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Dr. Daniel Leeman, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Austin, TX and has over 28 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Leeman has more experience with Pediatric Plastic Surgery than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Umdnj-New Jersey Med Sch medical school in 1992. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Dell Seton Medical Center at The University of Texas and Seton Medical Center Austin. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Leeman to book an appointment.

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Dr. Daniel Leeman, MD - Reviews

1 2 Maria Greene – Jan 12, 2020


Terrible!! this guy is not a licensed plastic surgeon. He botched my abdomen by giving me a smart lipo. Gave me scars which deformed me, and I had to get a tummy tuck to fix it, costing me tons of money. Please dont fall in trap.

1 Dave – Nov 05, 2019


This is a very professional office and environment and I really felt well taken care of.

3 1 Nov 16, 2018


Terrible experience. Uninformed staff. Left in worse shape and with horrible side effects after the procedure the entire staff pushed on me. It's my own fault for not researching.

1 Royce Gourley, Jr. in Austin, TX – Oct 22, 2018


First of all Dr. Leeman’s staff is very professional. Very friendly and helpful as well. All procedures where done on time and Dr. Leeman and his staff completely held my hand and let me know about the surgery and what I should expect during the surgery and after. I had to call about a small issue and Dr. Leeman’s office called me back in less than 10 minutes! I have lived in Austin all my life and I think Dr. Leeman and his staff gets a A+ from me. It was one of the greatest decisions I made.

Andy in Austin, TX – Aug 18, 2018


You’re in GREAT hands with Dr. Leeman. Patient care & comfort are his top priority. Highly recommended!!

Alex in Austin, TX – Aug 15, 2018


HIGHLY recommend Dr. Leeman and staff. Before my surgery I was not able to breathe at all through my right nostril, barely able to breathe through the left, and felt a lot of discomfort and pressure in my head. Dr. Leeman and staff were able diagnose the issues quickly and bring me back to normal. The difference is night and day! I honestly haven't this felt this great in nearly half a decade! The whole process was very smooth and the staff are all very thorough.

1 Jul 09, 2018


Always a great visit. Very pleasant experience.

Gary Mann in Austin, TX – Jun 22, 2018


I have been going to Dr. Leeman four about four years. The bottom line is I trust him.

Simon – Jun 08, 2018


Great Doctor, and staff, very helpful in working around your schedule.

nw in Austin, TX – Jun 04, 2018


Dr. Leeman and his staff were AMAZING! I felt heard and supported. I had a tough surgery and they were with me every step of the way. It was very easy setting up an appointment and they were flexible with my schedule. I am beyond happy with my results. I have gone to Dr. Leeman for multiple surgeries and he is my go-to for any future surgeries.

Cannon in Bastrop Tx. – Apr 07, 2018


I saw Dr. Leeman regarding enlargement of the salivary gland and areas on the left half of my neck. These enlargements are the result of treatment which occurred to correct an issue by a Plastic surgeon .He had lab tests ordered to find if other underlying issues or unknown issues resulted from the injection of steroids and laser treatment by that OTHER surgeon. He also treated an enlargement of my ear lobe the previous surgeon said surgery must fix but in 5 minutes with an injection it was gone

Leticia in Kyle Tx – Mar 02, 2018


I’ve been seeing Dr. Leeman since 2003 - he has done my sinusitis surgery and revison. Recently he removed a growth in my sinus cavity and averted the complete craniotomy procedure. I am very satisfied with his skill and knowledge .

Austin – Feb 21, 2018


I underwent a rhino/septoplasty and ended up with more nasal problems than before. My nose looks more misshapen as well. I trusted this doctor and it couldn't have ended up worse as far as the way I look and feel.

Kitty in Georgetown – Feb 14, 2018


I am reposting a review that i forgot to click the stars and as such it showed up as "0" stars! Here is the original post: I have been to Dr Leeman several times over the past 10 years. I have always been completely satisfied. Dr Leeman is very professional, good bed side manner and extremely knowledgeable. regards, kitty Two weeks later I am breathing much better and no longer have the dull achy headache that has plagued me for the last 3 mo. The sinusplasty was definitely a success.

Happy Patient in Austin – Feb 06, 2018


I was suffering terrible with allergies. I scheduled an appointment at Dr Leeman based on his online reviews. I could not get in to see him I saw his PA Kenneth. He was great,took time to listen and came up with a plan that was will thought out . I can say Im feeling great and would not hesitate to recommend this office!

Eva Bustamante in Austin – Jan 12, 2018


I went to see Dr Leeman for a chronic ear infection I have suffered since childhood (I am 83 now). Dr Leeman recommended a surgery to patch a hole I had in my ear drum and to clean the infection surgically. I could not be happier with the results. The care and treatment I received was simply wonderful.

Luki in Austin – Dec 27, 2017


I have to say that Dr. Leeman doesn't initially have the best bedside manner, but his staff is amazing, and when you need him he's really a kind man who can calm you down in a pinch. I've had a clogged ear and sinuses for 5 months. My old ENT couldn't find anything wrong with me. Dr. Leeman immediately jumped right in and redid all of the tests and scans that my old ENT. did. Determined that my sinuses were extremely blocked and immediately took me in for surgery. In surgery when my ear popped,

Elissa Duncan in Lakeway, Tx – Dec 16, 2017


Love this place. Everyone is so helpful and caring. They spend time explaining your care and what to expect. I definitely recommend them.

1 Austin, TX – Nov 26, 2017


Never gave me the proper time to discuss what he was intending on doing hence he totally ruined my looks altering my nose to the point of being unrecognizably me!

Max Bradley in Austin, TX – Nov 12, 2017


Where other general clinics had been lackadaisical and complacent, Dr. leeman's clinic identified and treated my sinus infection quickly.

Destiny in Austin, TX – Oct 26, 2017


Dr. Leeman and his team have helped change my life! I had been suffering from chronic sinusitis for a long time until I was referred to the ENT Comprehensive Center. There, I got the proper care and treatment to take care of my illness. They recommended a. balloon sinuplasty which I was a candidate for. A week after the surgery, I am able to breathe better and my head feels so much better. I had bad head congestion and pressure in my ears and face. Dr. Leeman and his team are amazing!

Stephanie Hill in Temple, TX – Oct 25, 2017


Very friendly office staff and Dr. Leeman and Kenneth are awesome. If you have a problem they will work hard to figure out what's going on with you.

Austin, TX – Oct 05, 2017


Great place to go. Very nice office facilities. The staff is nice and very helpful. Dr. Leeman did a great job of giving injections, very fact and didn't feel a thing. Have lots of treatment options for various things. Overall, a great doctor and staff.

Happy Patient in Georgetown, TX – Sep 06, 2017


Dr. Leeman has been my physician for many years I trust his experience and knowledge and his artist side to provide me great natural looking results. Give their office a try you will not be disappointed.

F Lord in Leander, TX – Aug 14, 2017


Outstanding MD--really listens to patient which is important to me. Very trustworthy. I can take his sound advice and feel safe medical issues will get better.