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Dr. David Horvath, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Abington, PA. He is affiliated with Abington Hospital—Jefferson Health. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Horvath to book an appointment.

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Dr. David Horvath, MD - Reviews

Mary P – Dec 13, 2019


I had gastric bypass surgery 6 years ago and lost a lot of weight. I had excess skin that needed to be removed, but I was nervous about having surgery again. Dr. Horvath and his staff were wonderful, made the process seamless and put me at ease. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and a thighplasty....Read More

5 Collins in Glenside – Sep 20, 2018


Had a breast reduction, went from a 34F to a 34D, Sewelling went down after 3 days and I stopped taking my pain medication, I felt fine. No drains of stitches. I was tapped and glued together. Surprisingly I have no scars or keloids at all, I’m really mind blown by this especially because as a...Read More

2 Jenkintown, PA – Jul 30, 2017


A-Mazing!!!!! Dr. Horvath's confidence, professionalism, and genuinely caring manner allowed me to feel immediately at ease. Because of Dr. Horvath's surgical genius, aesthetically artful eye, and genuine concern for the result I wanted, I had a wonderful outcome. The follow up support I received...Read More

1 Annette in Quakertown, PA – May 24, 2017


I was referred to Dr. Horvath by another surgeon. I felt that who better to refer you to a surgeon but another surgeon. Dr. Horvath performed 3 procedures on me, extended tummy tuck, breast lift and lipo of upper back. Dr. Horvath has by far exceeded my expectations. I am truly amazed at the...Read More

3 DBC in Plymouth Meeting, PA – Jan 20, 2017


The minute I met Dr. Horvath I felt confidence just knowing I was in the right hands. He listened to me, took his time, and made me feel understood and safe. He is so thorough, pays attention to every detail and takes the time to explain. My results make me smile every day and I still have...Read More

1 Philadelphia, PA – Jan 13, 2017


This review is well overdue by more than a year but I can still say that not a day goes by that I am not incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Horvath and his staff. I had a breast reduction in May 2015 and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dr. Horvath is meticulous and clearly an...Read More

1 Dawn Ben Israel in Philadelphia, PA – Dec 10, 2016


The office staff was fantastic not to mention they worked around my work schedule. All information was explained and questions were answered professionally and in a timely matter. my surgery went very well and Dr. Horvath and the staff provided the best care. My scars are minimal and I was up and...Read More

1 B in Newtown, PA – Sep 20, 2016


Dr. Horvath has a way of making patients feel at ease from the start. He strives to make the entire cosmetic procedure run as safely and smoothly as possible. I recently had tubular breast reconstruction (a very difficult procedure) and was blown away with the expertise Dr. Horvath exemplified. I...Read More

1 Carol in Philadelphia PA – Aug 01, 2016


Excellent caring doctor. Very good bedside manner who is concerned about his patient and their well being. Office staff are great.

2 Jeanmarie Navea in Philadelphia, PA – Mar 29, 2016


Dr Horvath is a wonderful, caring doctor and his work is outstanding! After visiting other plastic surgeons I chose Dr Horvath to do my reconstruction following my bilateral mastectomy. I am so pleased with my results! On the days of my surgeries,as well as at every appointment, Dr Horvath took...Read More