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Dr. Delorean Griffin, MD

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4201 Saint Antoine St Ste 5c , Detroit, MI.




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Dr. Delorean Griffin, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Detroit, MI. He is affiliated with St. Mary Mercy Hospital. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Griffin to book an appointment.

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Dr. Delorean Griffin, MD - Reviews

ERICA H – Jul 10, 2020


Dr. Griffin performed breast reconstruction and an arm lift on me. I had a previous reconstruction and lift but they both were pretty bad. Dr Griffin and I had several zoom sessions to determine the best course of action to correct my issues. As a breast cancer survivor, it was important to me that this surgery go well. I am thrilled with the results. Dr a Griffin delivered beyond my expectations. He has a great bedside manner and a helpful office staff. I highly recommend Dr Griffin for your reconstruction and or cosmetic needs. When I heal, I want to get a tummy tuck!!!

6 LWD 48215 in Detroit , MI – Dec 29, 2019


His professional approach and patient demeanor is caring and outstanding. He’s concerned that you are out of pain and gifted surgical artistry to ensure you look your best. I am so so glad I was referred to Dr. Griffin.

3 1 Philonda Broadnax – Dec 18, 2019


Dr.Griffin is the best surgeon ever!!His bed side manner is Awesome.He make you comfortable and he is very professional and last but not least he did a Awesome job on my tummy tuck and I'll be back for another review for my breast lift and reduction

9 1 Oct 22, 2019


AMAZING SURGEON! I ABSOLUTELY love my results. I received a breast reduction with a lift and a Tummy tuck with muscle repair. I am a mom of two that had two c sections, Dr. Griffin gave me the ultimate mommy makeover. My tummy is COMPLETELY FLAT and my breast look like implants. I always get compliments on my body everyday. He also takes care of his patients, answers any questions and makes sure you are well taken care of. DEFINITELY always recommend Dr. Griffin.

3 1 Ms. Ford – Jul 22, 2019


Extremely welcoming staff from the start!! My experience with Dr. Griffin was truly amazing!! The entire process was great from start to finish, I I thought long and hard before having these procedures completed. Dr. Griffin performed a breast reduction and lift and also a tummy tuck on me, I had no pain, and minimal scarring. Dr. Griffin is a highly skilled true professional you can tell he truly cares about his patients. I recommend him 100% I could have never asked for a better doctor or better results Dr. Griffin surpassed all of my expectations he was easy to talk to, he listens, he has a great bedside manner, he answered all of the questions that I had before I left the office, he makes sure you have a thorough understanding before leaving his office!! Dr Griffin has a friendly, loving, and caring staff everyone seem very knowledgeable they made me feel so comfortable!!! I cannot say enough about the phenomenal surgeon! I would recommend Dr. Griffin for your plastic surgery needs

3 2 Mar 28, 2019


Recently had skin removal surgery done! I must say Dr. Griffin and his staff, just absolutely amazing! He is awesome at what he does! Truly gifted! I would definitely be recommending him to everyone i know that needs some work done! Steph S.

3 Rob S in Romulus , MI – Jan 30, 2019


Dr. Griffin and his staff at St. Mary’s in Livonia are the epitome of what caring, compassionate medical staff should be. I became a patient of Dr. Griffin’s after losing 180lbs from gastric sleeve surgery. I had excess skin that needed to be removed. Dr. Griffin and his staff were the best choice I could have made. The world of modern medicine needs more people like Dr. Griffin and his staff. Excellent communication too. Whenever I had a question, one call, and I had an answer. Awesome people!

2 Kim Shook in MI – Nov 26, 2018


Dr. Griffin is an excellent surgeon. I had lost a lot of weight after bypass surgery and had a lot of hanging skin. I had my upper arms, back, breast augmentation and a tummy tuck done on October 11, 2018. He did an amazing job. Everything looks way better than I expected. He’s caring and is very knowledgeable. He and his staff are available and supportive. They take care of all concerns and are prompt at returning calls and answering questions. Great doctor and staff. Thank you!

1 Lakeisha Dillapree-little in Oak Park , MI – Nov 14, 2018


Excellent service I am pleased with my results!!

1 Damon in Detroit, MI – Oct 05, 2018


The doctor removed reoccurring cysts on the beard area of my face that developed from ingrown hairs. He removed the core of the cysts, and performed the incisions in a way that didn't impact my beard from regrowing.

H. Weaver in Canton, MI – Sep 19, 2018


Dr. Griffin has done an amazing job helping me heal from severe pressure ulcers associated with being confined to a wheelchair. Not only did he perform the necessary procedure flawlessly, but he has also walked me through recovery step by step. Following his after care orders has led to me healing extremely quickly and being back to my regular life and enjoying my family.

1 Karen in Canton, MI – Sep 14, 2018


Dr. Griffin is professional, highly knowledgeable, and skilled. He really listens to concerns and works with you to obtain the highest quality outcomes. He makes time to get patients scheduled in an expedient manner and speak with and address patient concerns. I have been thoroughly satisfied and freely encourage and highly recommend Dr. Delorean Griffin.

