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Dr. Edward Kole, DO is a Cosmetic, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialist in Southampton, PA and has over 29 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from Ny Coll Of Osteo Med Ny Inst Of Tech Old Westbury medical school in 1991. He is affiliated with medical facilities Jefferson Torresdale Hospital and Holy Redeemer Hospital. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Kole to book an appointment.

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Dr. Edward Kole, DO - Reviews

2 Sukie in Newtown, PA – Nov 08, 2018


Wow.... after months of visting with doctors and feeling nervous everytime I left these offices about a decision, I finally feel at peace!! My visit with Dr.Kole was amazing!!! He explained everything in detail. Took his time to answer questions. Didn't rush me out the office. Every other doctor I've seen I felt empty, lost, scared and confused!! Today I feel full!! lol I'm blown away with this visit!!!! I can't wait to have my mommy makeover!!! Thank God I feel at peace now that I found him

3 shawnta bigelow in easton pa – Apr 20, 2018


hello my name is shawnta and I went for an consultation with dr. kole last year, my experience with him was great, what I like bout dr. kole is he knows his work and he knows what would look best for you and he wont let you make a wrong decision. I love a doctor that has your back. I will be giving him call soon for another updated consultation for my tummy tuck and breast lift and argumentation.

1 1 Joe in Staten Island, NY – Apr 09, 2018


Thank you Dr. Kole! We just got back from Mexico and do you know what was hotter than the temperature? MY WIFE! We are very happy with the amazing job that you did.

1 Elise S – Feb 09, 2018


In 20 years of working in the medical field I have never met a Dr that is so centered on the happiness and satisfaction of their patients as Dr Kole. Not all procedures go perfect but Dr Kole never said no and never gave up until I was happy. You can feel secure that Dr Kole will be with you from beginning to end and I highly recommend him and his wonderful staff.

4 1 RA in Abington, PA – Dec 27, 2016


Never thought I would have Liposuction until I heard Dr. Kole speak about various procedures. I was completely at ease and confident. He explained everything about the procedure and talked about how my lipo would be done to contour my thighs and hips. From the first day I felt fantastic, a little discomfort for a few days, but no pain! His aftercare was unbelievable. Dr Kole is still attentive after surgery! My results are beyond what I imagined. Im ready to schedule Lipo for my stomach.

2 1 Lydia santiago in Croydon PA – Dec 22, 2016


It’s been three months after surgery the results have been amazing. I had lipo in my back and fat transferred to my bottom. I feel amazing. I feel better about my body and my self-steem is better than before. I thank the doctor and his staff for the professional attention and care that they have provided to me throughout this time.

1 1 M.A. in Philadelphia, PA – Nov 15, 2016


Aersome awesome !! Plastic surgeon.. I had two consults before I saw Dr. Kole both gave two very different consultations so naturally I was terrified. The first five minutes with Dr.Kole I knew I was in good hands his knowledge and confidence along with his down to earth personality was comforting. The two other sergeons suggested tummy tucks. Dr. Kole stated that he could take care of my abdomen with liposuction alone with great results. He was right I am so happy with results. Honest Doctor

1 1 Shana P in Southampton, PA – Jul 01, 2016


Dr Kole did my mommy makeover 6/2 I cant say enough about how happy I am, how amazing Bonnie and Emily are! I was so comfortable with them. Dr Kole has completely changed my life and self confidence. He is hands down the BEST of all the consults I had. He takes his time to explain every question you have not only verbally but drawing pictures to ensure you understand. The knowledge he has just goes to show that he truly puts his all into his profession! hes never to busy for his patients!

3 Tara in Hatfield, PA – May 10, 2016


Definitely recommend Dr. Kole-researched abdominoplasty for over 2 years finally did it and it was the best decision I ever made. Office staff so friendly! Dr. Kole is not only knowledgable and explains everything, he has great bedside manner and takes pride in his work as he should! Five stars...Read More

5 2 Dec 30, 2015


Dr. Kole did my entire consult himself and took his time answering my questions. I had been to other surgeons but knew after a few minutes that I wanted Dr.Kole to preform my surgery. I highly recommend meeting with him prior to scheduling with someone else. You won't regret it! I'll report back after my surgery!