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Dr. David Otterburn, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

525 E 68th St , New York, NY

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Dr. David Otterburn, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. Dr. Otterburn has more experience with Reconstructive Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Otterburn to book an appointment.

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Dr. David Otterburn, MD - Reviews

4 Aida Mendez Mokhtar in New York , NY – Jun 02, 2019


I also saw him back in 2017 he was amazing Docter he took care of me with the scaring he wonderful very professional love him god bless you Dr. Otterburn

5 Mona in New York, NY – Mar 28, 2019


Dr. Otterburn is not only an excellent plastic surgeon but is also an extremely pleasant, positive, empowering, caring and thorough physician. I met three other surgeons before I chose him. I have no doubt I made the right choice. I feel he made my breast cancer / mastectomy / breast reconstruction experience so much less traumatic than it could have been. I never felt like I lacked the information or care that I needed and I could not recommend him more highly!

6 Dec 08, 2018


Dr Otterburn performed a tummy tuck on my sister in law and I was impressed. After having kids, my tummy had saggy skin and stretch marks. I live on Long Island and trusted only him to do my tummy tuck. He is caring, personable, highly skilled, and did a fantastic job. I am extremely happy with the result and I highly recommend! Angela

2 Jenn in Cape Coral , Florida – Feb 01, 2018


Dr. Otterburn closed my incision for my spine surgeon. Between him and his residents they made me feel at ease. Very professional , and I’m thankful for his work.

6 1 NJ – Oct 10, 2017


A wizard!! Simply fabulous. People are amazed that these are not my real breasts. I had DIEP surgery with Dr Otterburn. I had previously conculted with four other reconstructive surgeons and not one of them said they were able to do a DIEP reconstruction. Not only was Dr Otterburn ab;e to do this surgery but the results are beyond my expectations. Many other top notch doctors are very very impressed with my results. Dr Otterburn takes time talking and listening to you .

1 1 Noemi in Bronx, NY – Jul 13, 2017


The best plastic surgeon provider, Thanks DR

4 2 Val S in Brooklyn, NY – Nov 12, 2016


Dr Otterburn is everything you want and expect in a doctor. He's kind first, highly skilled in his profession and professional. His team is excellent and the follow up care was just as good as the actual procedure. He spoke with my family after the procedure ( something they still mention btw ) and made sure I was closely being monitored post surgery. If I need a another procedure he's the first one I'm calling and the first I'd recommend.

4 1 Lisa Seifer in Brooklyn, NY – Sep 30, 2016


highly recommended!! did an amazing job with the diep flap breast reconstruction. he has a wonderful bedside manner, always takes time to answer all of your questions. highly skilled. his staff is also really wonderful. all great experiences with him and his surrounding staff.

1 cathy in New York, NY – Mar 22, 2016


Dr Otterburn is an incredibly devoted physician. I came in for a minor procedure and he made me feel very at ease and was wonderfully deft and efficient in his work. Additionally, when I returned a couple of weeks later to have stitches removed, I brought my elderly aunt who had a bad cut on her finger. He looked at her and treated her with compassion and skill. The office could be better run with the rooms better equipped with equipment and bandages necessary for the work being done there.

1 Damaris Cortes in New York, NY – Feb 28, 2016


He was my reconstruction surgeon and he did an amazing job!