1 Jay in Detroit, MI – Aug 16, 2018


Dr Griffin, took the time to explain the procedure and what Complications Could arise. None did, but you always want to know what could happen. Afterwards I could have returned to work within a day or two but took three days off just to relax. Everything looks great and I have no complaints.

1 Crystal Hill in MI – Aug 10, 2018


Dr. Griffin is definitely the Dr. to see. He really takes pride in his work and will answer any questions you may have thoroughly. I was really nervous but Dr. Griffin made me really comfortable. I am a bariatric patient who had skin removal surgery. My results were more than I expected. Dr. Griffin has changed my life in so many ways. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a change.

2 Goddess in Detroit, MI – Aug 09, 2018


Dr. Griffin performed a BBL on me in June of 2018. My body looks AMAZING. He is Michigan's best kept secret!!! I have no waistline and my backside looks like I was born that way!! He and his staff are professional and his work is superior. Go see Dr. Griffin ASAP

2 2 Kathy in Redford, MI – Jul 19, 2018


I had 2 (two) separate surgeries with Dr. Griffin and an dissatisfied with the results of both surgeries. I paid a lot of money and should not be embarrassed of the job done. He should be embarrassed that he did such poor work. I would suggest you find another plastic surgeon.

2 C. Dennis in Detroit – Jun 06, 2018


I am completely satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Griffin & his staff. He is kind & very professional. He answered all my questions during my consultation. I met with 3 surgeons prior to scheduling my elective procedure and I chose Dr. Griffin. I'm extremely happy with my results. I have already referred 2 family members to him!

Rachael in Livonia, MI – May 23, 2018


Dr Griffin and his staff are AMAZING. Dr Griffin went above and beyond to make sure I got the results i wanted!

2 A.Borthwell in Taylor, Michigan – Feb 02, 2018


Dr. Griffin performed my tummy tuck last year and I loved the results so much that I decided to get a breast reduction nine months later. I'm about six wks out and love the results. Dr. Griffin was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions which made me feel more at ease. I was very satisfied with my after care. Dr. Griffin is skillful in his expertise and I would highly recommend him. Special thanks to the office staff and Rebecca and his awesome nurse Gail who was very attentive,

1 Antoine L. Washington in Decatur, Ind – Jan 04, 2018


Hats off to Dr. Delorean Griffin, his Medical Team and Office Staff. Their care and concern for those being seen is absolutely the best. Dr. Griffin's keen eye and love for his work was demonstrated from the Initial Consultation and throughout my Post Op visits. He's an Artist and a true Physician. I strongly recommend his services and skills.

1 Jan 03, 2018


Dr. Griffin was amazing. I was very nervous leading up to my procedure but he answered all my questions and put me at ease. He is very passionate about his craft and definitely a perfectionist! I have already recommended him to others!

1 Aruna in Farmington, MI – Nov 17, 2017


Dr. Griffin is very helpful and able to address the issue and provided treatment. My ear got torn and it has been restored back. Now I am very happy to see my ear without any mark or scar. Thanks to Dr Griffin.

1 Mrs. S. Ware in Warren, MI – Sep 23, 2017


After I went on a few consultations, I selected Dr. Griffin for my Brazilian Butt Lift. He was very professional and patient. He and his nurse had impeccable bedside manner. I was very pleased with my results at my 4 week checkup. During my recovery, Dr. Griffin and his staff were available to answer any of my questions. I'm at almost 3 months post-surgery, I love my results! I have a buttocks that's shapely, along with a new waist line and six pack. I would definitely recommend Dr. Griffin.

Southfield, MI – Jul 27, 2017


Dr. Griffin is extremely talented. His work is superior, his staff is professional and after only one week post-op, I can tell he was worth every dime!

2 1 Stephanie in West Bloomfield, MI – Jun 13, 2017


I had muscle repair from diastasis recti and umbilical hernia repair. Out of 3-4 consultations I've gotten over the years, Dr Griffin's staff was the most thorough and cut and clear. I was able to leave that day with what the plan would be, the cost, the deposit, hospital stay etc! That alone made it very easy to book. Other point - he's double certified in plastics & general so I appreciated one surgeon working on me vs 2! I'm healing beautifully, & my belly button is a work of art! :)

1 Ramona in Livonia, MI – May 09, 2017


There isn't a way to put into words what Dr. Griffin has done for me but, I feel like I am one step closer to feeling like me again. After 3 yrs of what feels like being pregnant straight (we lost one at 6 months) the weight gain was insane and lossing each time left me with allot of extra skin, sore body, sore back. My back pain is small now I can pick up the kids, play with them more than I could before. Plus I can wear clothes again. I can't thank him & his office enough!!

1 Avonda Cogdell in Pontiac, MI – May 06, 2017


Dr Griffin step in for my surgeon which was called out of town on a emergency. I now know that it was God's doing for him to be my surgeon. He has truly turned my life around. He not only did the surgery I had scheduled but corrected the mistakes of another surgeon. I will forever be grateful.

