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Dr. Chaz Stucken, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Livonia, MI and has over 12 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Stucken has more experience with Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Facial Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Boston University School Of Medicine medical school in 2008. He is affiliated with University Hospital - University of Michigan. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Stucken to book an appointment.

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Dr. Chaz Stucken, MD - Reviews

Aug 03, 2020


Dr. Stucken removed a parotid mass. He was professional, had great bedside manner, and made me feel very secure. He made sure my facial nerve was monitored and I came out with no facial paralysis. My scar is so small you can’t see it. I highly recommend.

Holli – Jul 31, 2020


I had basal cell cancer on my nose that required Mohs surgery. It was much more extensive than expected. Dr. Stucken did the reconstruction surgery on my nose. I couldn't be more pleased with his work! Dr. Stucken has a calm demeanor, listens well, and takes as much time as needed to explain everything thoroughly. Prayerfully this is not something I will have to experience again, but if I did, I would trust Dr. Stucken 110%.

1 Tony – Jan 07, 2020


Dr. Stucken was an extremely professional surgeon who went above and beyond in helping me with my case. He did one-on-one drawings that explained the entire process, depicting my condition (severely deviated septum causing breathing issues), what it normally/typically should look like, and how he was going to bridge that gap in the surgery, as well as extra measures to ensure it would be and remain successful. He even broke down how the nose functions when breathing and explained why my condition was so severe. Dr. Stucken and his staff were thorough with the pre and post-surgery process, providing me with several resources to aid in my preparation and recovery. I also had issues with my insurance that Dr. Stucken himself voluntarily stepped in to help fight to resolve. Even after I was willing to pay out of pocket to move forward, he felt morally obligated to help. It's been nearly two years since my surgery, I've had zero complications - I highly recommend him as a surgeon.

Darrell Polter – Oct 09, 2019


I had basal cell cancer on my face and had the MOHS procedure at U of M Hospital. However, because of the extent of the site, the procedure could not be performed that day and a reconstructive surgeon needed to be consulted. Dr. Stucken saw me within a couple of hours and the procedure and surgery were scheduled a week later. I appreciated the fact that Dr. Stucken worked me in that day. I was very happy with the professionalism of Dr. Stucken and his staff, as well as the excellent work he did on my face. Follow-up visits were equally as professional and efficient. I would return to Dr. Stucken in the future if needed and would highly recommend him to anyone who found themself in a similar situation.

1 Lisa Harrison – Jul 02, 2019


I was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on the bridge of my nose. I had Mohs surgery and afterwards Dr. Stucken closed where the excision was made. It was quite intimidating going to U of M for this procedure but going through this knowing Dr. Stucken was taking care of me brought me alot of comfort. He is kind, patient, and thorough. The staff working along with him were excellent. I was not only amazed at the professionalism and excellence of the staff, but amazed at the results of the surgery. My nose looks great. I would highly recommend him!

Sue M. in Grand Rapids, MI – Jun 10, 2019


I would 100% recommend Dr. Stucken to family and others. I was referred to Dr. Stucken because of Melanoma skin cancer on my right cheek. Because of having an incurable cancer Multiple Myeloma I have been in the care of several doctors. Dr. Stucken stands high on my list of doctors who have and are still caring for me. He has a calm and extremely caring way of doctoring. When my husband removed the pressure bandage from my face I couldn’t believe it and said to my husband Dr. Stucken is a gifted surgeon.

Apr 26, 2019


I was satisfied with the facial reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. Stucken back in July of 2018. The healing progressed just as he advised. He was very professional in the before and after consultations.

Dearborn, MI – Oct 31, 2018


I have had my experience with Dr. Stucken, Chaz More than a wonderful . I have been visited several doctors, but they have not been convinced me because they dont listen to me,I had a lot of concerns about my rhinoplasty especially I have four problems in my nose. When I visit Dr.Stucken,Chaz first time we discussed every thing abut the surgery and I get enough time to ask about every thing, Dr explained to me all I need to know about my surgery, such as the process ,probability of practical s

Deacon Richard P. Shubik in Grosse Pointe Woods mich – Mar 22, 2018


I found Dr. Chaz to be very direct yet at the same time very caring. I appreciated his sense of humor and his concern. Well respected!!????

1 brenda hutchins in Battle Creek, MI – Dec 05, 2017


I was diagnosed with a small melanoma on my left cheek in August 2016. and was referred to Dr, Stucken because of the delicate surgery that would be required. After determining that the cancer hadn't spread, I was ready to have reconstructive skin surgery on my face. Dr. Stucken was very kind and reassuring, explaining everything, always putting me at ease. I was a little apprehensive, but the final results are amazing. I wear very little makeup and you cannot see any scars! I am very pleased!

Carol Ellis in Mt. Pleasant, MI – Apr 11, 2017


Dr. Stucken made the point at the outset of my initial appointment that this surgery was not cosmetic i.e., to hide the scar, but to retain and restore proper function to my lower eyelid. (Just closing up the incision from the Mohs surgery would pull down my lower eyelid so it would not allow for lubricating of my eye.) Dr. Stucken did such a good job of the surgery that other doctors, knowing that there is a scar, have difficulty finding it! He also dealt very well with my pain concerns.

1 Chrystyna Kozak in Ann Arbor, MI – Mar 08, 2017


The results of the surgery Dr. Stucken performed on my nose exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Stucken.

1 Bob A. in Kalamazoo, MI – Dec 06, 2016


I heartily recommend Dr. Stucken. After I had a carcinoma removed from my nose, he performed a skin graft using my ear issue. The results were remarkably good; most people would never guess that a chunk of nose tissue had been removed and then replaced. Artistry. Although in all honesty I respect expertise more than personality, I also found Dr. Stucken to be both interested in me as a person, not only a condition, and interesting as a person in his own right. He's one of the Good Guys.

2 1 Tony J in Rochester, MI – Nov 10, 2016


Dr. Stucken did a great job repairing my nose after Mohs surgery. Originally he had planned on doing a more involved nose flap repair, but Dr. Stucken listened to the recommendation of a colleague and went with a simpler procedure. It turned out very well; only very close inspection reveals any sign of the work done. He is easy to talk to, explains the options and procedures well, and displays genuine concern for his patients. I would recommend Dr. Stucken for any plastic surgery procedure.

1 chris dean in Rochester Hills, MI – Jul 07, 2016


Besides being a very experienced and qualified surgeon, Dr. Stucken had excellent interpersonal skills and he treated me with respect and personal attention. I had head surgery for cancer removal.

Randy Greenwald in Howell, MI 48855 – Jul 05, 2016


I believe bedside manor speaks volumes and Dr. Chaz has one of the best. My procedure paled in comparison to some of the more challenging cases that he deals with and that concerned me at first. I now believe that when he is with a patient that they have his undivided attention no matter the challenge.

2 Terry Gould in Plymouth, MI – Jun 30, 2016


I was diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer earlier this year and needed surgery. Dr. Stucken was recommended to do this surgery. Dr. Stucken had earlier preformed procedures on me late last year and had no issues at all. After my Head and Neck surgery I healed up very nicely, you can hardly see the...Read More

2 Robert R. Brown in Frankfort, Mi – Jun 27, 2016


Dr. Stuken made the whole process go as smoothly as possible. He explained the procedure and what to expect in layman terms. Always presented a positive approach to the surgery and what the end result would be. as an end Dr. Stuken was able to make the process go as smoothly as possible. He always communicated in layman's terms as it related to the surgery and what to expect post-op.

2 Ann Arbor, MI – Jun 09, 2016


Dr. Stucken is an amazing physician. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to him especially for post MOHS work.