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Dr. Edward Hepworth, MD

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3150 E 3rd Ave Ste 300 , Denver, CO.

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Dr. Edward Hepworth, MD is a Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) Specialist in Denver, CO. Dr. Hepworth has more experience with Upper Respiratory Conditions, Pediatric Plastic Surgery, and Sleep-disordered Breathing than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Swedish Medical Center and North Suburban Medical Center. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Hepworth to book an appointment.

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Dr. Edward Hepworth, MD - Reviews

1 Tracey L bond – Feb 18, 2020


Excellent doctor very thorough and very knowledgeable takes whatever time necessary to explain everything. Very conservative in approach I would highly recommend him. Some people are just gifted at what they do and I think he is one of those people. I also wanted to say that his PA is incredible. They are an excellent team of people

3 A Vela – Feb 05, 2020


Definitely one of the best, if not best Dr I have been too. I've seen numerous around the Country at very prestigious hospitals & they didn't help me. His staff sometimes falls down on the job, but this can happen in any office. Especially when you have such a great Dr tending to your care. It is unfortunate for him, but know it's not reflective on him & share with him when this happens so he's aware. I have gone back & forth to him for helping solve a 30+ year, lifetime medical mystery. He is great! I am sure he gets overwhelmed with all the people he sees & come at him for help. He helped me with a cranial leak, severe sinus infection & helped identify numerous other health issues as well that have been overlooked my entire life. I have suffered & lost out on a lot of my life. He saved my life and if it weren't for him, I'd not be here today. He uncovered a heart condition I have that was overlooked & other things that were dismissed most of my life. Grateful!

8 Ally – Sep 17, 2019


I flew to Denver to see Dr. Hepworth after nobody locally in Tennessee would diagnose or treat my cranial CSF leak. It was easily one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. He is wonderful, attentive and is the first doctor who has tried to figure out some of my "why's". None of my other doctors understand CSF leaks and my underlying connective tissue disorder and intracranial hypertension like he does, and I have the utomost respect and appreciation for him. With that being said, the office is a bit difficult to deal with and unorganized at times, and his new NP has caused me some stress, but it is all worth it for Dr. Hepworth. Also want to note for those who do not believe that you have a leak, that he believes he sees, and for other doctors that have stated that he "finds a leak in every patient", Every patient I've talked to leaves with a video of their surgery. Our videos clearly show our leaks. People come to him from all over the world for cranial leaks

9 Kelly and Silas Fulton in Cincinnati, OH – Jan 18, 2019


This man is a genius. He cares more about his patients than any doctor I have ever seen. He thinks outside the box when other doctors give up and have no answers or wrong answers. If you were fortunate enough to find this doctor among all the other clowns out there......go see him!

16 2 Margaret Folsom in Durango, CO – Aug 04, 2017


Dr. Hepworth is like no other physician or surgeon I have ever been to. His ability to think through treatment plans surgical procedure's impact on a patient sets him far apart from others in his field. He was able to piece together a 30 year problem that was complicated by many misdiagnoses and treatments and develop a multi surgeon plan. He coordinated the surgeons, the post care, etc. He has a gift with seeing his patients as whole people, not just a sinus problem or throat issue etc...

8 4 Brighton, CO – Jul 30, 2017


Never go to this Dr...Your life can depend on it.. He did nasal surgery on my husband in April. and 12 hours later he was fighting for his life from toxic shock and sepsis in ICU. ER Dr. stated if I had gotten him there 2 hours later he would not have made it. It damaged his heart and now at 55 he has a pacemaker. I have called office manager to adv. Dr. of this never heard back. They also require payment up front and ins. has paid but we still have not gotten our refund of $1100.00.

