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Dr. Christopher Mawn, MD

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360 Peak 1 Dr , Frisco, CO.

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Dr. Christopher Mawn, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Frisco, CO. Dr. Mawn has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, and Sleep-disordered Breathing than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Porter Adventist Hospital and St. Anthony Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Mawn to book an appointment.

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Dr. Christopher Mawn, MD - Reviews

Shane Werts – May 28, 2020


Saw me for a total of 2 minutes. Very brief and uncaring, prescribed a nasal spray and sent me on my way. Got a bill 7 months later for $300 and spray was ineffective. Would not recommend

Lauren Norby – May 19, 2020


Thanks you to you and your wonderful staff for the kindness and professionalism shown to my husband and I on our recent visit. Kudos to you all that the scope biopsy worked and we don't have to do a surgical one. Big relief and once again thanks for the extra care. so appreciate it!

poor patient care – Aug 06, 2019


My son had a lipoma removed. On his return visit to remove his stitches, Dr. Mawn did not bother to look at the wound and had no time to answer questions. A week later my son began feeling ill and noticed additional stitches were coming out. As it was a weekend he called the on call service to let them know and did not receive a call back from Mawn who was the Dr. on Call. He returned to the office Monday and Dr. Mawn showed no concern and an assistant looked at my sons would and informed him he was rejecting the stitches. Dr. Mawn obviously has no real concern for the patients he treats.

Jul 27, 2019


Extremely helpful and professional! I will be recommending Dr. Mawn to my family and Friends.

2 May 08, 2019


Absolute total rip off! I was referred here, and for me to see the doctor for a consultation, and him to look up my nose and say I need a cat scan to see what's going on in my sinuses he charged my insurance over $1200! Of which I owe over $600! I saw him for all of 5 minutes. Now it's not his fault for my insurance, but it IS his fault for charging so damned much for doing NOTHING but looking up my nose and telling me I need a cat scan, to which they didn't even send me any info for one as they were supposed to. And THEN I get a totally separate bill for ANOTHER consultation for the same day, same facility, different doctor. Nope, that didn't happen. TOTAL RIPOFF!! I'm disputing the charges with my insurance co.

1 John in Evergreen, CO – Feb 10, 2019


Dr. Mawn removed a large lipoma from my neck. 3 months later, it is perfectly healed. He was direct and practical. For example, he recommended against expensive cancer tests because I'd had the lipoma for 10 years. He was also able perform the removal in his office, saving me a hospital visit. The staff was very friendly and informative.

3 Lynn in New York – Mar 31, 2018


My husband suffered a collision with another skier who came from behind him, resulting in a face plant and subsequent multiple facial fractures. We feel lucky that the local hospital in Summit, St. Anthony's, reached out to him when the extent of trauma was realized. Two separate surgeries over 2 days to stabilize upper and lower jaws, orbital and mid face fractures. Scary, but an excellent job by Dr. Mawn, the nursing staff, which was uniformly excellent and the hospital.

3 1 Katy L in Littleton, CO – Feb 17, 2018


I have been a pt of Dr. Christopher Mawn for about two years now, and I also have 10+ years working in different niches within the healthcare field. Much of my career has been spent at a large academic medical center and I’ve worked directly with many senior level world class physicians, none of whom even compare to Dr. Mawn. His professionalism and demeanor towards both his patients and staff is unparalleled. He is not just a “typical surgeon” He is extremely empathetic and invested in his pats

2 2 Alison in Thornton – Jan 24, 2018


Dr. Mawn & staff have all been a treasure to work with. Dr. Mawn is very attentive to my needs. I have had to a long term trachestomy put in place. Dr. Mawn & his staff have answered all my question, dealt with my paranoia, anxiety, & depression involving my illness. Thank you Dr. Mawn

1 Golden, CO – Nov 01, 2017


Great doctor, fine surgeon, saved my husband's life. He is a very nice guy, runs a super-organized office and has wonderful staff. He takes lots of time, listens carefully and explains things very well. Can't say enough positive about him.

