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Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY and has over 26 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from University of Iowa College of Medicine medical school in 1994. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Steinbrech to book an appointment.

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Dr. Douglas Steinbrech, MD - Reviews

A. in New York, NY – Jun 13, 2018


Dr. Steinbrech is definitely worth seeing. Loving his resukts and the treatment from his as well as his staff. They always deliver the best patient care.

Emily in Asbury Park, NJ – Apr 05, 2018


Not only is Dr. Steinbrech a master at his craft, but his personability and attentiveness is truly unmatched. When choosing a plastic surgeon, you are not only investing in the surgical outcome but the experience as a whole; beginning to end & thereafter. With such a seemless execution and not to mention top-notch staff, it has been truly been a pleasure to be a patient of Dr. Steinbrech and I am so thankful. I couldn’t recommend him more.

Christine in Brooklyn, NY – Jul 27, 2017


Dr. Steinbrech is so caring and kind. He is a perfectionist. The team is great! i had so many questions and not once did I feel like I was bothering them. I am so happy with my outcome. Dr. Steinbrech changed my body!

Union, NJ – Apr 14, 2017


Dr Steinbrech is absolutely amazing! He is the best plastic surgeon out there! I have been to many plastic surgeons for consultations and the minute I met him I knew he was the one that would work on me. First of all his staff is so nice and helpful. My first consultation took almost an hour. They took their time to talk about the procedure, what I am looking for, pricing, recovery, the results, etc. Other plastic surgeons did not take as much time as Dr Steinbrech and his staff did. I felt so c

Kimberly in New York, NY – Mar 23, 2017


This doctor knows how to make a person happy. I really am thrilled with how I feel and look. Injections are not as scary as they seem. For years I was nervous to do Botox. I wanted to preserve how I look but also not have friends know I was doing so. I suggest less is more and I like that he always agrees with me as far as airing on the side of caution and not doing too much. Plastic doctors are great if you pick the right one and I did.

D in West Islip, NY – Mar 17, 2017


Went to see this doctor and he was amazing. His staff was extremely friendly and comforting. My surgery was done and my results are perfect. I really recommend this place if it helps anyone just go for it.

Rosemary in New York, NY – Mar 15, 2017


I would never go to anyone else but Dr Doug. I met him years ago when I first started Botox treatments and over the years as I age we've done more together. I for years wanted breast surgery after giving birth but I was nervous. He patiently consulted me for years before I was ready to move forward and it was the best decision I've ever made. My confidence went way up and my breasts look perfect. Once, out of convenience I tried juviderm with someone else and had to go to Dr Doug to fix it!

Gemma in New York, NY – Mar 15, 2017


Love Dr. Steinbrech and being in his care. He truly loves what he does and it shows. He is not intimidating or demanding. Gentle hand and always makes me happy with what I decide to do. I have my friends and family go to him. My husband has gone to him also, so I highly suggest looking into him if you would like to have anything done.

1 2 Elaina in Staten Island – Oct 19, 2016


5 star doctor hands down! Dr Steinbrech is personable and you never feel as though you are pressured to do more plastic surgery like other offices. His talent surpasses any other doctor I have ever been to. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking high quality work without feeling negitive about yourself. Dr. steinbrech has a amazing eye and listens to exactly what you are asking. Best plastic surgeon in NYC !

1 2 Doreen in Boston, MA – Sep 20, 2016


Dr. S and his staff are absolute professionals who love what they do! They always strive to make you look and feel your best! Never pushy and absolutely never leave you with a "fake" look. If that's your aim, they will refer you to someone else. Their goal is a natural, youthful look. You'll love it! I have been getting injections here for many years and I am thrilled with my results each and every time.

1 1 WillNorCal in Folsom, CA – Aug 28, 2016


As a healthcare executive It was important to have a doctor who has a strong commitment to quality, patient experience and has the technical and aesthetic expertise to provide me with the results I was looking for. After consulting with Steinbrech and hearing more about his training, including a significant amount of experience and expertise working with men, I chose him to perform a neck lift, fat transfer, chin implant and blepharoplasty. His work is impeccable! He exceeded my expectations!!