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Dr. David Bottger, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Newtown Sq, PA. He is affiliated with medical facilities Bryn Mawr Hospital and Delaware County Memorial Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Bottger to book an appointment.

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Dr. David Bottger, MD - Reviews

May 14, 2020


I had done extensive research on finding the best plastic surgeon before choosing Dr. Bottger. He is a perfectionist who takes great pride in his work. He goes above and beyond your expectations. He also has an absolutely wonderful staff. Mary Jo is so kind and friendly. She really makes your experience stress free and seamless. Dr. Bottger and his staff are as good as it gets. I highly recommend him.

4 Joanna Crump in Philadelphia , PA – Jun 07, 2019


I’m not good in writing but for Dr. David Bottger I will give it my all. When I called to make appointment immediately I felt kindness threw the phone from his staff, everyone is cheerful, professional and respectable. Dr. Bottger took his time explaining all I needed to know about having my Tummy Tuck surgery with liposuction. Wrote all questions down and got every single question answered. Immediately I knew he was the one. After surgery yes it was rough but I knew threw it all I would be satisfied. Its only been two weeks and I can see such greatness that Dr. Bottger work was amazing. My waistline is back to being small and sexy lol. Doc is someone who I would trust to have anything else done if I decided to do more cosmetic surgery. I recommend Dr.Bottger to anyone who wants a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction and know you will be satisfied. Thank you Dr. Bottger and Staff

1 Apr 20, 2019


I spent two years to find the right Dr that can do my Mommy Makeover. During that two year, I kept going back to Dr. Bottger like I felt a connection with him. I finally decided to give his office a call. I am sure glad I did. His office staff were absolutely wonderful and the Dr., I just couldn't find any words to describe him..He was absolutely amazing and most of all, caring for my well being. If I had to do it all over, I will definitely choose him again. His office is so clean, and everyone

NJ – Nov 03, 2018


I've had a wonderful experience w/Dr Bottger. He was my only consult before committing to breast reduction. He was thorough in explaining the procedure and I appreciated that he did not over promise and discouraged multiple procedures at once. I am six weeks post procedure and I am thrilled with the results. I had an initial consult and pre-op visit. Since surgery, I've had two follow-up appts. Dr. Bottger always answers all of my questions and leaves me feeling very confident in his ability.

B. Homan in PA – Nov 01, 2018


I had an abdominoplasty with liposuction three months ago. I was referred to Dr. Bottger by my sister after she had a breast reduction. Before I made an appointment, I did my research. I was also able to compare before and after pictures on his website to other surgeons outcomes and could see the differences in attention to detail. Dr. Bottger is a perfectionist and I am extremely happy with my results.

Joe C. in Springfield, PA – Sep 22, 2018


Dr. Bottger treated me for a basal cell carcinoma 22 years ago and when I needed a plastic surgeon again recently, I immediately contacted him. I was very pleased with him 22 years ago and he did a great job for me again. His staff is very friendly and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Bottger when you need a plastic surgeon. The only problem I had was the long wait to make an appointment, obviously since he is very busy.

Laney in Burlington County, NJ – Jul 14, 2018


Dr. Bottger successfully performed my abdominoplasty and breast augmentation surgery in 2014. I had several complications occur with my tummy tuck during the recovery period and Dr. B went leaps and bounds to my rescue. He phoned in an antibiotic to the 24hr pharmacy at 9pm and reached out to check on me before midnight that evening. He carved out time for an emergency appt. the next day and ensured that he would be very attentive during my difficult recovery, and he truly was. Thank you Dr. B!

1 Lee in Folsom – May 23, 2018


Omg, if you are looking for a plastic surgeon, no need to look any further because Dr Bottger is the one to see. I had my procedure done on May 17, 2018 and I must say, everyone that has seen my new body is in love. Dr Bottger takes pride in his work and his staff is amazing. They helped me and answered questions if I weren’t sure about something. I have people already asking me to give them Dr Bottger’s information. Dr Bottger is gift sent from heaven. I’m in pain but it’s all worth it.