3 1 L. Johnston in Lakewood, CO – Jul 16, 2017


After discovering I had a nodular melanoma, the "deadliest and fastest growing" of all melanomas, I was referred to Dr. Mawn. He took on my case with a real sense of urgency, fast-tracking appointments and tests so that he had all the information he needed to make the right decisions in the operating room. He skillfully removed all of the cancer cells and my scarring is amazingly unnoticeable. He is not only a very skilled surgeon, but takes a genuine interest in his patients and their recovery

1 Eagle, CO – Jun 30, 2017


Dr. Mawn and his team have provided the best health care I've received in years. They are caring, friendly, incredibly efficient and explain everything. Dr. Mawn keeps up with the latest procedures. After seeing three doctors, he got it right and saved my hearing. If you live in Eagle County, it's worth the drive to Frisco or Denver.

1 Francis Heaney in Denver, CO – Mar 09, 2017


Doctor Mawn showed me great kindness and professionalism while treating me for a serious throat infection in the emergency room at St. Anthony's and during my follow-up visit with him at his offices. All healthcare professionals would do well to emulate his excellent bedside manner.

1 Charlie Blanks in Morrison, CO – Feb 02, 2017


I was extremely pleased with the surgical procedure on my right parotid gland that Dr. Mawn performed. I had obvious problems with the gland that I neglected for many many years which made the surgery much more difficult. The results were great and I had minimal discomfort through the whole recovery cycle. I owe a great debt of thanks to Dr. Mawn.

2 Karly in Silverthorne, CO – Sep 01, 2016


I could not be happier with going to Dr. Mawn. He understood that I didn't want my nose to totally change. He made me feel comfortable going into the surgery and afterwards. He took into consideration what I wanted and what I needed and also what I was dealing with in life. He really cared about me and my needs before doing what he thought would get the absolute best result. I cannot thank him enough for everything that he has done for me and my nose!

1 Robert Gower in Denver, CO – Apr 29, 2016


Dr. Mawn and his staff are wonderful people. Funny, caring, thoughtful, and very good at what they do. They removed a mole from my nose and a cyst from my chin. He is a great Doc with a phenomenal bedside manner!

3 1 Kathy in Denver, CO – Mar 30, 2016


I had a terrible experience with Dr. Mawn. He misdiagnosed my severe deep sinus infection for over 7 months. Not once did he put me on an antibiotic, but had me on steroids, reflux meds and others. Meanwhile this infection had walled itself off in my sinuses and had to get a surgery. He is terrible. If I had not fired him, who knows where I would be. His bedside manner also leaves a lot to be desired. I would give no stars if I could.

SDL in Lakewood, CO – Mar 05, 2016


Dr. Mawn and his staff are absolutely wonderful!!! He performed surgery to repair my son's broken nose. He explained everything thoroughly and had a great bedside manner. After surgery, he followed up with me immediately when I called with questions. His staff was instrumental in getting our accident insurance company to pay the claim, writing letters of necessity and producing copies of medical records the very same day I requested them - unheard of in today's medical field.

1 Lori R. Danek in Golden, CO – Feb 21, 2016


The premise of this is to let people know that this doctor goes beyond the call of duty. He has on multiple occasions proven that he is the type of doctor anyone would be grateful for ...I know in my situation, he literally has saved my life, several times when no other doctor in the ER or even when I was admitted would take me seriously. I have contracted epiglottis, and supra-glottitis and yeast infections in my throat 3 times in the past year. If it weren't for Dr. Mawn, I would have died.

1 Jean D in Co – Jan 06, 2016


Excellent I would recommend Dr. Mawn . I was put at ease about surgery by his staff. Awesome ENT!!!!

5 4 Arvada – Dec 30, 2015


The Dr. has a horrible bedside manner leaving you feeling like your a nuisance and incompetent. Doesn't listen well to your concerns or questions. I'll never recommend him.