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Dr. Constance Chen, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. She is affiliated with medical facilities such as Lenox Hill Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital. She is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Chen to book an appointment.

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Dr. Constance Chen, MD - Reviews

Jun 24, 2020


Chen herself seems great, BUT, and this is a very big but: her office is a mess. She seems like a good surgeon, and I personally like her. But her front office is a disaster, particularly Andrea. I'm surprised by the good reviews on here. I could never reach her and had to follow up repeatedly for even basic information. This caused me a lot of extra and very undue stress when I should have been able to focus on healing. If she replaced Andrea, I would have had a different experience entirely and would give this more stars. But for that alone, 1 star as it made everything so aversive and negative.

Dolores in NY – Jun 09, 2019


Choosing Dr. Chen was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She is brilliant, talented, and kind. Her staff is equally caring, friendly and always helpful. During my three-hour consultation with Dr. Chen, her manner was compassionate and enthusiastic. She was informative and open about available options and realistic outcomes. After deciding on a course of action, bilateral PAP flap reconstruction, I met with the Practice Manager, Andrea, who was invaluable in coordinating and scheduling pre-op appointments and handling insurance issues. Her knowledge and demeanor alleviated my anxiety so that I was able to concentrate on personal issues before surgery and healing after surgery. My results are beyond my expectations. Anyone who is in need of breast reconstruction, or even just opting for cosmetic surgery, would be doing themselves a great service by choosing Dr. Chen’s practice.

4 R. L. – Jan 25, 2019


My experience with Dr. Chen has been amazing and wonderful. She removed breast implants that I had for 25 years. I do not have the words to express how happy and surprised I am about how my breasts look without the implants. They look the way normal breasts are suppose to look, and I credit this 100% to Dr. Chen's skills, knowledge, and experience as a surgeon. I consulted with several surgeons over the years, and never felt comfortable or confident about what to expect until I met Dr. Chen.

1 A. O. – Jan 18, 2019


I had been visiting Dr. Chen & Dr. Warrens office for 8 years as my daughter was a patient of Dr. Warren. Each time I walked in I would think about when it was gonna be time to take care of myself? I am a 20 year breast cancer survivor. I had under gone 2 mastectomies reconstructed with a tram-flap & implant. Needless to say the inequities in my breasts/body had grown tremendously and needed a miracle. Dr. Chen's revolutionary approach has made me feel whole again. She ...

Meghan S. – Jan 03, 2019


Dr.Chen and her staff helped me through one of the worst times in my life, after being diagnosed with breast cancer it felt as if my life was shattered in an instant. Dr.Chen and her staff guided me in deciding what type of surgery was best for me and answered every single question/concern I had. In the year since I became a patient of hers I have come to know her staff and Dr.Chen and they make you feel like you are her only patient. I was extremely lucky to have found Dr.Chen.

Anonymous – Dec 14, 2018


Dr. Chen is terrific. She's a straight shooter and super smart, devoted, attentive and accomplished. I felt like I was in the best hands throughout my experience with her.

Elizabeth G. – Nov 29, 2018


Breast cancer treatment is a marathon, not a sprint. From the very beginning, Dr. Chen was there, explaining every step I would be taking with patience, compassion, and good humor. When post-surgical complications (not of her making!) showed up, Dr. Chen -- and her office! -- was completely available, checking in on me with phone calls, text messages, walk-in appointments, etc. Nearly two years later, it's been a long road, and I can't imagine having had a better partner in care.

Kristy M. – Nov 21, 2018


I have absolutely loved being CARED for by Dr. Chen & her wonderful staff!! It's been the light at the end of what seemed an endlessly dark tunnel. Dr Chen is a great listener & presents you with all of your options & helps you decide what is most appropriate for YOUR situation. If you are looking for a surgeon who has incredible skills AND provides an unparalleled personalized experience,catered to your specific situation, look no further!! I feel so blessed to have found her!!!

Linda M. – Nov 14, 2018


What an amazing experience to have such a talented, compassionate, surgical artist re-make my body. Its been a journey from a stage 3 cancer diagnosis and a double (skin sparing) mastectomy with axillary dissection to today where I am whole inside and NOW outside thankfully to Dr Chen! Now when I look in the mirror at my new breasts its as if it was all just a bad dream...I am so lucky to have her!!! She has made me "whole" again- :)))

3 L. L. – Nov 09, 2018


Thirty-four years after having undergone breast implant augmentation, it was discovered both implants had "silently" ruptured. Removal was called for. After meeting Dr. Chen, I never had another fear. She never attempted to influence my choice and fully supported it moving forward. Seven weeks post op, I heard myself say "I love my body!" thinking that says it all!

1 Anonymous – Nov 01, 2018


Very thorough at explaining options for breast reconstruction. She did a great job with my surgery and continues to be very supportive. Staff in the office is also very helpful and friendly.

E. T. – Oct 25, 2018


I am extremely lucky to have been referred to Dr. Chen for breast reconstruction. From our very first meeting, there was warmth, professionalism, and thorough and straightforward explanation regarding all of my available options, and their possible results. Dr. Chen is unquestionably an expert in her specialized field, yet is not the least bit arrogant or disinterested in recognizing and building a relationship with the human being I am. An artist and one of the most wonderful people I know.

1 Lisa F. – Oct 11, 2018


I searched, researched and consulted with numerous breast surgeons and was misled, misinformed and almost misguided until I found Dr. Chen, who saved my life. while other surgeons left me with no option other than to take on more problems for myself. Dr. Chen successfully restored my breasts which has led to my restored health and my faith, having found her- the best surgeon. She and her staff are more committed to patient care and I am most grateful to her and all of her staff.

Anonymous A. – Oct 10, 2018


I have had the most amazing experience with Dr. Chen. She takes her time to listen and explains everything in a very easy way to understand. You never feel rushed and she's not only compassionate but an excellent surgeon. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her skills. You will be in the best hands of this skilled surgeon.

Kate C. – Sep 20, 2018


After a negative experience with a previous plastic surgeon, I came to Dr. Chen frustrated and anxious. I knew right away that I was in capable hands. She explains everything fully and empathizes with each individual situation. Crucially, she's an objectively skilled surgeon willing to work with you to ensure that you feel comfortable with your decision and results. Her staff is also world-class. They help navigate insurance and regular post-op check-ups. I can't recommend this team enough.

Angela C. – Sep 11, 2018


The staff at Dr Chen's office were kind and very professional. My consult experience was quite positive, and Dr Chen allayed many of my concerns and fears..

Amy R. C. – Sep 07, 2018


I came here on a personal recommendation and I couldn't be happier. Not only did she take a long time to talk with me regarding the procedure, she eased my mind during frantic (on my part) follow up phone calls. I highly recommend!

4 1 Dolores S. in Brightwaters, NY – Jan 15, 2017


Dr. Chen is very easy to talk to, eager to clearly explain all aspects of the procedures and her manner is incredibly sweet and reassuring. The procedure that I had done was autologous breast reconstruction which is extremely involved and delicate as it involves artery and blood blood vessel...Read More