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Dr. Earl Johnson, MD

Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

2755 Hartland Rd Ste 300 , Falls Church, VA




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Dr. Earl Johnson, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Falls Church, VA. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Inova Alexandria Hospital and Inova Fair Oaks Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Johnson to book an appointment.

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Dr. Earl Johnson, MD - Reviews

1 Andrew crouse in Frederick, MD – Oct 18, 2018


Dr. Johnson and his team have been amazing! Without them I’m fairly sure I would have lost my foot. So I give them all the credit in the world... I was in a bad car accident a couple months ago and required a muscle graft (skin flap) to close the wound area as well as a skin graft... you can hardly tell where the skin graft donor site was as it’s healed so well; and the muscle graft donor leg doesn’t feel any different then before my accident despite having an entire muscle removed. Amazing team

3 Shawn McCabe in Arlington. Va – Apr 17, 2018


I highly recommend Dr Johnson and his associates. They are knowledgable and thorough. My left leg was amputated by Dr. Johnson and less than a month and half I was able to be fitted for my prothesis due to the excellent work of his surgical ability. I would highly recommend Dr Johnson for any surgeries he specializes in. ??

1 Gina in Warrenton – Dec 07, 2017


Dr. Johnson is a great plastic surgeon. I was bit on the face by a dog. Dr. Johnson stitched my wound up in the ER, did a great job reattaching skin, and was kind and considerate during the initial repair. Further, the follow up care at his office was amazing! The PAs and nurses in the office were extremely helpful and caring. Six months later, I had revision surgery, as planned. Again, Dr. Johnson did wonderful work. Again, the PAs and nurses were second to none.I highly recommend them.

Rick S in Herndon VA – Sep 13, 2017


Dr Johnson saved my foot after becoming severely infected. I thought I was going to lose it but he worked hard to save it. I highly recommend him.

Vienna, VA – Jun 15, 2017


I am so pleased I went to see Dr. Johnson. I had a keloid form from a piercing on my ear that I had no clue what to do about and became a little hopeless I'd be able to get rid of it but Dr. Johnson was very thorough on the treatment and gentle. I highly recommend the Greater Washington practice.

1 2 Feb 14, 2017


No chance. He would not advise me What to do about an injured thumb joint, and said it was up to me. He charged me $1780 for telling me I could have surgery or not. I asked what I should do, and he wouldn't tell me. They told me my insurance would cover it. He doesn't accept anyone's insurance. FEP Blue paid 0

4 2 Patrick Moore in Harpers Ferry, WV – May 03, 2016


Can I go lower than 1 Star? This doctor does not accept insurance, even though he presented himself as a hospital doctor. Surprise when we got a $3,500 bill to lance a boil.