3 Keturah Jeffries in West Bloomfield, MI – Apr 05, 2017


Dr. Griffin performed my Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). I LOVE my results. He was professional, compassionate and he answered all my questions. Most importantly he was less expensive than my previous estimates. I recommended him to my girlfriends and anyone else who is in the Detroit area looking for a young up and coming well trained plastic surgeon.

L. Shelton in Ann Arbor, MI – Feb 16, 2017


I highly recommend Dr. Griffin as a plastic reconstructive surgeon. I am extremely pleased with my brachioplasty and the exceptional care taken in the positioning of the scars. Dr. Griffin's office and staff provided all of the materials and information I needed from the first consultation through the entire process. I can't say enough about his skill as a surgeon along with the positive interactions I've had with him and his staff.

1 sandra in redford michigan – Nov 28, 2016


hes very considerate, caring and compassionate, i was very satisfied with my surgery and his staff was excellent i would highly recommend him to others so if you are looking for a great doctor and surgeon look no further im very pleased with all my care. i was truly blessed to have him

2 Josh B in Farmington, MI – Nov 03, 2016


In a word, superb. He reconstructed my face after a motorcycle crash. It's looking great and healing nicely. So far everything has progressed as he said it would. I'm glad I found Dr. Griffin. I admire his passion and professionalism and highly recommend him.

1 Northville, MI – Oct 13, 2016


Dr. Griffin and his staff are great! They helped ease my anxiety and walked me through every step of the process for my surgery. I am so happy with my result! I would highly recommend this office!

3 john johnson in southgate – Sep 08, 2016


dr griffin performed a pannectomy followed by a tummy tuck, results were amazing, my expierience thru the surgery to recovery was was good, dr griffin and his staff were there each step of the way

2 SM in Oak Park, MI – Jul 27, 2016


I had a tummy tuck done Dr. Griffin in June 2016 & was very pleased with the results. Dr. Griffin was very knowledgeable, personable, professional & expressed a genuine concern about my surgical needs. He took ample time to explain the procedure & answered all questions without making u feel as if he was pressed for time like so many other doctors do. He was honest & realistic about the surgery outcome; overall did a fantastic job. I am so grateful to Dr. Griffin & his amazing staff. Thank you

1 Stacey Horn MBA in DETROIT – Jun 22, 2016


I had my Tummy Tuck done by Dr Griffin June 17th. I am truly happy with his work and the excellent care MBI and St Marys took of me. Dr Griffin is your guy for all of your plastics needs. His bedside manors are above supreme. The staff of MBI is above supreme. They go above and beyond to help assist your needs. Thank you to MBI. A special thank you to Dr D. Griffin and Rebecca. I appreciate you all so much. You all ha

1 Shanika Johnson in Westland, MI – Jun 17, 2016


Dr. Griffin is very knowledgeable about reconstructive surgery. He is very easy to talk to and makes sure that you are involved in the decision making process. I felt comfortable enough to express my concerns and never felt rushed about anything, which is most appreciated. I was embarrassed about having my access skin after weight loss surgery and experienced excessive skin irritation. I underwent a panniculectomy May of this year and am very satisfied with my results.

Jess in Livonia, MI – Apr 29, 2016


Dr. Griffin was awesome. He removed a cyst from my scalp without leaving a gaping bald spot. He explained every step of the process and answered all my questions in a way that I fully understood. The office staff was warm and welcoming, and made it feel less stressful.

Livonia, MI – Apr 21, 2016


I had a small procedure done with Dr. Griffin in the office. Dr. Griffin thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all of my questions. He made me very comfortable and I am happy with my results. The staff was also very friendly and took care of all of my needs. Dr. Griffin is a highly skilled surgeon and I would definitely recommend him to others.

1 Quimece Jenkins in Southfield, MI – Mar 16, 2016


Dr. Griffin has awesome bedside manners, he's knowledgable, an cares for his patience. January 2016 Dr. Griffin preformed 2 successful procedures on me, with little down time. Dr. Griffin was patient and remembered each detail I was displeased with, and executed with perfection. The staff was also professional, short wait time in the lobby and waiting room as well.

1 SM in Detroit Michigan – Mar 10, 2016


Easy appointment. Great availability. Good follow up. Will have my second surgery with Doctor also.

1 1 Kevin Morton in Detroit, MI – Mar 09, 2016


We have two kids and my wife was dissatisfied with her post-baby body. We're not familiar with surgery and my wife was skeptical to undergo any type of plastic surgery. However, after countless hours of diet and exercise things wasn't returning to normal as expected. Also the c-section my wife received after our last child was botched as well. Dr. Griffin was patient and very nice. He performed a tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast lift and boy our we satisfied! Thanks for the mommy makeover!

4 Norristown, PA – Dec 22, 2015


I like him as doctor he just seems unsure of himself at times. Also sometimes he don't explain things that I feel need to be explained. But overall in a few years Griffin is going to be an incredible doctor.