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Dr. Christine Blaine, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Huntington, NY and has over 15 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Albany Medical College medical school in 2005. She is affiliated with medical facilities such as Glen Cove Hospital and Huntington Hospital. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Blaine to book an appointment.

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Dr. Christine Blaine, MD - Reviews

Black Patient – Jul 30, 2020


My experience with Dr. Blaine is not that great. She has wonderful personality, but personality is not what I paid for, and my final result was very poor. Also, for the first time I did an operation under general anesthetic and yet not have a follow up. There are no improvements . As a matter of fact, I now have two black marks under my eyes, which I did not have before and my right eye constantly runs water. I would love to know how many other black patient she has ever had. Just curious.

Karen Cameron – Feb 13, 2020


Love, Love Dr. Blaine she is caring, friendly and easy to talk too.

2 Lisa C. – Aug 08, 2019


Dr. Blaine is amazing! I had a mastectomy 17 years ago and she removed the old implants. I was a very difficult case with much scarring and shifting. (My implant was in the middle of my body.) Dr. Blaine spoke, in depth, to me and was extremely sensitive to my needs. The results were impressive and beautiful. I felt like a whole woman again. Last year. it was discovered that I had LCIS in my other breast and opted to have a prophylactic mastectomy. Unfortunately, I felt it best to have this done in the city. Every day that I look at myself in the mirror,I regret this decision. The results are awful and I am self-conscious about the way I look. I only wish that I had returned to Dr. Blaine.

1 Mar 27, 2019


Dr. Blaine is very knowledgeable and a very nice sweet doctor she’s amazing will bring my family there in a heart beat

1 Huntington, NY – Dec 11, 2018


Dr Blaine is simply the best. She is caring and sensitive to her patients wants and needs while focused on their well being.

1 Joanne in MASSAPEQUA, NY – Nov 07, 2018


Dr.Blaine was very nice , I will definitely recommend her to family and friends

1 Amanda in Greenlawn, NY – Oct 29, 2018


Absolutely love Dr. Blaine and all of her staff! Always have a great experience, they are all so sweet and amazing! I love the results of each one of my procedures! My first experience with Dr. Blaine was for a Halo facial. They made me feel at ease throughout the whole process! I also did cellfina on my butt and back of my thighs, absolutely loved the results and recommend for anyone who has a lot of cellulite back there! Lastly I got my lips done and they look so good! Definitely recommend!!!

1 Joan – Oct 17, 2018


Can't say enough about Dr. Blaine and her staff. She is knowledgable, kind, open easy to speak with and understanding. Her staff is friendly and the entire atmosphere is most welcoming and warm. I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Dr. Blaine!

Susan S. in Manhasset, NY – Oct 15, 2018


A wonderful, professional office. I got both microneedling on my face and chest as well as Coolsculpting and I could not be happier with my results.

Sep 16, 2018


I love Dr. Blaine. I have seen her periodically for all of my skin care needs, including fillers, Botox and lasers. She is always conservative, and has even told me on occasion that nothing was required! I love her honesty, and her concern at keeping me looking natural. She is down to earth and very approachable. Her staff is amazing as well. I highly recommend her!

AAM in MEDFORD – Mar 18, 2018


I am 2 weeks out from having a Revisionary Breast Augmentation with Dr. Christine Blaine. I decided on her expertise after meeting with 4 surgeons- so I did my research! I immediately related to and appreciated her kind manner and professionalism. She listened carefully to all my requests, explained why and how things had to be done in layman’s terms. Her work is Amazing! All of her staff is outstanding! A+ Will recommend her to everyone.

Laura in Massapequa, NY – Apr 15, 2017


I would highly recommend Dr. Blaine to anyone who may need her services. She is truly caring and considerate. Her work is excellent.

2 Carol W in Glen Cove, NY – Jul 26, 2016


Thirty years thinking and dreaming of having a breast reduction led me to see a few doctors for consultations but I never felt confident enough with any of them until I was referred to Dr. Christine Blaine. On top of the pain caused by my heavy breasts I also am a fibromyalgia sufferer which meant pain on top of pain. Dr. Blaine’s amazing manner and knowledge put me at ease. It has been just over three months and I feel amazing now.

11 1 Jane in Northport, NY – Dec 19, 2015


I met Dr. Blaine when I had to have a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. I fell in love wit her down to earth attitude not to mention her genuine concern for me. Later, I returned to Dr. Blaine for cosmetic injections which I have been enjoying for 2 years now and have another procedure...Read More