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Dr. David Greene, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Naples, FL. Dr. Greene has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, and Sleep-disordered Breathing than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities NCH Downtown Naples Hospital and NCH North Naples Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Greene to book an appointment.

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Dr. David Greene, MD - Reviews

1 Citizen of Naples – Jun 05, 2020


Very bad !! Almost 2 hours of waiting for doctor. He hardly explained anything after a very brief exam. Handed me few pages with images and text. On the question “ What I have to do with this?” the answer was “ do what you want”!!!?? He was in a hurry to go to another room to see another person. Frustrated, I tried to get some explanation from the person at the front desk, but she could not figure out any information. I was so upset from such strange situation and was in tears. Dr Green came out of the room and was very rude, starting to raise his voice and acting in a very unprofessional way. Instead of trying to help he literally was screaming, demonstrating absolutely unacceptable behavior. Have never been treated by such poor way. What a shame!

2 Jeanne Ward – May 28, 2020


When I first saw Dr. Greene, the ER and family doctor had been unable to figure out why I was still so sick. Dr. Greene examined, tested and came up with the right diagnosis. I recovered, with his vigilence, after two months of sinus complications following pneumonia. His gentle manner, thorough questioning and exam was such a relief. Since then, he has advised on methods of maintaining healthy habits and preventing reinfection. I have him to thank for the last two years of sinus health I have enjoyed!

1 Iris Marsha Fass – Apr 29, 2020


I am very satisfied with Dr. Greene. He is thorough, knowledgeable, friendly. I have a complex esophagus and various other issues and he has helped me through them all!

4 luben christoff – Jan 29, 2020


I have been a patient of Dr. Greene's since 2004. His help with my Severe Sinus Issues, previously unknown Sleep Apnea, and very complicated Medical History was instrumental in me improving my overall health. His HELP in getting me to Specialists which also helped in dealing with my complicated health issues is why I remain Alive today at 77.

4 Sep 19, 2019


He is an amazing doctor. I have had nose and sinus problems my whole life. 3 operations which did not work before. I had a problem nose on the inside and the outside. I needed sinus surgery and nasal reconstruction. Dr. Green did everything for me and it was great. I am breathing, no more infections, and I look a lot better. Who could ask for anything more!

3 Apr 23, 2019


Attentive, kind, knowledgeable are just a few of the words to describe Dr. Green. Honestly, I have referred him to others and they all have stated the same positive opinion. His staff is professional and they too bring a level of care just not expected anymore.

3 Apr 02, 2019


This man is fantastic! I have seen him for several throat and parotid issues. Each time he has spent an inordinate amount of non-rushed time with me. His treatment and advise have not only been medically accurate, but the recommendations have been surprisingly inexpensive. As a former health care worker, I would endorse Dr Greene to anyone. Bob Wildenberg, April 2019

2 Christine B in Cape Coral, FL – Jan 10, 2019


Dr. Greene is thorough in his evaluation and diagnosis. He answers questions, offers options in his recommendations. His remedies have worked for me. As far as I am concerned he is the go-to ENT in the Collier/Lee county areas

4 6 Oct 10, 2018


Dr. Greene has great bedside manner. However, there were serious complications that landed me in the hospital for several days. After a surgery he preformed. I'm now going to a Sinus Center in Sarasota and it's worth the drive!

Angel Rubio in Naples, FL – Sep 11, 2018


Where do we begin! Dr. Greene is beyond amazing! My boyfriend was suffering from severe respiratory issues where he had 90% blockage and could not breathe. Instead of advising us to proceed with a more evasive procedures he did what many doctors today do, care about the well being of his patient and advised us to take small steps that are less evasive to try and relieve his symptoms with not being able to breathe. He was so caring and bed side manner is commendable. He is an amazing doctor!

4 vivian in Marco Island – May 09, 2018


Dr. Greene saw me for a problem with my ear that another ENT doctor told me was due to TMJ which I knew could not be true. He diagnosed and explained my problem gave me a recommended plan of treatment. I was extremely pleased with the outcome, his demeanor and professionalism. I would highly recommend him.

