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Dr. Damon Chandler, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Jenkintown, PA. He is affiliated with Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Chandler to book an appointment.

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Dr. Damon Chandler, MD - Reviews

N. Yanke – Jul 14, 2020


Dr. Damon Chandler operated on my right upper and lower eyelids 8 years ago. He treated me for a skin cancer and rebuilt my right under eyelid. He also fixed my drooping down right upper eyelid. It is now July 2020, over 8 years from my operation. I cant believe its been this many years. It turned out more than excellent, double excellent!! It looks fabulous and I have no troubles. I didn't realize that i had such a bad problem or how Dr. Chandler would be able to fix it. I would absolutely trust Dr. Chandler and recommend anyone to see him for any eyelid. He is very talented for a young man!

L. Guglielmi – Feb 11, 2020


Came to Dr. Chandler for a mole removal. I had a large mole on my cheek which I thought was very noticeable. I found Dr. Chandler from online research. When I met with him, he walked me through the process and explained what I should expect. The surgery itself was quick and painless, easy. After the care was straightforward and not difficult. Now it looks like I didn't a mole there at all. There is no scar. I would certainly recommend Dr. Chandler for any facial surgery!

S. Jacks – Jan 28, 2020


Came to see Dr. Chandler for my saggy eyelids. Dr. Chandler said that he could make them better. Had surgery and it was more involved than i imagined but it also was easier than I thought as well. It was not painful during the surgery and after there was no pain at all. After care was easy for me to do -- wasn't a big involvement mostly using some cream to heal the incisions. I think it turned out really well -- im pleased. I feel less tired from saggy eyes. My eyes are open and brighter. Its been 6 weeks since surgery and Dr. Chandler expects even more healing over the next few months. I would certainly recommend Dr. Chandler for his expertise in eyelid surgery!

1 Robert Morgan – Jan 21, 2020


I came to Dr. Chandler for the removal of cysts around my eyelids. My dermatologist noticed them as well but he was unable to help with this problem. Dr. Chandler explained that I had complicated cysts and they needed to be removed with some risk of them returning in the future. I scheduled to have the procedure. The procedure wasnt bad at all and it wasnt painful at all. Dr. Chandler put me at ease and kept me very comfortable even though he worked so close to my eyes. After the surgery i did have some headache for a few hours, and this was relieved with some aspirin. I used cold compresses as I was told to do. There was some bruising for 3-4 days. It is now 6 weeks since my surgery. Today it looks great! No scars at all. You wouldnt even know I had those big cysts! Dr. Chandler prepared me for the whole process and I knew what to expect. I would highly recommend Dr. Chandler for any procedure like this or on their face.

E. Downs – Jan 16, 2020


Recommended to see Dr. Chandler for a growth under my eye, very close to the eye near the corner. It was very annoying. Dr. Chandler told me that it wasnt dangerous but was cosmetic surgery. Then numbing medicine was a few pinches, but the procedure went completely fine. I had to use some cool compresses and put on ointment to let everything heal. I am very happy with the results. Could not have been any better! Highly recommend Dr. Chandler to any friend or family.

C.G. – Jan 14, 2020


I came to see Dr. Chandler for bumps and cysts along the corners of my eyes and I didn't like the look of them. I also knew I had droopy eyelids. Dr. Chandler reviewed both of these things with me. I made the decision to have the eyelid surgery and remove the cysts done at the same time. The surgery went smoothly and the recovery was exactly as Dr. Chandler told me. I was back to work the next day. It was not a painful surgery. Dr. Chandler called me the next day after surgery which was very thoughtful. I think the surgery turned out great and I feel I look better. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone that is interested in anything related to their eyelids or face come to see Dr. Chandler.

