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Dr. David Powell, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Columbus, OH and has over 26 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Powell has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, and Ear, Nose, and Throat Care than other specialists in his area. He graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University School Of Medicine medical school in 1994. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Dublin Methodist Hospital and Mount Carmel St. Anns. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Powell to book an appointment.

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Dr. David Powell, MD - Reviews

Jun 25, 2020


Professional, helpful, caring, and he wants to make sure you are very happy and satisfied with his setvices.

Sara Wright – Jun 20, 2020


Dr. Powell is the BEST! I had cosmetic work done and couldn’t be happier. I am very pleased with the results.

Jun 20, 2020


I had laser hair removal and the whole process was very easy and the results were great

1 Ashley W – Jun 16, 2020


Dr Powell has treated my whole family! He's hardworking and I appreciated him adjusting his schedule to get my sons ear tubes done.

1 Beth W – Jun 10, 2020


I appreciated Dr Powells approach, he offered a plan A and a plan B treatment for my chronic sinus infections. I felt comfortable and confident after our conversation.

1 Evelyn Brisco – Feb 21, 2020


I highly recommend Dr. David Powell he knows what he is doing! Everyone was very helpful and friendly love betsy! they deserve more then five stars!!!

1 Aug 12, 2019


He is so nice and caring. He made me feel better about placing tubes in both of my boys.

2 Ginger Scaife – Jun 04, 2019


I can't thank Dr. Powell enough for fixing my deviated septum over 10 years ago. He also took out my tonsils and adnoids. I can actually breathe so much better, am healthier, and I'm just so happy that I found a doctor that made my nose look even better than before.

3 1 Kenneth in Columbus, OH – Mar 01, 2019


He has the credentials and seems very knowledgeable. That said, I'm 48 yo and Dr Powell recommended in 2 minutes I should have my tonsils and adenoids out. I told him this was the 1st time I ever had strep but I was basically ushered off to his scheduling team to line it up. I saw another ENT next day and he was floored that removing my tonsils was even brought up at this point. Also, new ENT told me adults don't even have adenoids so perhaps Dr. Powell misspoke. I will not go back to him

2 Linda Lucas in PATASKALA, OH – Nov 09, 2018


Dr POWELL is caring and serious about his work, I like that he is straightforward and very knowledgeable! I've had several surgeries with him, and I trust his opinion. Really nice guy, and I love his ASSISTANT Betsy (always helpful)!!!

2 8 OH – Sep 06, 2018


Don’t take your child to see this doctor. My 13 yo son had a severe ear infection that wasnt getting better. He spent all of 7 min with him. When I asked how his ear looked he replied “infected”. That was it. No details at all. We already knew it was infected. I had to stop him from leaving & ask if there was anything I needed to watch out for before our follow up in a week. Anything that would warrant a call or trip to ER. His reply “seizures. coma.” He said that right in front of my son.

5 3 Jill Heath in Columbus, OH – Sep 02, 2018


I wholeheartedly would recommend Dr. Powell to family & friends. He and his staff Sarah, Betsy, and others over the past 8 years have provided exceptionally professional, thorough, and compassionate care. Dr. Powell and his staff take the time to personalize care to my needs, explain and discuss what is needed, and always make me feel comfortable and valued as a person and patient. I'm grateful for and confident in their care for me!

2 Lynn – Aug 04, 2018


Dr. Powell explained my condition and treatment very thoroughly. He got me in for an appointment right away when I was having terrible sinus and ear problems. His secretary Betsy is also awesome! Thanks for everything Dr. Powell.

1 2 Susan T. in Sabina, OH – Aug 02, 2018


I have had several surgeries by Dr. Powell. I would highly recommend him. He takes time to explain everything and answer any questions . He also has an excellent staff! On a scale of 1 -10, I would rate him a 20!!

2 Elizabeth – Jul 14, 2018


I had Juvederm with Dr. Powell and what an amazing experience! 5 minute procedure and what a difference! Saggy skin around my mouth gone! Pretty painless, quick and easy. Dr. Powell explained what filler can accomplish, what to expect before and after. Will definitely tell my friends to give it a try. Dr. Powell took the time to educate me about what certain products can help me to achieve. Can’t wait to try their laser for brown spots and red veins, possibly hair removal.

2 2 Linda Desmarchais in Columbus, OH – Jul 03, 2018


Only reason I went to this Dr was to get water removed from my ear. Was more interested in surgery because he can make more $$ than actually helping me with my issue. In the middle of my appt took off without saying bye. Didn't even look into my ears. A waste of money. He was rude arrogant.... Once you pick him you are not even allowed to switch to another Dr.... Save your money and go out for dinner it will help you with your issues more than he would....