May 10, 2018


Dr. Bottger is a skilled surgeon who works hard to treat the whole patient. He takes great care during the consultation phase to ensure the result you are expecting is achievable and you will be pleased. He is professional, enthusiastic and well rounded and a pleasure to work with!

Philadelphia, PA – Apr 21, 2018


I started my online search several months ago to find the best plastic surgeon to perform my breast reduction, and after hours of research I found Dr. Bottger. I scheduled an appointment for my free consultation and I knew from the time that I walked into his office, that I wanted him to perform my surgery. Bottger was well dressed, and very knowledgeable about my type of procedure. Not even two months later my reduction was complete and I feel like a brand new person. Highly Recommended

Mays Landing, NJ – Apr 18, 2018


A little over a year ago Dr. Bottger performed a lift on my lower face. For the first couple of months I felt kind of freakish, then after 6 months I was happy, then after about 10 months I loved it. I would highly recommend Dr. Bottger.

1 PA – Apr 08, 2018


Dr. Bottger and his staff have a warm bedside manner and excellent customer service. Dr. Bottger offered great advice on procedures and never tried to talk me into unnecessary procedures.

Kendra Tiernan in PA – Mar 31, 2018


I found Dr. Bottger through a friend and sought him out for a consult for a B.A. I immediately trusted him, and knew he was the right doc for me. He is the proper balance of good bedside manner, skill & experience. I am very particular about who I choose for my care, being a nurse. I had other consults and no one came close to giving me the confidence Dr. Bottger did. The office staff was flawless for the entire process. I would tell anyone on the fence-use this practice! Hands down the best!

1 Steve Treichel in West Chester Pa – Jan 30, 2018


I am a 66 yr old male and had upper eyelids, face lift and fat injections under eyes. Dr Bottger was terrific. I researched all area plastic surgeons and was most impressed with Dr Bottger. I am 3 weeks post op and results look very good so far. Numbness, stiffness and swelling have started to subside, so it takes a while to know for sure the final result. Would definitely recommend Dr Bottger. Everyone is friendly and informative.

Camp Hill, PA – Dec 01, 2017


Dr Bottger is a wonderful, caring plastic surgeon who takes great pride in his work and patient satisfaction. I had an abdominoplasty with Lipo in my hips and back one month ago. He was very informative on the procedure and willing to answer any questions. I am very pleased with my results so far as I still have 50% of my swelling to go down. His office staff is wonderful. You will meet with Mary Jo who is so willing to make sure you understand everything with such care and compassion.

1 Deborah D. in Swarthmore, PA – Jul 28, 2017


In Delaware county, there are many choices when deciding on a plastic surgeon. For me, there is only one choice. Dr. Bottger's attention to detail, compassionate nature, and his wonderful staff completely won me over. I felt cared for. I felt listened to. I felt understood. I've had two procedures with Dr. Bottger and am thrilled with the results. There's really only one choice when choosing your surgeon. You want the best! Dr Bottger and his staff will not disappoint.

1 Philadelphia, PA – Jul 22, 2017


Dr. Bottger performed my breast augmentation and I could not be any happier. He really cares about you and wants to work with you to understand exactly what you want. He makes you feel very comfortable with every step of the process. Once you meet him you will know you are in the best hands! Best surgeon by far and would recommend him to everyone.

3 Deb P in Pitman, NJ – Jul 13, 2017


I had a tummy tuck with bi lateral hip liposuction performed by Dr. Bottger in March 2017. Although, as a woman over 50 years old, the pain post surgery was significant, the outcome was amazing and I couldn't be more pleased. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Bottger to any-type of plastic surgery. The scar, although significant, and should fade with time, is neat and was done very well. I can wear bikini underwear and you cannot see the line. My belly button looks natural as well.

2 Sharon F. in Lansdowne, PA – Jul 08, 2017


Dr. Bottger performed my tummy tuck in 2016 after a 132 lb weight loss then my breast augmentation in 2017. I'm a whole new woman thanks to him & cannot say enough good things about his work, his bedside manner & his amazingly compassionate, caring staff. Best in the Philadelphia area BY FAR!