T.W. – Aug 19, 2019


Was sent to Dr. Chandler for an unusual growth on my left lower eyelid near my tear duct. My eye doctor wanted to be sure everything was ok before i had cataract surgery. Dr. Chandler saw me and performed a surgery on my lower eyelid which was very delicate and near my eyeball. There was no pain at all. It was perfectly fine afterwards. I've now had my cataract operation and it is healing well. Everything healed up beautifully. Thanks to Dr. Chandler for helping with this delicate operation. Very trustworthy and skilled surgeon.

J.W. – Aug 12, 2019


I came to Dr Chandler with a red inflamed cyst under my eyelid near my nose and it wasnt going away. It looked pretty awful, very visible right on my face. My eye doctor recommended I see Dr. Chandler who is an oculofacial expert. He was very professional. He removed it in the office -- I didn't feel any pain just mild pressure. But i had to get it done and it was done the right way. Used ice pack and then topical medicine. After 2 months "i can't even see where it was" -- "can't believe how nicely it turned out". I would highly recommend Dr. Chandler for any similar facial surgery.

J.R. – Aug 06, 2019


I was looking old and i couldn't stand it. My eyelids were drooping and it drove me crazy. I decided not to think about it forever, and did some research and found Dr. Chandler. I immediately made an appointment and came to see him. Dr. Chandler reviewed my face and set my expectations accordingly. I could not wait to have my eyelid surgery -- I was just so ready. The surgery was fine, it did not hurt, it was a piece of cake. I used ice afterwords and listened to Dr. Chandler. I was back to work quickly and each day it got better and better. By day 6 i was able to go out for brunch with my family and had very little bruising or swelling, even without makeup. Within 2 weeks people noticed the difference -- they said i looked refreshed and not so tired anymore! Highly recommend Dr. Chandler and I already have. Its now 3 months after my surgery and I love it.

2 Christina Warren – Aug 06, 2019


Came to Dr. Chandler after researching online. Liked what I had read so saw Dr. Chandler for a growth that wouldnt go away on my left upper eyelid. Dr. Chandler explained my situation and then I had a surgery with him. I was very nervous at first but Dr. Chandler made me very calm. The surgery went very well. It really didnt hurt much at all which got better with ice afterwords. It turned out great and i love the result. Would trust Dr. Chandler for any facial surgery!

1 K.I. – Jul 22, 2019


I had a growth on my upper eyelid on my eyelash line and I was very worried. After a first doctor did a procedure, i was recommended to Dr. Chandler. Dr. Chandler did a repeat surgery to remove the whole growth which was cancerous. He removed it in his office. It didn't hurt during the surgery or after. Now its 8 months since the surgery and you can't even see where the growth or the surgery is. Would recommend Dr. Chandler for any kind of eyelid surgery -- excellent surgeon and he explains everything to you!

1 Apr 08, 2019


I had a large cyst on my outer eyelid -- i came to see Dr. Chandler because of a previous great experience with him taking care of my husband's skin cancer condition which has very severe. My experience was just terrific. It was removed without scar or pain -- i followed his instructions and it turned out very well. You wouldn't know I had the cyst in the first place. Would i recommend Dr. Chandler? Absolutely!! Extremely trustworthy and great surgeon.

2 Mar 29, 2019


Came for a correction of my eyelids which was done in one afternoon with minimal discomfort and quick healing. Was referred to Dr. Chandler by my eye doctor and he explained everything in detail on my first visit. I was very comfortable going through the procedure. He saw me twice afterwords in follow up to make sure i was doing well. I am VERY happy that I did this and I have gotten many compliments! I would recommend Dr. Chandler highly to anyone considering this kind of surgery .

1 Kristina P in Glenside, PA – Oct 29, 2018


Referred to Dr. Chandler for large cyst under my lower eyelid that wouldn't go away with medicines after 3 annoying months. Dr. Chandler put me at ease, explained the case to me, and that it was something he could take care of safely. I felt confident after that meeting with him. The procedure was not painful, despite being so close to my eye. Its one month after my surgery, its healing great and you can't see any marks or scars. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Chandler.

