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Dr. Cyrus Loghmanee, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Hoboken, NJ. He is affiliated with Musc Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Loghmanee to book an appointment.

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Dr. Cyrus Loghmanee, MD - Reviews

Cathy Scarpelli – Feb 23, 2020


Dr. Loghmanne has got to be the best doctor I’ve ever encountered. He genuinely cares about his patients, his staff is just the same. I shouldn’t have expected anything less. He sets the standard high. Him and his team are fantastic in their field. I never once felt like just another patient.

1 Feb 18, 2020


Being diagnosed with breast cancer is devastating but the support and excellent skills of Dr. Loghmanee and his staff made it "easier"!  That sounds weird but it is true.  From the consultation to completion I have always felt at ease, well respected, and in good hands.  I went to the consultation with a long list of questions.  Dr. Loghmanee went through all my options, both the benefits and the challenges then presented his suggestion.  Leaving that office from day one I knew exactly what I wanted done and who I wanted to do it, I never looked back.  I received a curve ball with my cancer diagnosis that delayed some of my reconstruction, Dr. Loghmanee was so encouraging and supportive, it was just what I needed!  My cancer treatment and reconstruction are complete and I feel great and the girls are amazing!  A enormous Thank You to my East Coast family <3

Carolina – Sep 27, 2019


Dr Cyrus is the most compassionate doctor I have ever encountered. He recently did reconstruction surgery for my double mastectomy and I got through it all without any complications and beautiful results. He made a difficult time much easier to get through. I hope no one I know will ever have to go through what I did, but if they do, this is the doctor to trust.

2 Jacinta brown – Jul 20, 2019


Dr loghmanee is one of the most professional doctor I have met. Not only he is pleasant and cares abt his patients, he treats your like family .From the first visit to the day of surgery , he is great individual who explains every step of the way. Post surgery at his office Its always a delight. He calls you as a patient , to make sure protocols are being carried and post op instructions are carried out as well. He is just the best . I wouldn’t go to anyone else . It,s post three months and he called to make sure that I was doing great. Again thank your doctor longmanee.

1 Anthony "Tony" Anzivino in Hazlet Township, NJ – Jun 26, 2019


I have noted 100% in 5-STAR ratings! This speaks volumes and I could not agree more! Dr. Cyrus Loghmanee personifies the very best in Medical Professionals and Surgeons. He is like few I have been privileged to know during my lifetime. Beyond the skill of the knife, this is a gentleman that provides a total level of loving care and attention to his patients, the likes of which I have only seen perhaps 2-3 times in my entire lifetime. It is for the care, concern, dedication, commitment and likes of Dr. Loghmanee that my wife and I still have our youngest daughter. God bless, Dr. Cyrus Loghmanee!

May 29, 2019


Dr. Loghmanee was my plastic surgeon after being diagnosed with breast cancer. He has been with me for the past year of a rollercoaster of events. He was there the day after I was diagnosed, he was there for my mastectomy, finding out my cancer was in the lymph nodes, and finally eight months later performed my DIEP flap. I am starting to feel like myself again, something that would not be possible without the whole team he works with. Goes above and beyond any expectations I could have had, even text my husband while I was undergoing chemo, to see how I was doing.

1 Heidi in Livingston, NJ – Jan 31, 2019


Dr. Loghmanee is a kind, compassionate man, & exceptionally talented doctor. He is patient and always takes his time to answer questions. He always makes himself available by phone as well. Dr. Loghmanee and his office staff are so supportive and warm that it has eased my journey through breast cancer. I feel Dr. Loghmanee has been with me every step of the way. My journey continues and I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing Dr. Five stars are not near enough for this wonderful Dr!

1 2 Trish Roemer in Kearny, NJ – Jan 12, 2019


He is wonderful. I had breast reconstruction surgery after a breast cancer diagnosis and never thought I would be the same. He quite frankly has made me look and feel better than I ever thought I would Thank you Dr Loghmanee.

2 Catherine R. in New Milford, NJ – Oct 18, 2018


After my breast cancer diagnosis in 2/2017, Dr. Loghmanee was the breast reconstruction surgeon highly recommended by my BC surgeon. It seems all the great Docs know each other & my world as a woman started to see a bright light. He explained exactly every step & gave me his cell# so if I had any problem, he was just a call away. He has a big heart & his guidance was heaven sent. He & his crew gave me back the femininity that BC took away. I am forever grateful to Dr. Loghmanee & his great team!

2 Rebecca Frangione in Bloomingdale, NJ – Apr 09, 2018


I went to Dr. Loghmanee 3 years ago when I got diagnosed with breast cancer. He did my bilateral mastectomy with expander reconstruction. I owe him and his amazing team my life. He is not only an unbelievable surgeon, but a compassionate and fun loving person. I have been through hell and back going through my cancer journey and He was behind me, holding me up the entire way. I trust this man with my life. It’s not every day that you find a doctor that you can consider a genuine friend. :)

2 Apr 04, 2018


Absolutely competent and skilled surgeon. Would not hesitate to recommend this Practice. Grateful they were referred to me.

8 Dayna in Nutley – Nov 16, 2016


My family and I could not thank Dr. Loghmanee enough for all he has done for us! He held our hands through every step of my breast cancer double mastectomy reconstruction with extreme empathy. He not only produces beautiful results, but he also truly looks out for his patients' comfort and overall well-being. Our HIGHEST recommendation!

6 CHERYL PICKER in Fort MYERS, FL – Jun 09, 2016


Dr. Loghmanee is the most caring, dedicated, skilled surgeon but he is more than that, he is an amazing human being, and there will never be a way to thank him enough for giving my 28 year old cancer survivor, the will to go on, the strength to fight the fight and the belief that there will be normal again. He is passionate about his patients like family members and never is too busy to answer a question or go above and beyond. It is an honor to know him and a blessing to have him in our lives.

9 Nicole in Passaic, NJ – Dec 24, 2015


He was absolutely fantastic, took the time to understand what worked best for me. This man came in on his day off for my surgery and even personally texted me to check up on me the next day. I would recommend him a thousand times.