2 Nancy – Mar 17, 2017


I had been thinking about upper eyelid (blepharoplasty) for some time when a friend revealed she had it done. Her eyes looked so natural and she was so pleased with Dr. Bottger that I decided to investigate. After checking out a few options, I chose him because he was direct and did not encourage additional procedures. His staff was helpful and I was relaxed throughout the experience. He is confident for good reason, his results are very pleasing.

3 1 Mar 05, 2017


I met with 3 other surgeons and did tons of research before meeting Dr Bottger. 10 minutes in and I knew he was the right fit. Dr Bottger is intelligent, attentive and meticulous with his work. I have 3 small kids and was more nervous than excited. The procedure went smoothly, recovery was virtually pain free and results are incredible. Dr Bottger gave me his honest opinion about my post-baby breasts and what I could expect from the procedure. I highly recommend Dr Bottger and his amazing staff.

1 Glen Mills, PA – Feb 20, 2017


Dr. Bottger and his staff are professional and amazing. From the beginning the staff, especially Mary Jo were so friendly and helpful. After meeting with Dr. Bottger, I felt very confident and comfortable in making my decision to go ahead with the surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bottger for the services he offers.

Victoria M. in West Chester, PA – Jan 07, 2017


I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty with lateral brow lift. Did my research on surgeons which led me to Dr. Bottger and I couldn't be happier with the results. He is a wonderful talent and I only wish I had done this years ago! The office staff was also great which helped from beginning to end. If I ever want more cosmetic surgery, I know where I'll be going!

Bethlehem, PA – Dec 02, 2016


Dr. Bottger and his staff are amazing. After researching the procedures and consulting with several other surgeons there was no doubt in my mind that Dr. Bottger was the top pick. He's very professional, answered all of my questions, and really took his time with the consultation. He explained the procedures in detail and left me feeling confident that I had chose the best doctor. I am so happy with my results. After just 3 months, the changes are dramatic. I'm planning on scheduling a breast au

Glen Mills, PA – Nov 28, 2016


Dr. Bottger was amazing. He took time to ensure that all of my questions were answered and I felt completely comfortable with my procedure. I was struggling with what implant size to choose and Dr. Bottger spent all the time that I needed to ensure that I selected a size that I would be happy with and also appear natural. I couldn't be happier regarding my results. My breasts look perfect and natural. The procedure was also super smooth. He did an absolutely incredible job!

Adrienne in Media, PA – Oct 20, 2016


My experience with Dr. Bottger was one of the best patient/doctor experiences I've ever had. He is attentive, thorough, and highly skilled. I am so grateful for his willingness to listen to each of my concerns. Dr. Bottger spent a great deal of time with me to ensure that he effectively answered each of my questions and disproved any misconceptions I had. His bedside manner is unmatched, and his staff is equally attentive. I had no complications and I am so thankful he was my surgeon!

Tracy in Essington, PA – Sep 07, 2016


I was so scared in getting this done. From the first visit, Dr. Bottger and staff made me feel right at ease. The procedure went great and the results are fantastic!

2 Lenni, PA – Aug 30, 2016


I couldn't be more pleased with my breast reduction results. Dr. Bottger did an amazing job. I would highly recommend him to anybody considering this surgery. No more back pain and my clothes fit so much better. The office staff is great. They are all very kind and considerate. Mary Jo is wonderful.

Jasmine D in Havertown, PA – Aug 29, 2016


My decision to get breast augmentation was probably the best decision I've ever made in my entire life. For my consult, Dr. Bottger addressed all of my concerns and fears about the procedure itself. Mary Jo was wonderful! She was so caring and sweet, and I knew that she had my best interests in mind. The day of the surgery, I was so nervous, and Dr. Bottger came in and made me feel comfortable. I absolutely lovee the work that he did :) I cant thank Dr. Bottger and his staff enough!!

me in West Chester, PA – Aug 17, 2016


To sum it up, you do not need to look any further. I highly recommend Dr. Bottger and his staff for any cosmetic procedure you are considering. My results are outstanding and I am so glad I decided to move forward with my procedure. It was so worth it! THANK YOU, Dr. Bottger and staff! I'm 58 and you gave me back the confidence I once had in my 30's! xo