4 Marcy – Jan 27, 2018


Dr Greene saw me yesterday for the first time. I have a history of sinus problems and minor surgery. He thoroughly knew my history. After the exam he explained my options and his recommendations. He didn't spend any time on the computer. His notes were ready for me when I walked out because he has someone taking direct dictation, he can spend quality time with his patients. I was very satisfied and the meds are already helping.

4 Naples, FL – Dec 12, 2017


Great ENT. Staff was great. Very conservative with my sinus treatment. Didn't rush to surgery. Figured everything out first. Wish I came here years ago.

6 5 Naples, FL – Dec 04, 2017


The good ratings must be family! He told me I had the worst sinuses he has ever seen and come to find out after multiple procedures. (for examples nasal valve surgery.), it was not necessary and I was misdiagnosed! I spent a small fortune on useless tests and procedures. He loves to pad his pocketbook! Please beware!!!

6 Joan vA in Cape Coral, FL – Aug 06, 2017


I am very pleased with Dr. Greene’s professionalism and care. He explained my sinus issues clearly and has been conservative in treatment. I came to Dr. Greene after many years of failed sinus treatment including multiple doses of antibiotics. Dr. Greene thoroughly explained that a minor structural deformity was causing the majority of my symptoms and recommended an in office procedure to reduce the turbinates. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend this caring doctor.

5 Gwen Murphy in naples, fl – Jul 22, 2017


Dr. Green spends a lot of time explaining symptoms and what plan of action to be taken to heal the body. I would recommend him to my friends. Gwen Murphy

6 1 Bonita Springs, FL – Mar 08, 2017


I had restrictive breathing for years, no decades! I'd been recimmended for surgery to remove my turbinates, or crush them with balloon technology but didn't want to deal with the science or pain so kept putting it off. A friend heard about Dr. Greene's RF procedure, so I made an appointment to see him. After an exam and taking my history he said I was a perfect candidate for his procedure. The in-office procedure was scheduled. The actual procedure took only minutes and I felt an immediate

6 Celia in Naples, FL – Feb 03, 2017


My name is Celia Silva Have had Great experience with Dr. Green he is excellent ,very kind, his staff are great when I call to set an appointment i get it done quickly ,I'm very happy. And also he helped a friend of mine Isabel's brother he came from Brazil with some medical issues and Dr Greene helped him. Thanks Dr Greene God bless you!!!!!!!

6 lamerl in Naples, FL – Dec 07, 2016


Very competent, trust worthy and intelligent. Highly recommended.

9 2 Naples, FL – Sep 10, 2016


When you pick a specialist you want a doctor who is legitimately motivated by and drawn to his field of expertise. That is Dr. Greene. He brought me back from the brink of surgery due to a horrific chronic sinus infection. He is the rare doctor who will actually listen to you. Don't hesitate. He's the best.

9 2 Laurie VZ in Ft Myers, FL – Sep 08, 2016


Dr. Greene exemplifies a rare combination of impeccable skill, ethics, and empathy. I am very pleased with the outcome of a septoplasty and turbinate surgery that I trusted him to perform on me 6 weeks ago. Prior to my initial visit with Dr. Greene I had been examined at a prestigious clinic and had been told there was nothing that could be done to correct a nasal fracture that I had suffered as a child decades ago. With his expertise I now breathe better and my nose is much more symmetrical.

6 Darlene in Naples, FL – Aug 23, 2016


Dr Greene and staff are the best I have never experienced. I have never been treated so well or received the care and results that I have with Dr Greene. For the first time in over 20 years and after multiple polyp surgeries I have been polyp free and have my sense of smell for over 2 years now.

6 13 Pete l in Naples, FL – Apr 09, 2016


Dr. Greene kept my husband waiting 45 minutes beyond his appointment time on one occasion and 30 minutes the next time. When we suggested that he was not concerned with his patients' time, he became combative. The receptionist told us he was never on time. He has very little regard for his...Read More

7 7 Rothie in Naples, FL – Apr 05, 2016


Never got to see Dr. Greene. It was startling the experience I had with the receptionist. I had an array of symptoms and was interrupted by the receptionist to have her tell me she schedules only 1\2 hour appointments with the doctor; that my symptoms would take up more than 1\2 hour of the doctor's time. I objected and she hung up! By the way, I left two taped messages for call backs and received no call back.