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Dr. David Bloom, MD

Pediatric Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat)

2121 Ne 139th St Ste 245 , Vancouver, WA

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Dr. David Bloom, MD is a Pediatric Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Vancouver, WA and has over 26 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Bloom has more experience with Sleep-disordered Breathing, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, and Upper Respiratory Conditions than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Mayo Medical School medical school in 1994. He is affiliated with medical facilities Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center and Peacehealth Southwest Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Bloom to book an appointment.

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Dr. David Bloom, MD - Reviews

Tiara Laddusaw – Feb 01, 2020


Dr Bloom has been so kind, gentle, and professional to us in several office visits. We appreciate his attention to detail and calm demeanor with our daughter. We refer as many people as we can to his office!

Ashley – Aug 21, 2019


He knows what he’s doing, confident in what he does and unlike most doctors we’ve met - he takes a genuine interest in the well being of our children!

Nancy in Vancouver – Feb 13, 2019


Very careful and caring Dr. I went to four other ENT's who couldn't pinpoint the problem. I had almost given up when my Primary Care doc recommended Dr. Bloom. He found the problem right away and after surgery I am now healing nicely.

1 Washougal, WA – Feb 06, 2019


Dr. Bloom performed my daughter’s tonsillectomy. He was just fabulous. He has a great sense of humor, which really put her at ease, and verything went well with the surgery.

TheStowes in Vancouver, WA – Jan 27, 2017


Dr. Bloom tooo care of our four year olds first surgery. He was very compassionate with our four year old and us. He took time to talk to us and to explain to our daughter about getting her surgery. And when she woke up and was confused he talked us through helping her calm down. Thank you dr. Bloom.

1 May 03, 2016


My fiver year old daughter was having issues with her tonsils and needed them out. Dr. Bloom went over the options and made sure surgery was the route that was best for her. We felt comfortable and informed. The procedure was very quick and I was impressed with the whole experience. My daughter recovered well and stated at the post op appointment that she really liked her throat Doctor. Would high recommend Dr Bloom.

8 4 Brandon in Vancouver, WA – Apr 13, 2016


Treated us as less than. Cut me off several times when asking valid and important questions. Arrogant, condescending, impatient, rude, abrupt. Willing only to treat symptoms, not interested in root cause analysis. Disregards genetics and family history. Willing to schedule a surgery for a 3 year old boy to operate before determining prognosis.

2 1 Cathy R in Vancouver, WA – Mar 22, 2016


Dr Bloom is extremely knowledgable which, combined with his caring & outgoing personality, gives his patients reason to immediately trust his diagnosis & have complete confidence in his treatment. I was referred to Dr Bloom for a debilitating case of positional vertigo. He recommended, explained & expertly performed Epley maneuvers @ my 1st appt & resolved the effects of vertigo that had kept me from taking part in most activities for nearly a month.

2 Thomas Brown in Vancouver, WA – Mar 19, 2016


Dr. Bloom works hard to do what is best for the patient while also truly listening to the patient and his suggestions. He is very professional, but without the haughty air that so many in the medical profession have.

2 Jan in Portland, OR – Mar 17, 2016


I am fortunate to have known Dr. Bloom for years. With my most recent visit, Dr. Bloom went out of his way to listen. He's always very gentle and I can tell he really cares. That means everything to me. He addressed my issue with great professionalism and I left feeling very confident that I was in the best hands possible.

1 Francis E. Fannick in Vancouver, WA – Mar 16, 2016


Excellent doctor. Listens to and answers all my questions so that I can understand completely what has been said.

Kari in Vancouver, WA – Mar 09, 2016


Dr. Bloom has seen our daughter for her allergies, and hearing issues. She is very inquisitive. He was patient and described all techniques, equipment and problems she has to her level. She left a greater understanding of how to take care of herself because of this visit. He has zeal for person not the illness. Thank you!

1 Steven Zylstra in Vancouver, WA – Mar 06, 2016


I was not looking forward to seeing an ENT . Dr Bloom changed that. He is very straight forward. Explains everything in detail. I felt very confident I had the best care available We are new to Vancouver, how lucky to find him. Thank you Dr Bloom

1 Joel S Wilson in Ridgefield, WA – Mar 03, 2016


I had a nose that has been broken several times, with a deviated septum. I love that as He walked in the room he was washing his hands with hand sanitizer. He is a very straight forward, honest with what is going on, what needs to be done and with options I love that approach.. He explained things so clearly that my special needs twins both understood him. As a matter of fact I now take all of my family members to him. There are not enough characters to say all the good things about him.

2 J Lyon in Battle Ground, WA – Feb 28, 2016


Our newborn had a tongue tie and was unable to latch on and breastfeed, causing severe pain for me and a lot of stress with feedings. Dr. Bloom was able to see our daughter within two days and get her tongue tie fixed. He was friendly and engaging and explained the procedure very well! The whole procedure was extremely quick and effective. I was able to breastfeed immediately afterwards and experienced no pain! It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend Dr. Bloom!

2 SS in Camas, WA – Feb 28, 2016


Took great care of me and took his time so that I understood all my options. Surgery went great and the recovery was just like he said it would be. I knew I was in good hands from start to finish. He really cares and doesn't cut corners.

1 Jacquelyn in Portland, OR – Feb 28, 2016


Dr. Bloom was amazing with our daughter, he took such could care of her that we wish he was also GP. Thank you for the care you provided.

1 5 Jeannine S in Vancouver, WA – Feb 16, 2016


Dr. Bloom was not prepared for my visit and unable to address my chief complaint and reason for visit. He stated that he wasn't prepared and I would have to come back for a second visit regarding my issue. His exam technique was rough and caused pain and soreness for days. He then billed me incorrectly. I appealed this bait and switch and abuse to my insurance company.