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Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in New York, NY. He is affiliated with medical facilities Holy Name Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kwan to book an appointment.

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Dr. Edmund Kwan, MD - Reviews

Gina – Jul 01, 2020


Dr Kwan is a very intelligent honest individual! He is an A+ in my book. I'm speaking thru experience.

Kelvin G – Oct 29, 2019


Dr. Kwan and his staff were all amazing from the beginning to the end. Had forehead augmentation surgery and the results came out great! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you guys!! Highly recommend!

Linda – Oct 04, 2019


Dr. Kwan it's an absolute medical artist. He's extremely experienced intelligent and modest. He's very in tune with his patients outcomes and desires. Dr. Kwan made me feel extremely comfortable along with his office staff. His office is immaculate and efficient. Thank you Doctor Kwan! I'm...Read More

Aug 26, 2019


I received ptosis surgery and could not be happier with the results. Dr. Kwan truly cares about his patients and delivers on his promise of high-quality surgery and treatment. The staff are capable and kind as well. I could not ask for a better overall experience.

Dawn – Aug 22, 2019


I would highly recommend Dr. Kwan without reservation. Both he and his office staff were professional and kind. Very seasoned and skilled surgeon!

1 1 Aug 09, 2019


Just went for a follow up visit. Staff always nice and welcoming. Dr. Kwan is a skilled surgeon who has a good eye for making you look natural. This is why I chose him to work on my face as I felt confident he would know just how to achieve a modest enhancement and not make me look so...Read More

1 Cameron in New York, NY – Jun 26, 2019


I could not have had a better experience going to Dr. Kwan. While I had been told that he is the best of the best, I couldn't help but be a little nervous at first. This being said, Dr. Kwan made me feel extremely comfortable and didn't pressure me into anything. He listened clearly to what I...Read More

Fran in Manhattan, NY – May 31, 2019


I’ve already recommended Dr. Kwan to three friends! He repaired a hernia + did a tummy tuck four years ago, with the faintest scar line and such smooth results. So I went back to him to have him transfer fat from my thighs and arms to my breasts. I love the results so far! His staff are lovely,...Read More

May 07, 2019


I will admit I was scared to do my capsulectomy BII (breast implant illness) explant surgery. After meeting with Dr Kwan, his amazing office staff, his comforting, professional surgical team and further consulting with them I was scheduled for surgery without fear and a with a sense of confidence a...Read More

1 Apr 02, 2019


I have been a patient of Dr. Kwan for many years. I know him to be a dedicated surgeon whose standards are exceptional. He is precise in his work and disciplined in his approach. I always feel comfortable and confident with him. He takes time answers all my questions. His office is impeccable and...Read More

1 Apr 01, 2019


Having any type of cosmetic procedure is a serious commitment and finding the right cosmetic surgeon is so important. After months of research, Dr. Kwan came highly recommended to me as one of the best and most well known plastic surgeons in the community. Ultimately, the results speak for...Read More

Rich C. in Bayside, NY – Dec 27, 2018


Dr. Kwan is an experienced surgeon that I met 2 years ago when I was researching on remedies to treat my eye bags after i lose a significant amount of weight. I did both eye lid surgery and a chin implant with Dr. Kwan after consultation. The surgery went went, there are some touch-ups after 6...Read More

1 Ossining , NY – Nov 15, 2018


I have recommended Dr Kwan to both family and friends. He has an amazing artist eye and does beautiful work. His staff is kind and caring. The office is high tech and immaculate. I highly recommend his work.

1 Brenda G. in New York, NY – Oct 12, 2018


Dr Kwan’s care and bed side manners are excellent. He listens to your issues and recommends the best results. The nurse and office manager along with the rest of the staff are sweet and caring. They always take your call and answer any question you may have. Doctor Kwan is an expert in what...Read More

HappyWithResults in New York – Jul 01, 2018


I am thrilled with Dr. Kwan’s surgical skills and the very natural results he provided for my recent breast augmentation. He thoroughly answered all my questions and adapted his recommendations in accordance with my (conservative) goals for the surgery. His office staff was great and very...Read More

2 Brooklyn, NY – Oct 26, 2017


It's very upsetting that I went to Dr Kwan for a jaw reduction to remove muscle from my face in hopes it would help my teeth grinding. I know that Dr Kwan is not a dental surgeon but he is did assure me that it would work. Not only do I still grind my teeth, I was left with scarring around my mouth...Read More

Elise Lee in New York, NY – Sep 08, 2017


I highly recommend Dr.Kwan. I'm very satisfied with the results of my double eyelid surgery. Dr. was very patient in trying to understand exactly what I'd had in mind and he does not pressure you to do anything you don't need. The results came out beautifully and looks natural. The anesthesiologist...Read More

2 Kyeong in Queens, NY – Dec 17, 2016


When I consulted with Dr. Kwan about my both upper and lower eyelid lift surgery, he agreed exactly what I wanted. Thereafter, I trusted the doctor and had the surgery a little more than a month ago. The outcome of the surgery is much better than what I expected. Thank you, Dr.Kwan!!

Ny, ny – Dec 14, 2016


I wanted of get rid of my cesarean/stretch marks, however, Dr. Kwan made the mark even larger and darker. Dr. Kwan told me to wait for several months for the healing process, but the marks only became more prominent. He then told me that I will have to do the procedure once more and told me to pay...Read More

1 1 Thu Anh in Jersey City, NJ – Sep 20, 2016


Dr Kwan is an excellent Doctor. I chose him not only because of his years of expertise and patient results but because he understands my facial features better than I can. It has only been a week after my surgery but I already see a tremendous improvement in my self confidence and appearance. I...Read More

1 Sandra in Middletown, NY – Apr 13, 2016


Dr. Kwan is a very skilled plastic surgeon. He is a true artist. He does not talk much but his results speak volumes. We trusted him with a rhinoplasty surgery on our daughter. It is a big decision and worry. Dr. Kwan came recommended by two friends. We were amazed how easy her recovery was. She...Read More

1 Happy in NYC in New York, NY – Mar 06, 2016


I have chosen Dr. Kwan in doing a second procedure after my first procedure done by him a decade ago. I have chosen Dr. Kwan because of his surgical skill, caring heart, and his friendly personality as well as his determination to achieve the best results. Before my surgery, I visited a few...Read More