodriguez in Ft Lauderdale, FL – Dec 22, 2015


Very knowledgeable in his field, his bed side manner and detailed description of necessary procedures was superb. You know you're good hands with Dr. Cousins