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2813 Smith Ranch Rd , Pearland, TX

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Dr. Christopher Hankins, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Pearland, TX. He is affiliated with Sweeny Community Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Hankins to book an appointment.

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Dr. Christopher Hankins, MD - Reviews

1 1 Tania Stivers – Jun 20, 2020


Dr. Hankins is amazing and I’m very grateful to him for his patience and excellence. His staff is wonderfully caring and during my hospital stay, I experienced for the first time a surgeon who took care of me more than the entire hospital staff put together. He doted on me from the minute I arrived, during my hospital stay, and post surgery. I feel as though I made an excellent choice in him not only because he is a wonderful person but also because he does meticulous work and is completely committed to your satisfaction. I have been taken care of extremely well.

2 Pearland, TX – Dec 18, 2018


I highly recommend Dr Hankins. I had a very pleasant experience from beginning to end with the breast augmentation. He is meticulous, very careful with all the procedures and has not had a patient get an infection. The staff is very kind and professional.

1 Kristina – Oct 11, 2018


Extremely happy with my results, I recommend Dr. Hankins. I got my breast augmentation with him didn’t have any pain.

1 Mark – May 15, 2018


Very warm and professional. I had Surgery with him and had no pain and didn’t need and pain medication.

1 Jennifer Neitsch in Pearland Tx – Dec 12, 2017


This was absolutely the best expierence

Adalia Dolly Cerda in Katy, Tx – Sep 27, 2017


My experience from the 1st visit my surgical procedure was EXCELLENT and beyond my expectations. I am highly pleased w/ Dr Hankins precise skills. very articulate, very clean work , very immaculate in my surgical procedure. MY healing was quicker that i anticipated, no pain, no infections, no irritation and no complications. I have absolutely NO complaints 100% satisifies patient.

Cristiane S in Houston, TX – Aug 04, 2017


I'm so happy with the result. I did breast augmentation and liposuction on my tummy and waist. I highly recommend Dr. Hankins. I did not have any pain after surgery. I did not take any pain pills after surgery. I return to normal daily activities the next day. Great experience. Highly recommended. Thank you so much.

Araceli alcantar in Alvin, TX – Jun 16, 2017


Muy satisfecha con el trabajo del Doctor Christopher Hankins Claro que lo recommendaria .

clg in Pearland, TX – Apr 07, 2017


I first saw Dr. Hankins for breast reduction, and more recently lost 20 pounds with weight loss program offered at his office. Diet was not difficult, and I am happy with results. Dr. Hankins is great to work with and I would definitely see him again.

Pearland, TX – Mar 17, 2017


I had an amazing experience with Dr. Hankin and his staff. He really lead me in the right direction when it came to my breast augmentation. I had great results and I'm so happy I trusted my body with Dr.Hankin.

Katrice Feathers in Orange, TX – Dec 31, 2016


My experience with Dr. Hankins was great he shows that he cares about his patients and making sure they have good results.

1 TR in Houston, TX – Oct 22, 2016


Dr Hankins took good care of me during my tummy tuck procedure. I was very informed through out the process. He was patient and kind every step of the way. I never doubted that He he would do take the best care of me. Lucy and Jean were just as caring and encouraging. They make sure I know they will see me any time for any reason. They were even thoughtful toward my husband. And of course, I am thrilled with the results!

1 4 Carrie in Pearland, TX – Jan 11, 2016


Office staff is very helpful and friendly. I'm Very pleased with th results of my Botox treatments.