4 JMM in Ambler, PA – Oct 22, 2018


Came to Dr. Chandler because of his strong reputation. Had eyelid surgery. Almost painless! He explained my procedure to me, took his time, and I knew what to expect which was nice. Im about 6 weeks out and its healing well with minimal scar tissue. I could tell by meeting the doctor that he was a perfectionist and it shows!

5 2 Barb in Bergen County, New Jersey – May 19, 2018


I am in my early 60's and like to say I feel like a young sixty. However, I was starting to look so tired and needed a rejuvenation. Especially my eyelids, my left eye had some ptosis and also both eyes needed some blepharoplasty. I researched for the best doctor & Dr. Damon Chandler was my pick. He was very informative & he really understood that I wanted to look natural and refreshed. He has hands of gold. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a trustworthy doctor.

2 DG in Flemington, New Jersey – Apr 16, 2018


Dr. Chandler removed a relatively large mole located just below my nose. I have been apprehensive about having this done for a few years, but am so glad that I had Dr. Chandler do it. He was great in every aspect- thoroughly explained to me his thoughts on my specific case, the timeline of the procedure and the healing process. He was very patient and answered any questions that I had. I am about 4 months post-op and I am very happy with the way it looks- he is no doubt a skilled surgeon.

3 H. C. in Willow Grove, PA – Feb 02, 2018


Amazing Surgeon! My eyelids were heavy with extra skin and everyone always asked me if I was tired. I hated taking pictures and looking sad. Was a little hesitant but after all the time Dr. Chandler spent analyzing my face and photos I knew he would help me. Had an upper blepharoplasty and just wow! I look younger, my eyelids feel less heavy, and i feel and look more awake. Best money I've spent in ages. Go see Dr. Chandler for any questions about eyelid surgery at all. Referring all my friends!

2 C. Leutholt in Browns Mills, NJ – Jan 19, 2018


I am a famous expert marksman and my dearest hobby depends on perfect vision and normal eyelids. After a skin cancer was taken out of my eyelid, I had a large hole which looked terrible -- Dr. Chandler fixed it afterwards and it was as he promised -- not one of my friends could believe it after. They couldn't find any scar, any mark, nothing. Any person that needs any kind of facial or eyelid procedure should see Dr. Chandler. Make sure to go see him, he's a star!

2 F Almassay in Roebling, NJ – Dec 29, 2017


Excellent surgeon -- my mother came to Dr. Chandler with a serious problem with drooping and sagging of her eyelids. Despite her advanced age Dr. Chandler was able to help with a beautiful surgery he performed in the office. We worried about how she would heal, but she recovered fine from the surgery and now looks amazing. She says "I hope all of Dr. Chandler's patients turn out like I did!"

Gloria Bocchicchio in Collingswood, NJ – Dec 22, 2017


Came to Dr. Chandler after a failed surgery with a droopy eyelid. Dr. was very confident he could help me and I was very nervous about having a second operation around my eye. Dr. Chandler performed a successful operation. He explained how he was going to try to help me. The procedure itself was easy and the healing was very good. I would recommend him to all my friends. I am very pleased and I look just great!

S. Weber in North Wales, PA – Jun 19, 2017


Saw Dr. Chandler for inverted lower eyelid problems. Diagnosed as entropion -- had surgery to correct. In spite of several months to recover, the results were excellent. Had second eyelid done a few years later with equally good results. Office staff was friendly, and encouraging. Clean and efficient. Would recommend Dr. Chandler for anything related to eyelid surgery.

1 E. S. in Moorestown, NJ – May 25, 2017


Saw Dr. Chandler because my eyelids were droopy and I had bags under my eyes since I was a teenager. I was tired of people telling me I looked like I needed more sleep. Had upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Chandler and I was so happy with the results and had the lower lid repair the following year. I have been extremely happy with the results. The whole process with Dr. Chandler was pleasant and painless. I have already recommended several other people to see Dr. Chandler.

