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Dr. David Lombardi, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

32 CORBETT WAY , Eatontown, NJ

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Dr. David Lombardi, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Eatontown, NJ and has over 30 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from UMDNJ-- New Jersey Medical School medical school in 1990. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Lombardi to book an appointment.

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Dr. David Lombardi, MD - Reviews

2 Michele Schwartz – Oct 09, 2019


Had surgery yesterday. Could not be happier with the outcome. He made a 72yr old look like 45!!! Honest.

Allison Princiotta – Jun 09, 2018


Dr Lombardi and his staff are wonderful!! Everyone is helpful and amazing at what they do!! Every time I leave the office I feel and look amazing. I can’t wait to go back !!! Love love love them!

1 7 Jan 13, 2018


Awful!!!!!! I made an appointment for Botox for two wrinkles on my forehead... long story short- I have one eye brow higher than the other. Went in two weeks later to “dr. Lombardi “ to fix it- four days later my eye brows are completely uneven!! Needless to say, my two wrinkles are still there!!!! I heard great things about him. But my personal experience sucked. I will never go back again. My four head was a guessing game

1 Ann s in Englishtown, NJ – Dec 09, 2017


I have worked in the healthcare field over 30 years and know what a rare find Dr Lombardi is. Kind, approachable, and insuring his patients are at ease he is a unique mix of a skilled physician, artist and honest advisor. I am new to his office and could not be happier with my results.

3 Eatontown, NJ – Aug 04, 2017


From my first consultation to my post-op appointments the staff and Dr, Lombardi have been very helpful, knowledgable, friendly, positive and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Lombardi. I had nothing but the best experience and am very happy with my results.

Michelle Cleveland in NJ – Jul 25, 2017


I can't say enough about Dr. Lombardi and his staff. Everyone is very helpful, and accommodating. Never a long wait and always very professional. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

Cheryl Baccello in Toms River, NJ – Jul 25, 2017


I have been to more then a few local doctors in the ocean and Monmouth area and I have to say that Dr. Lombardi and his staff are the best. They are so accommodating, friendly, gentle and have fantastic office specials. Shout out to Meredith who is a magician with a needle. She can make all your wrinkles disappear. Highly recommend Dr. Lombardi and his staff!

1 Jun 16, 2017


Can you say Safe? I know I can!! I always feel comfortable and safe with Dr. Lombardi. He definitely gets 5 Stars from me! ????? I am a hard critic when it comes to rating a physician and their staff! I have been working in healthcare for the last 18 yrs and let me tell you Dr. Lombardi is extremely rare. I feel like I'm letting out the best secret ever!!!! Uttt ohhhh I am so pleased with all my experiences at Dr. Lombardi's office that I drive over a hour for my appointments! I am a Fan

2 Edison, NJ – Jun 13, 2017


Dr. Anthony Lombardi mind and vision of a true artist! Dr. Lombardi far exceeded my expectations. What I decided to do was a life-changing experience and thanks to Dr. Lombardi's honesty and professionalism I was able to achieve the best possible results! Best decision I made was choosing Dr. Lombardi and his staff! Meredith, his surgical PA was extremely helpful and the two of them were true perfection. Highly recommend!!!

4 2 izabela l in Asbury Park, NJ – Feb 03, 2017


me and my boyfriend went for botox and some filler. i wanted botox between eyebrows and dr. lombardi (female) injected botox everywhere but in that area, i wanted dark circles diminished and she injected filler in my cheeks which looks horrible, made my cheeks look fat and uneven (lumpy) and did...Read More