1 1 Alexa in Columbus – Mar 16, 2018


Worse place ever ! Doctor was are extremely rude and not prepared at all. Iwas supposed to have a biopsy and my family dr sent all my information to them and they had no idea about it and then their nurse was so nasty ! I asked for a glass of water and she threw an attitude at me multiple times saying here is your water you requested and then when i said this was ridiculous she snapped at me what is ridiculous ! I walked out got my co pay back and I’m Never going back to that Awful place again

3 Jan 17, 2018


He is a GREAT doctor! I have been a patient for a long time. His staff is very sweet and helpful. I have been there for ENT check ups, cosmetic procedures and laser hair removal and I have had great results. Dr. Powell is very profesional and cares for his patients.

1 Allie – Dec 26, 2017


I recently had surgery with doctor Powell and I would highly reccomend him! He is so kind and takes the time to ensure that you are receiving the best care possible. Having had two previous surgeries with other doctors, I can say that he is by far the best ENT I have had.

2 Columbus, OH – Dec 09, 2017


He fixed my nose that had been botched by my previous doctor twice. I'm mad at myself for not seeing him to begin with! He is a miracle worker, and a huge perfectionist. I could tell he really cared about achieving the best result possible, and he did just that! I am genuinely confused by the bad reviews- he spent a lot of time addressing my concerns and was super friendly; he just has a bit of an odd sense of humor.

3 Westerville – Dec 08, 2017


Simply put go see Dr Powell. He fixed my very messed up nose and gave me the nose of my dreams. It is natural looking and I can breathe. He is confident and knowledgeable. I wanted the best and I got it. Ignore the bad reviews. He is a little sarcastic and witty.

8 2 Philadelphia, PA – Jun 13, 2017


I cannot recommend Dr. Powell after having a bad experience with his demeanor. During my appointment I was talked down to and made to feel like an idiot for moving my head slightly as he was performing Sinus Debridement. Further, he warned me I was going to hurt myself while he had a scope inside my nose despite the fact that he is controlling the instrument. He also scolded me for breathing too aggressively, and was upset that I didn't answer his questions fast enough. Bad experience.

1 Redford, MI – May 18, 2017


Excellent and caring staff as well as doctor!

1 Marion R in Columbus, OH – Jan 20, 2017


I went to see Dr. Powell because I've had sinus problems for years and was at my wit's end. Finally, I found someone who could take some action to give me some relief. He detected sinus block and performed a procedure to remove it. I think he's very personable and made me feel very comfortable. After my surgery, he gave my mother all of the information that she needed about my recovery. Since the surgery I have been able to sleep much better. Now, if I could get rid of my allergies I'd be set.

1 Melissa Ackison in Ohio – Dec 07, 2016


Dr. Powell is an amazing surgeon and a treasure of a human being. I've been with him as early as his residency over 15/20 years ago when he was with The Ohio State University. Dr. Powell is highly skilled and impeccably trained to handle the most rare and complex craniofacial diseases as well as intensive reconstructive surgeries and cosmetic procedures with unbelievable aesthetic results. This man is a blessing to anyone who has the opportunity to receive medical care from him.

4 2 Amy in COLUMBUS, Ohio – Oct 06, 2016


The absolute worst Doctor I have ever interacted with. I took my daughter to him and before event checking her out her recommended surgery and proceeded to mock me for asking questions. I immediately left and went to Children's Hospital where they helped non-surgically and couldn't understand why...Read More

2 1 Emily Hougland in New Albany, Ohio – Aug 20, 2016


I literally lucked into Dr. David Powell and the Ohio ENT facility, following a catastrophic accident which resulted in 2 breaks in my septum. He provided excellent care, excellent communication, and did a wonderful job repairing my wrecked nose. The staff is wonderful and responsive, and the office is extremely well run. I'd use their services again and again, were I to need it!!

4 Mark in Marion, OH – Mar 15, 2016


I was referred to Dr Powell, and before going to see him I read his reviews. Honestly I had 2nd thoughts about keeping the appointment after reading some of the reviews. I am very glad I kept the appointment. I found him to be very attentive, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He won't hold your hand and sing you bedtime stories, he is short, sweet, and to the point.

3 3 Columbus, OH – Jan 03, 2016


He was easy to talk with, explained the surgical procedure I would be having well, and was prompt in all appointments. After surgery, he was excellent at follow-up care, and his staff dealt well with short-term disability paperwork.