20 3 May 06, 2017


Dr. Hepworth is an incredible ENT who thinks outside of the box & has the ability to assist patients dealing with atypical ENT issues. However, a Dr is only as good as his support team & unfortunately, his staff including his nurse practitioner get low marks for letting things slip through the cracks. The lack of follow through from this office in regards to calling about results in a timely manner, to reaching out to a physician to discuss patient history to sending along paperwork, is abysmal

6 1 Marion Nutt in Denver, CO – Mar 15, 2017


He is excellent. He performed extensive sinus surgery on me 3-13-2016. I had minimal bleeding and a quick complete recovery. I am thrilled to report that I have not been sick a day since after 30 plus years of sinusitis. I am thrilled to be well and clear headed and energetic. He is amazing.

17 4 Englewood, CO – Mar 12, 2017


He was highly recommended to me as well & when I first met him he was very attentive & trying to help figure out options. However, after I had complications post surgery & with medications used, I was clearly dismissed by him & his NP. They downplayed my concerns that something was not right post surgery and did not listen to me. Instead I was just an annoying patient. I would echo the reviewer that stated about multiple calls ignored over the weekend and i still have issues many months later.

7 Denver, CO – Feb 28, 2017


I had been suffering from nasal congestion for decades. In the last few years I began getting sinus infections. The nasal rinses helped reduce the infections but didn't solve the congestion problem. A co-worker highly recommended Dr. Hepworth for treatment. After Dr. Hepworth's treatment my life has dramatically changed for the better. I wake up every morning with clear sinuses, I've not had any more sinus infections, and I can do intense workouts and running without the Breath Right strips

1 Denver – Jan 17, 2017


Superb communication skills and knowledge to impart. Diagnostic technique hands on by Dr. Hepworth (nasal camera; sinus CT scan).

1 Rich in Denver, CO – Jan 04, 2017


Dr Hepworth has been my ENT surgeon for 10 years and I owe my health to him. He not only solved my sinus issues but helped determine that my real health issue was my immune system. He has also treated one of my daughters who has different but complex health issues like me. His knowledge of other outstanding doctors in other specialities in the Denver area is excellent.

HF in Arvada, CO – Dec 30, 2016


Pre-surgery, surgery and follow up - all excellent. Very caring, very professional in all aspects. Just a great person as well as a great physician.

1 Sue Doyle in Denver, CO – Dec 04, 2016


Dr Hepworth has successfully cured a lot of my ills. My throat, my gerd, my ears (Meiner's disease) He has been my life saver and doctor for many many years. Just love the man. He takes the time to talk to you about want ails you. I trust him with my life.

Becky Rush in Denver, CO – Oct 21, 2016


What can I say other than.... He is AMAZING!!! I have had earaches for the last 5 years and I've gone to so many doctors and not one of them could figure out what was wrong. I saw Dr. Hepworth for the first time and within minutes of my appointment he knew exactly what was wrong!! He is incredibly smart and very personable. If you need to see an ENT, go to him first. Becky Rush

9 3 Aurora, CO – Sep 19, 2016


Beware! You can be marginalized if you have post-surgery complications. If complications occur on the weekend and you call, you can be told, "You're talking and you're coherent. Therefore you're O.K. You'll make it to Monday." As it so happened, I got much worse and suffered the consequences for many months to come.

1 3 Lori Hannah in Westminster, CO – Sep 17, 2016


He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and kind. He has performed surgery on me, and made it a very good experience with positive outcome. He truly cares about patients, and puts them first. He actually does communicate with your other physicians to coordinate your care. I would recommend...Read More

3 2 Susan Golesh in Littleton, CO – Jun 21, 2016


The best Doctor in Denver!

2 4 Denver, CO – Mar 22, 2016


was a patient for three years and the result for sinus issues was that my primary care did a better job.

7 1 Amy in Montrose, Co – Feb 14, 2016


I have had severe diagnosed cluster headaches for approximately 20 years. I have been to many doctors (all sorts of specialties) including several trips to the Mayo Clinic Phoenix. I was referred to Dr. Hepworth by a neurologist and by the time I got to my first appointment only a few short days later, Dr. Hepworth had already found the cause of my headaches. I had a csf leak and a major sinus infection in all my sinuses. Dr. Hepworth is an amazing doctor. He listens and answers all my questions