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Dr. Chad Glazer, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Michigan City, IN and has over 14 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Glazer has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions, Sleep-disordered Breathing, and Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Johns Hopkins University / School of Medicine medical school in 2006. He is affiliated with Franciscan Health Michigan City. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Glazer to book an appointment.

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Dr. Chad Glazer, MD - Reviews

1 Joseph – Jun 10, 2020


Ten minute LIFE CHANGING procedure. I’m a 45 yr male with a lifetime of constant nasal airway obstruction. Any athletic activity required a cocktail of allergy medications, antihistamines, and affrin in order to keep my nasal passage open as well as getting any quality deep sleep had become extremely difficult. Dr. Glazer suggested a Latera nasal implant could help prevent my lateral nasal wall from fully collapsing inward as I would inhale and in turn reduce my obstruction. Now six months after the ten minute procedure of having the Latera implants put in, I can say it has truly been life changing. I can exercise clearly inhaling through my nose, my sleep quality has significantly improved, mental fog has cleared, my blood pressure is lower and I no longer need to turn to all the medications that barely kept my nasal passage open. HIGHEST recommendations for Dr. Glazer and his staff for a transparent, efficient, and professional experience. You will be in good hands.

1 Apr 24, 2019


Dr Glazer possesses an EXCELLENT bed side manner in a very calm and professional environment. Everyone in the office provided great customer service and i felt very welcomed as a new patient. He was informative and efficient and I was able to walk out without pain or worry. He is the Elvis of Doctors & quite easy on the eyes!!!

3 Mar 29, 2019


A pleasure. Efficient and highly trained. We are very fortunate to have a high caliber surgeon who loves our little Chesterton location.

4 Feb 27, 2019


An excellent surgeon! I would recommend him to all my friends for plastic surgery.

3 1 Dana moss in Laporte – Feb 14, 2019


I had to moles cut out of my face, I was a little scared to have this procedure done. I had it done by Dr Glazer, and he did such an amazing job with everything. I honestly do not think I will even have a mark of scarring. His nurse was amazing too. They did a great job, and were very caring and kind, as well with the rest of the office staff. Great doctor and great place. I am so glad I had it done, and had him do it.:)

3 1 Feb 11, 2019


Best thing I ever did for my health!! Have dealt with sinus/congestion issues for my whole life. I always heard horrible stories about nose surgeries. Finally at 50 I had enough and sought out help. Dr Glazer was recommended by my GP. I had a deviated septum, my turbonites needed trimmed and my nasal canals were collapsed. He fixed the septum and turbonites and put in implants to open the canal. No packing, no pain and easy recovery. No need for breath rite strips anymore to sleep.

3 4 Laure Poulin in Michigan City – Oct 09, 2018


Dr. Glazer drained an abscess in my neck. He provided some numbing, but the procedure was so painful I was screaming. Not once did he stop to offer more pain medication. With today’s medicine, no one should ever have to endure the amount of pain I experienced. Upon leaving his office, I went straight to Rush University in Chicago for follow up treatment. Procedures were stopped if I experienced ANY pain, and medicine was administered before continuing. I will NEVER see Dr. Glazer again.

3 Jeff McLendon – Apr 16, 2018


Dr. Glazer did endoscopic sinus surgery and a septoplasty. My entire life, I've never been able to breathe through my nose. When the stints were removed a week later, I couldn't believe the relief of being able to. Clearly something I wished I could have done 40 years ago. Thank you Dr. Glazer.

2 15 Hanover Park, IL – Feb 21, 2017


I am having an issue with both my ears plugged. Feels like someone has their hands over my ears. Called today to get an appointment and was told i had to have a hearing test first. oh; by the way, the first available is mid April! Really?! i can assure you that i would fail the test! lets just go with that and make the appointment. NOT SO FAST! what a pain!

1 Madelyn Klimek in Westville, IN – Nov 18, 2016


I had a great experience with Dr. Glazer and his staff! Wonderful people who are very helpful and great at making the procedure fit your personal needs.

3 Marie in Michigan City, IN – Jun 22, 2016


Clear, concise and to the point. Reassuring and professional!

8 3 L. Ward in Chesterton, IN – Apr 27, 2016


Dr. Michael Glazer and staff provides the best experience for injections. Dr. Glazer offered his recommendation and listened to any concerns that I voiced. After the initial injection, a follow up phone call was received and a date was scheduled for a follow up examination. The genuine concern to ensure my happiness exceeded any past experiences. The staff is courteous and encouraging. Dr. Glazer is highly recommended for professional results coupled with sincere care.