M. Klafter in Jenkintown, PA – May 16, 2017


Came because I was concerned about cysts growing near my left eye. Was concerned that they be removed safely and without scarring. Saw Dr. Chandler and he removed them painlessly and they healed very quickly. I had fear and trepidation beforehand, but it didnt bother me at all. Would certainly refer to Dr. Chandler for eyelid or facial surgery. Everything healed fine, no scarring. Very satisfied.

George O. in Willingboro, NJ – May 12, 2017


My doctor had noticed a growth on my eyelid and recommended I see Dr. Chandler. I was treated in a professional manner, and found all services to be exceptional, courteous, and completed in a timely manner. The closeness to my eye caused some concern about treatment, but Dr. Chandler accomplished everything with attention to detail and the safety of my eyeball. I didnt feel any pain during the procedure or after. Would highly recommend Dr. Chandler for any procedures or surgeries.

1 1 C Hankinson in Philadelphia, PA – Apr 24, 2017


Came to Dr. Chandler with droopy saggy eyelids and was very concerned about anyone doing anything to my eyes or my face! Yet it wasn't uncomfortable at all to go through my procedures. Other friends that have had this done told me it would hurt. It was much better than I anticipated. I'm very happy with my results. Would definitely recommend Dr. Chandler for eyelid or facial surgery.

J McCorriston in Florence, NJ – Mar 02, 2017


My dad came to Dr. Chandler with a problem with his lower eyelid -- he had struggled with this problem with pain and light sensitivity to his eye for a long time. Dr. Chandler was able to correct the problem with a surgery in the office -- the results were fantastic. Everything was well explained...Read More

B Volk in Willingboro, NJ – Feb 03, 2017


Came to Dr. Chandler and my eyelids were very very droopy. Dr. Chandler made me look like i was awake again!! I always looked like I was about to go to sleep. You couldn't see the color of my eyes at all. I was very impressed with his manner, the way he treated me and I was very pleased. Not one negative thing to say. It was not a painful surgery, I did get black and blue which eventually went away. It was so worth it to have Dr. Chandler help me. 3 years later and its still great!

R Franks in Bristol, PA – Feb 03, 2017


Came to Dr. Chandler with a drooping eyelid as a result of Bell's Palsy. I saw Dr. Chandler's before and after pictures and I realized how good he was. I wanted that kind of result! So he performed my surgery and it could not be better. My eye looks wonderful and nobody asks me anymore "why is your eye drooping" I had this for 30 years and I wish I had known Dr. Chandler years ago. Surgery was painless and he explained everything to me. Couldn't recommend enough.

Achille V in Havertown, PA – Dec 14, 2016


Came to Dr. Chandler with a drooping right upper eyelid and Dr. Chandler performed a surgery and a result I have much improved scope of view. It was a painless surgery, no pain during or after. It turned out even better than I expected -- Dr. Chandler did a lovely job. All my thanks!

Cathy F in Trenton, NJ – Oct 06, 2016


Came to Dr. Chandler to look and feel better. He treats my wrinkles and areas around my mouth and I love the results. I wouldn't trust or go to anyone else. Very minimal pain or bruising. Highly recommend!

Sandy S in Willingboro, NJ – Aug 26, 2016


I came to Dr. Chandler unbelievably nervous about a growth on my eyelid. Everybody was great in the office and the Dr. was so professional. Everything was smooth, the procedure he performed was professional and he was so tender. There was no pain whatsoever and I was surprised he was done. Thank you Dr. Chandler!

BCD in Philadelphia, PA – Jul 13, 2016


Dr. Chandler was amazing! I had a mole removed on my nose, and it was a quick, professional, and easy procedure. I was a little nervous because it was on my face, but Dr. Chandler is a fantastic surgeon. I knew by looking at his before and after photos, but when it's * your* actual face, the stakes seem higher. I LOVE my result, I can not even tell. My confidence has been boosted 100% and I love my nose. I can not recommend him enough. He was very caring and followed up with me multiple times.