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Dr. Carlos Burnett, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

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Dr. Carlos Burnett, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Westfield, NJ and has over 34 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from New York University medical school in 1986. He is affiliated with medical facilities Overlook Medical Center and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Burnett to book an appointment.

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Dr. Carlos Burnett, MD - Reviews

Mar 29, 2019


Had a consultation with him and he lasted an hour talking to me and listening to my concerns! My procedure with him will be April 24th and I am so exited!

3 1 Jen in NJ – Feb 09, 2018


I had a BBL w/ Burnett on 2/2/18. B4 meeting him, I was told by 2 other Drs that I was too thin. One high profile Dr spent exactly 4 min. with me & returned my fee. My friend followed Dr Burnett on social media, told me 2 schedule a consult & showed me his b4/after pics on thinner patients. He spent at least 45 min w/ me discussing the areas he could pull fat from &what my expectations were. I told him I wanted a perkier, natural looking butt. I’m 1 wk out & my results are fabulous!

1 1 Brittney S. – Jan 02, 2018


Staff was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. I went in to correct a loss of skin elasticity at the corners of my mouth, which Dr. Burnett addressed by using Botox on my lower jaw muscles and by adding filler to my lips. The procedure practically painless and the results look completely natural. Overall it was a great experience!

2 Madison, NJ – Jun 26, 2017


Dr. Burnett is talented, creative, meticulous, and one of the nicest people I have ever met! . From the consult to the post op visit, I left each appointment amazed with how detail oriented this office was. From the visualizer photos, the pre-operative workbook, the vitamin regimen, checklist for my caregiver and the personal touch on each visit! After my breast aug, I am still in shock that I had ZERO pain, just soreness! Best decision I have ever made. Dr. Burnett you are a rockstar!

2 Brooklyn, NY – Jun 01, 2017


Dr Burnett is not only a great Surgeon but a great person as well. It was a pleasure to have him as my doctor.

3 cg in south plainfield – Feb 17, 2017


I needed to look my best for a wedding and decided to seek some assistance from Dr. Burnett. From the moment I walked into the office there was a comfortable and relax feeling, office environment was amazing, the staff friendly and professional. Dr. Burnett went over my procedure thoroughly leaving no unanswered questions. Dr. Burnett is thorough, confident and a perfectionist, my outcome was amazing.

Jacqueline in Watchung – Oct 26, 2016


Met with Dr. Burnett and his wonderful staff today. First class experience from the pre-appointment forward. The nursing staff and receptionist are professional and friendly, the office is beautifully appointed, catering to comfort and patient privacy. Dr. Burnett is of HIGHEST caliber - compassionate, very friendly, and brilliant. I was interested in a certain procedure, Kybella, which Dr. Burnett explained in detail. I am now a happy new patient.