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Dr. David Abramson, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Franklin Lakes, NJ and has over 32 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from New York University School Of Medicine medical school in 1988. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Englewood Hospital And Medical Center and Holy Name Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Abramson to book an appointment.

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Dr. David Abramson, MD - Reviews

Samantha Stiles in Allendale – Jun 19, 2019


I saw Dr. Abramson for some cosmetic injections for my frown lines, he used a new product called Jeuveau. He put me very much at ease, since I had never had used this product before. I was taken for my appointment on time and done in less than 20 minutes. I was also pleasantly surprised to see results within 2 days. I look forward to my next visit.

2 Apr 19, 2019


I was diagnosed with breast cancer and chose Dr. David Abramson to be my plastic surgeon for my reconstruction. I do not regret my choice at all. I am very happy. My breast cancer journey was very stressful in the beginning, but from the moment I met Dr. Abramson he made me feel very calm. I did not want to have reconstruction done because I was scared of the implants and after he answered all my questions I knew everything was going to be fine. If anyone is going thru the same process that I we

1 Deb in Closter, NJ – Mar 04, 2017


I am just finishing my prophylactic double mastectomy. Reconstruction was today. I was extremely nervous about not going to Memorial Sloan but felt my doctors seemed knowledgeable and chose Dr. Abramson as my plastic surgeon. During my surgery there were complications not caused by Dr. Abramson. I ended up having to do hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments for three weeks. I also had complications on the first day in the chamber. Dr. Abramson has been available and helpful through all of th

5 Saddle Brook, NJ – Mar 03, 2017


Don't recommend to anyone doesn't give enough attention to answer questions office visits last 5 minutes always rushing with patients had a horrible experience and result for breast reconstruction.

2 1 Emily in Englishtown, NJ – Oct 14, 2016


Dr. Abramson and his staff are fantastic. I researched several doctors and offices, and his was by far, the most professional, well-run office. Every question was answered at the consultation. I received emails and phone calls prior to the surgery, easing my mind of every detail. On the day of the surgery, the office and hospital staff were patient and friendly. But, most importantly, I could not be happier with the results of my breast reduction. Excellent experience from beginning to end.

1 Ann Marie Pendleton in Rockport, MA – Oct 08, 2016


From my first appointment to my follow-up care I was treated professionally and more importantly with patience and kindness. Dr Abramson explained exactly what the procedure would be and how recovery would progress and he was absolutely right. His staff is excellent and clearly follow his example of professionalism . I would recommend Dr Abramson to anyone with no reservations

1 2 CRod in Ft Lee, NJ – Oct 06, 2016


Dr. Abramson and his staff Zoe and Kerri are remarkable. All my queries, worries and doubts were quelled by Dr. Abramson. Questions were answered thoroughly and I was made to feel at ease. He is very knowledgeable about his craft and partnered with other surgeons equally qualified to complete my surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Abramson to those looking for a highly qualified and caring plastic surgeon.

2 Robert in Pequannock, NJ – Jul 29, 2016


Was charged over 33K for a minor cyst removal. potential patients please ask questions and understand what you will be charged for before doing any procedures.

3 Latia in NJ – Apr 04, 2016


Dr. Abramson did my Breast Reduction and it looks fabulous. I went from a G to D cup ... I love my new breast .... I was back to school in no time ... The staff was great Zoe the office manager answered all my questions. Keri Ann was helpful and available whenever I needed her. Nurse Wendy always went above and beyond. I recommend Dr. Abramson He's a great surgeon ....I'm pleased with my results 100%

4 Clifton, NJ – Feb 25, 2016


Dr. Abramson mapped my reconstruction course after bilateral mastectomy. The process was flawless with an excellent recovery. Such surgery is a team effort with the patient and knowledgeable surgeon understanding each other and the process. Dr. Abramson succeeded in doing that.