1 Collegeville, PA – Jul 17, 2016


I would highly recommend Dr. Bottger to anyone considering plastic surgery. He, along with his excellent staff, provide a wonderful atmosphere to calm anxiety and concerns of patients considering surgery. In addition the patient does not feel rushed into any decisions but rather using the information freely shared by Dr. Bottger and staff are empowered to make the right decision for them. Following surgery the follow up by Dr. Bottger is wonderful. The patient truly feels Dr. Bottger is a partne

M Nguyen in Norristown, PA – Jul 02, 2016


Mary Jo and Dr. Bottger are amazing! I could NOT BE HAPPIER with my entire experience. Both made me very comfortable my first day in until my 6 month check up. I would recommend dr. Bottger 10000%

Valerie in Downingtown, PA – Jun 29, 2016


In 2002 I had Dr. Bottger perform a breast reduction surgery on me. He did an amazing job and he is a perfectionist. It is now 2016 and I needed another breast reduction and was interested in a tummy tuck so I went back to Dr. Bottger but not because he was who I went to before but because after extensive research I found he was truly the best! I have healed amazing with the care and expertise of Dr. Bottger. Honestly, you cannot choose a better plastic surgeon than Dr. Bottger!

1 Ashton – Apr 30, 2016


Dr. Bottger performed my breast augmentation and my results are beyond my expectations! He truly is an artist and perfectionist which is exactly what I sought in choosing my plastic surgeon. At no point did I feel he was pushing my decision. He truly wanted me happy with my results and the size he suggested is absolutely perfect!! His entire staff is so warm and they go beyond to make you comfortable and answer questions. I highly recommend!!!!

Iris Barcaro in Broomall, PA – Apr 29, 2016


Dr. Bottger made the experience of excising a basal cell cancer very comfortable. His nurses and support staff were excellent!

1 Nikki in Plymouth Meeting, PA – Apr 13, 2016


I'm 3 weeks post op for TT and couldn't be more pleased with the results, and overall experience with Dr. Bottger and his team! I am a 5'10, 150lb, 41 year old woman and always prided myself on my great physique, but after giving birth to twins who weighed over six pounds each, was left with diastasis recti and lose skin that, no matter how much I worked out or how flat my tummy was, just couldn't recover. From start to finish I felt genuinely valued and cared for. Thanks, I have my body back!

Broomall, PA – Mar 24, 2016


I am extremely pleased with my procedure. I had an abdominoplasty done 8 months ago and I am so happy I decided to go through with it. I was a little nervous but after meeting with Dr. Bottger and also hearing great recommendations from a friend of mine who is a nurse, I was no longer apprehensive and was looking forward to my new body. Exactly one month after surgery I was in Disney World going on rides. The down time wasn't that bad. The remaining scar that I have is very faint and thin.

Courtney in Philadelphia, PA – Mar 17, 2016


I had my breast augmentation with Dr. Bottger in November of 2015. I am very pleased with the entire process. You can tell that he is extremely knowledgable in what he does which is reassuring when you are going under the knife! He helped me in choosing the right size implants and my recovery process was so easy. My results are amazing and I am so glad I went to Dr. Bottger!

1 Michelle in Ambler, PA – Mar 12, 2016


Dr. Bottger listens to what you want and what your issues are and makes you very comfortable along the way, answering questions and addressing concerns. My entire experience of getting a breast reduction was much better than expected. The results are beautiful and the entire process was smooth. I should have done this 10 years ago. I would highly recommend.

A. Zimmer in Glen Mills, PA – Feb 17, 2016


Dr. Bottger listened to my concerns and expectations with sincere interest. He provided clear information on risk and expectations for my procedure. Dr Bottger and his staff were accessible for even the smallest question. I was confident and comfortable on the day of surgery and extremely happy...Read More

2 Kathy in Villanova PA – Dec 24, 2015


Words can't describe how ecstatic I am with my mommy makeover! DrBotgger is a very gifted surgeon, he was able to transform my old droopy body back to where it was 20 years ago .As my mom put it it's soo good to have the old Kathy back. His attention to detail is an artistic quality that not all plastic surgeons possess. His portfolio of before and after photos is proof that he is a perfectionist. Believe me when I say go to DrBottger and you too will feel like you won the lottery!